Thursday, May 17, 2012

Losing Johanna.....

I never laughed so hard at work except when she was there. We'd always goof on Corporate and she made work FUN.

When she would hum or tap or clap to our store's music soundtrack, I would too.

When she'd randomly start doing pirouettes on the sales floor (she's trained in ballet) I'd dance along with her.

Her quirky nature and sunny personality were infectious and brought out a playful side I didn't know I had. And I do believe working there will SUCK with her gone.

Johanna, one of the managers at the arts-and-crafts store I work at, put in her two-weeks-notice and yesterday was her last day...only weeks after the assistant store manager quit.

Sadly, Corporate could care less. Maybe one day the higher-ups will realize they need to invest in its employees if they want to keep them.

I think once she was promoted to manager last year, she saw the darker side to Corporate and was ready to go. Thankfully Johanna found a less stressful job, one more in keeping with her field.

I didn't have time to make her a proper painting but I bought a ton of snacks that day and set up a makeshift farewell party in our breakroom. It's the least I could do for all she's brought to us. She's a true asset to our store and will be missed.

But onto bigger and better things, Johanna!!


naturgesetz said...

Good luck to Johanna, and I hope both she and you stay playful.

Rebecca said...

wishing your friend lots of happiness at her new job and here's to you having wonderful weekend

JuJu said...

People like Johanna are one in a million. Best of luck to her.

And, I'm hoping you follow her lead and the assistant manager's lead before her. They are blazing the trail for you!!

Marty said...

The turn over rate of fellow employees has been something that was really hard for me when I first started working at Target, as it seemed like no sooner had I actually made a friend or found someone I could rely on than they would be leaving for a better job. I hope the store hires someone new but every bit as awesome to be there with you soon.

Dean Grey said...


So agreeing with you!



Oh my weekend will be wonderful because I'm traveling to Seattle for the first time.

Go me!!



Yeah, there's not many like her these days.

Hopefully I can follow in Johanna's (and Maria's) footsteps and leave the crafts store too.



Our turnover rate is high as well but both these managers have been there close to two years, so it's especially rough when people you've known for a while are suddenly gone.


I appreciate all of you chiming in here!


stanw said...

"Playful", it is always neat to discover another side to your personality, go Dean!! I have worked with a couple people like Johanna, you will miss her for sure.

Dean Grey said...


I plan on hanging out with her and Maria (the other manager that left the crafts store) during the summertime.

We may no longer be coworkers but we can definitely remain good friends!