Sunday, April 29, 2012

Losing Maria.....

She said it was on her mind for a while.

To me it was a rash decision, especially since she has two children and no other job lined up. But she seemed to clash with Corporate a lot recently and got paid very little for all she had to do.

I can completely sympathize with that.

Our assistant store manager at the arts-and crafts store gave her two-weeks notice. Today was her last day.

I reported directly to her and together we made a GREAT team!

We attended the same art college (though at different times) and we'd often discuss all the men that have played with our hearts.

I considered her a friend at work and hopefully now, one outside of work too.

She's struggling with the unknown right now and going through a difficult time so I wanted to make her something.

Here's the painting I did just for her.....

"Maria's Freedom"
Mixed media on canvas - 8" x 8" x 1 1/2" (NFS)

Since she has a passion for our store I wanted to use items we sell:. the rhinestones, decorative paper, glitter (of course!), and paints.

It made the finished painting a fine art/craft hybrid. I've always done one or the other and this is the first time merging the two styles.

::: Close-up detail :::

Hopefully in the weeks ahead it can bring some comfort (and sparkle!) to her.

She advanced several times within our store over a two-year period and I know she's resourceful enough to do it again elsewhere.

Fly free, Maria!

One day I'll get to escape from there too.....


Unknown said...

this is simply stunning! i love your work.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful work of art. I am sure she appreciates it and will continue to be your good friend.

JuJu said...

I love it. I was wondering what you were going to do with the fancy schmancy paper. It's perfect.

I'm sure your friend will use this to spur her on to wonderful things. Good for her for taking that very scary step!

Well done Dean!

naturgesetz said...

What a wonderful gift for Maria! Good luck to her in finding a good job.

Moving with Mitchell said...

What a beautiful and meaningful work of art. So glad you provided the close-up!

Rebecca said...

wow beautiful painting love butterflies

Randuwa said...

Dean, once again your generous heart and creative (NO, gifted) talents have reached out touched another person's life. You inspire me, my friend.

Dean Grey said...

Berniceann Burns

Why thank you!



I hope so.



Yeah, she took a leap of faith assuming she'd find something else.

Let's pray it pays off for her!



Yes, the best of luck to Maria!





Mitchell is Moving!

I'm so glad you took a look, Mitch!



Butterflies RULE!



That's very kind of you to say, Randy!


Everyone's gracious comments are very much appreciated!


Ken Riches said...

Hope you are considered to replace her.

Dean Grey said...


No, they didn't consider me and never bothered to ask if I was interested.

The store manager is hiring someone who's never worked for our company before and doesn't know any of our procedures.

I'll be training my new supervisor later this week.



Unknown said...


Dean Grey said...

amrin shaikh!



Unknown said...

That is beautiful. Did you ever hear what Maria eventually found?

Dean Grey said...


Maria found another part-time job shortly after leaving the store, then a full-time job about a year after that.

Last I heard, she had gotten married as well.

Go her!