Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coming out of hibernation.

They've lost before they even started.

Loud and vulgar, they put the "o" in obnoxious.

They're the bane of my existence during baseball season.

Drunk. Cubs. Fans.

Opening Day started at the beginning of this month and these inebriated fools have come out of hibernation.

They usually are seen between the afternoon and early evening so tread with caution.

You can spot them by their smurf blue and fire engine red outfits. They love to shout obsenities and reek of alcohol as they stumble by.

Forget fiery pits where you're poked and prodded for all eternity, I'm convinced now more than ever that hell is being trapped on a crowded train packed with drunk Cubs fans.

They've been filling up all available seats on the ride into the city during game days. Already in a drunken stupor before the game even starts, they openly drink beer on the train like it's water.

Trying to make sense of their conversations while I commute to and from work is like trying to communicate with a rock...that's been smashed with a sledgehammer.

I can't believe I have to put up with this shit for the next six months.

The Cubs usually lose early on though so hopefully this baseball season will be short for them and these losers can go back to whatever bar(s) they were conceived at.

Pray for me!


K.C. said...

Haha. I feel ya!

naturgesetz said...

But aren't you already at work before these bozos head for the park? I guess not, or you wouldn't be writing this.

I sometimes encounter sports fans on the subway in Boston, but not such crowds, and they're not drunk before the games. The drunkenness must be especially annoying.

A couple of weeks ago I encountered a drunk guy leaving Boston on the subway about five hours after the game had ended. He had been celebrating since then. But he was friendly, if too talkative.

Nicholas said...

Reason 4,522 I hate sports with a passion.

Dean Grey said...


I'm sure you've encountered them too, Kenny!



Don't forget I have to commute in between jobs.

I work at the crafts store in the early morning and the university job at night so I run into the drunk Cubs fans on my way back into the city during the afternoon.

It's even worse on the weekends.





I appreciate you three gentlemen chiming in here!


Moving with Mitchell said...

... or hope they go back to whatever rocks they crawled out from under!

Rebecca said...

I never much understood sports and the whole fuss over them

Maggie said...

i personally think we should get rid of the sport entirely.

stanw said...

Are you saying your don't like those "drunk Cubs fans", I get that feeling from what I've read in your post!! I can just picture you just wanting to have a quiet ride without all the clatter, maybe their run will be short.

Dean Grey said...

Mitchell is Moving!

Yes, that too, Mitch!



I was never that into sports myself.



Well, I don't think baseball is all that bad. It's just the drunk fans ruin it for everyone else.



Those drunk Cubs fans get on my last nerve!!


Thanks to everyone for stopping by!