Thursday, March 22, 2012

Something all her own.....

I know my aunt still struggles with his death, at times mentioning not wanting to go home to that empty house....with pictures and reminders my uncle just about everywhere.

After almost two years since my uncle passed, I think it's important for my aunt to reclaim that space as her own. To add NEW memories and images to their home, so I made this painting for her birthday, which was yesterday.

Watercolor on watercolor paper - 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" (NFS)

It's supposed to be of a white rose (which are her favorite) but because I exaggerated the colors of the shadows it ended up looking orange instead. Ugh!

This piece was sooooo hard to do. I reworked it so many times I thought for sure it was a goner.

The photo reference was really small and the lighting was difficult to capture. Even after framing it, the artwork looks off to me. I know several months from now I'll look back and cringe at all the mistakes but hopefully it'll be enough of a gift.

The main thing is my aunt has something all her own. Something cheery and colorful to brighten up her home.

Happy Birthday, Auntie!!


Michelle said...

Beautiful!!! Good for you for using your amazing talent to cheer someone's heart! She's a lucky lady to have such a wonderful gift and loving nephew!

Mona Diane Conner said...

Dean, it comes across to me as a white rose in a magical light. It's gorgeous, and a beautiful idea to give it to your Aunt for her birthday!

Renée said...

It's beautiful- cease the picking apart. It's a bad habit we creative ppl ned o stop indulging in.

The girl of the sun said...

I think this picture is great. It is so warm and seems like giving love and warmth all around. Your aunt should be happy to receive it as a gift, it'll bring her that feelings she was missing

naturgesetz said...

As always, you're so very thoughtful. Even if you're dissatisfied with it, it's beautiful, and a wonderful gift.

stanw said...

Dean, I think your Aunt will be thrilled with this beautiful Rose, the color and texture are perfect in my estimation. Am so glad you persevered with it, be proud my friend.


R. Burnett Baker said...

There are no mistakes in art! It is beautiful. It is one of a kind. It will be your aunt's and her's alone. So, Dean, no need to cringe ever!


Unknown said...

I would have absolutely known that it was a white rose. Its an amazing piece Dean. I also completely understand what you mean about looking back and knowing the mistakes you know you made I do that with every piece I've ever done... You just have to keep in mind that no one else sees them or even knows they are there. I'm sure your aunt will (or does, since you've given it to her) just be in love with it :)

Anonymous said...


Dean Grey said...





" comes across to me as a white rose in a magical light."

Oooh, I like that way of looking at it!



Can't help it. I guess artists are just never satisfied.


The girl of the sun!

"Warm" is a good adjective for this piece!



I appreciate that, sir!



She loved the painting!



"There are no mistakes in art!"

Hmmm, I'm not sure I entirely agree with that.

There can be definite errors when painting light and especially when trying to draw something precise, like the human figure.



Very true. Ususally only the artist sees the mistakes in a work of art unless it's made known to others.

I shouldn't have said anything. Ooops!



*big grin*


Thanks to all of you for your feedback on this painting!


Randuwa said...

Dean, in spite of the flaws you see, I think it's simply stunningly beautiful!

Dean Grey said...


I'm glad you think so, Randy!


Anonymous said...

I think this was such a meaningful gift. Not only is it a truly lovely piece of art, it's also a warm gesture to your aunt showing how you care and pay attention to what she's going through. I was very moved by this.

JuJu said...

This is lovely. And, the best part is that you made something so gorgeous from your heart. She will treasure it forever.

Dean Grey said...


My aunt and I went through my uncle's battle with cancer together so I can't help but notice what she went through and is still going through.

Oh, and welcome to The Doughnut Gang, sir!



I hope it makes my aunt smile and brings some comfort whenever she looks at it.


Thanks to the both of you!