Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wearing color!

A benefit to working at a crafts store (besides such close proximity to glitter) is many of the employees have creative backgrounds.

One of my coworkers LOVES to knit and in passing I jokingly asked when she was going to make me a scarf.

Well, a week later she knitted me one!

Here it is.....

Look at the craftsmanship!

I told her green was my favorite color so she intertwined rich blue yarn with a kelly green, making it look like teal from a distance. Love that!

When she gave it to me I wore it ALL day at work. "You look good in it," she said. "You should wear color more often."

Modeling my scarf.

This'll be the first handmade article of clothing I own and it brings a smile to my face every time I wrap it around my neck. It's like wearing artwork!

I like it so much I think I shall don my new scarf during the spring and summer too! .(~_^)

If you'd like to get one of your own knitted creations, just check out her Etsy page, and see what this talented young lady can do!

Thank you, Johanna!


Marty said...

Very cool!

Maggie Flatley said...

Have you thought about your own Etsy shop, it is an amazing adventure, and a great distraction!

naturgesetz said...

I'd have said it was turquoise. I don't know if that proves I don't know colors or if it just means I have an old fashioned vocabulary.

Anyway, it looks good on you, and you look good in it. Of course you always look good, but this enhances it. I understand why you'd want to wear it all the time. My impulse would be to treat it as something special for special occasions. Would wearing it in warm weather tend to give it sweat stains?

Well, enjoy it any way you want!

stanw said...

There's something about feeling warmth around your neck, and to look 'cool' at the same time, looks good. Oh yeah, and love the smile, a Dean feature!

The girl of the sun said...

It's really great to have something made with your own hands (or someone else's hands ;)). It makes you feel unique. Nice color! :)

Unknown said...

that color is amazing! lucky you :)

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous! Wearing color is a great way to brighten your day!

Dean Grey said...


It sure is!



I actually sell my art on eBay every now and then, but yes, have considered selling on Etsy too.

We shall see.



Those pics were taken in full sun so the scarf does look more on the turquoise side in the overexposed light.

But in regular, indoor light it appears to be more of a green than blue.





The girl of the sun!

Yes, it makes me feel special when wearing it because it's truly one-of-a-kind!



Thanks for the link!



I couldn't agree more!


I appreciate everyone stopping by!


Unknown said...

It's a beautiful scarf! I think presents that are made mean so much more. The blue even goes well with your smirk! ;-)

Randuwa said...

I am SO jealous. How often is something given that that is both practical and beautiful?

Dean Grey said...


Handmade gifts are definitely more meaningful because they come from the heart!



Not often enough, Randy!


Thanks to both of you gentlemen!


Unknown said...

You DO look good in that scarf.

Dean Grey said...


Thank you. I wore it all of this past December.

I rotate it with the other handmade scarves I was given, assigning each one its own month.