Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From me.....

Several months ago I was looking forward to today....because I would've had a valentine.

Now this cold day in February is another painful reminder of what I no longer have.

I wanted--needed--to have flowers on this of all days so I bought them myself as I always do.

I settled on a mixed bouquet, abundant with roses, ranunculus, mums, hydrangeas, and Peruvian lilies.

Clusters of red, white, pink, and lime green to help make me feel special, for at the moment I feel very alone, sad, and unwanted.

*deep sigh*

Happy Valentine's Day, Dean....from me.


Luciene said...


Happy Valentine's Day, every day... :)


naturgesetz said...

And Happy St. Valentine's Day from me.

Mike said...

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Sending positive thoughts your way!!!

Rebecca said...

aw hugs baby hope you have a Happy Valentine Day anyways. I would totally send you flowers and hocolates if i could. You're amazing.


Michelle said...

You always pick out the prettiest bouquets! Any fella would be lucky to get flowers from you, and any fella would be lucky to have the priviledge of sending them to you. Some day, dear Dean! He will have to be so special to be good enough for you!

Unknown said...

You've definitely been through a lot in the last few months, but I think the most important thing to remember is that nothing's written in stone. The universe has a funny way of working out. Give it time!

stanw said...


That bouquet is especially beautiful. My eyes are always drawn to the Roses but i love them all. So glad you treated yourself. You may feel alone and sad but you are definitely NOT unwanted. Even though it is later in the evening I am still gonna stop and say, "Happy Valentine's Day, Dean!" You are a special guy.

As I wrote this I looked over and that little Lady Bug you sent me is sitting on my desk and the light is shining on it, reminding me of the one who sent it to me, you! Thank you.


Nicholas said...

Happy Valentine's Day...from ME! Why didn't you give me a call? Being alone in general is no fun, particularly not when corporate America has picked a day to painfully remind you of it.

David K Small, artist said...

You have great taste in flowers Captain ! xoxox

MartininBroda said...

My belated best wishes, for you of course. For different reasons I lost track a bit, so I still thought you're in this well deserved relationship, sad news indeed for me (& irreleveant since how sad for you). But you're still able to love one can feel, many people prefer to solidify into a block of ice, so they don't have to feel something anymore. God bless you Dean Grey! And a belated Happy Valentine.

Dave said...

Valentine's Day is way over-rated. Don't let the lack of a current love interest on this particular V Day get you down. As my mother was fond of saying, "There are plenty of fish in the sea." You have your health, your youth, your good sense, and if not all the work you want, at least SOME work, and you're not about to starve. In short, you have nothing to worry about.

This is the first time I have come across your blog, so I don't know much about you, but obviously you have good taste in flowers. Do you have a place where you can grow any, or are you limited to what you can buy? I recognize that you're not going to be growing anything outside in the Chicago winter.

Dean Grey said...


Cute YouTube clip!



Right back at you, good sir!



I'll take all the positivity I can get!



That's sweet of you to say.



Someday....I hope!



That sounds wonderful and all but it feels like nothing's right at the moment and won't be for a long, long time.



You are quite welcome!



You hate talking on the phone, remember?


David K Small!

Sometimes you gotta do the job yourself!



Glad to see you back here!



I'm glad you found me.

My family does have a backyard garden but as you pointed out we're limited to spring and summer.

As for all those fish in the sea, well, I don't get noticed here, at all really, and I'll probably remain single so as long as I'm living in Chicago.



Everyone's kind words are greatly appreciated!