Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Monroe Harbor in the morning.


naturgesetz said...

Those are definitely intriguing pictures. I especially like the "forgive," the one with the things that look like big oriental incense burners (the second pic), The fourth, that reminds me of an organ case, and the half worn away "Don't run" graphic.

Of course sunrise is always interesting.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Beautiful! (And so is forgiveness... sometimes.)

Mildred said...

Wonderful shots!
Love the seventh.
Thanks for sharing;o)

Happy day****

Robert Guthrie said...

Water = Bliss

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. Amazing.

Joe said...

I dig your images! Especially the boat: it seems to have left the dock without leaving....

Unknown said...

Nothing more beautiful than the water. Absolutely beautiful.

Randuwa said...

I love your "wordless Wednesdays"! They often make my entire week!

Dean Grey said...


You may recall another "forgive" I found last year. I posted it here.

The "incense burners" are either lights for nighttime or places to tie off the boats. Not really sure.

And the very last pic is a worn away "Don't swim" warning.



Agreeing with you about forgiveness.



Thanks for looking!



It's so peaceful there!



Glad you think so!



The boat is actually a yacht.

Google "Columbia Yacht Club" for more info!



The morning sun brought the water to life that day!



I hope to post more for you then, Randy!


Everyone's feedback on these photos is greatly appreciated!


stanw said...

Great photos, Dean, reflection and so many carry the eye into the picture. I too like the FORGIVE one - a lot contained in one word.

Dean Grey said...


I appreciate you taking a look!


Unknown said...

I love harbors and marinas. I think "Forgive" is profound.

Dean Grey said...


It is SO peaceful there (Monroe Harbor)!

I've found other "Forgive's" in the city as you'll note in past blogposts.

I'm always on the lookout for them now!