Monday, January 2, 2012

Three becomes two.

I couldn't help but look down while walking to work that day.

I got there early to clean out the rest of my locker.

This past weekend marked my last day at my city job.

I've known my coworkers for almost five years now and though that job wore me down and depressed me, it still felt like home and I will miss it.

But there's something very fitting about getting laid off at the start of the new year. Letting go of things that weighed me down.

There really was no future there or room to advance. Hopefully when the city recalls us in a year or so, asking if I want my job back, I can tell them no thank you, that I found something much better.

At least I'm still working my two other part-time jobs and now I'll have 20 additional hours each week to draw, catch up on sleep, whatever. Actual days off to do what I like.

Now that I'm down one job I have to make the most of that extra time!


JuJu said...

Happy 2012 my friend. My hope for you is that extra 20 hours brings you beauty and joy each and every week!

naturgesetz said...

Days off are really good. Having the layoff give you days off is maybe even better than the extra hours. Anyway, I hope you'll want to create some artwork that I can bid on.

I also hope that you'll get some advancement at the university, maybe enough so you can quit the art supply store if you want to.

Enjoy your increased freedom.

Ken Riches said...

Hope this is the start of a transition to KY for you. Happy New Year.

Nicholas said...

I hope that means we get to chat more, Mr. -.-

Unknown said...

Best way to look at it, I think. Onward and upward.

the xanax diary said...

A positive attitude like that will certainly lead to good things! Best of luck!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Can't wait to see the new artwork to come!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. But I think you'll feel better as time goes on. You'll definitely have more time to yourself.
Best of luck to you.

Dean Grey said...


Thank you!



Yes, creating more art will be one of my goals now that I have the extra free time.



Happy New Year back at you, Bucko!



Ha ha, we shall see.



Onward and upward!


the xanax diary!

*fingers crossed*



I hope I don't disappoint!



Yeah, it'll take some adjusting NOT going to work there but I still have enough things to keep me busy.


Everyone's encouraging comments are very much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

We all go through rought times, and those times make us stronger and wiser. And with wisdom comes better decisions too. Things do happen for a reason, and I bet you will have a great time having some more time for yourself to do other things you love! *HUGS* HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

A blessing in disguise! Now. Tell everyone you know you're looking for an interesting job. OR at least a job at an interesting place - with room for advancement. Dazzle them in the interview, as we know you can, and be upbeat and your purest self. They will love you. Best of luck - and get out your paints/art supplies while you're looking!

Dean Grey said...


I do believe things happen for a reason too, I'd just like to know what those are ahead of time!



I will get out my paints and art supplies in the meantime!


Thanks to both of you ladies for sharing your thoughts!