Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Buying myself always.

Now that I'm working 30 hours (or less) a week, I should be saving more but my saddened heart needed to get these BAD.

3 1/2 dozen snapdragons just for me.

Purples, peaches, yellows, and whites overflowing from slender stalks.

A bit of comfort during this difficult time.

And yet, even if I had the money to buy every last flower in the store it still wouldn't be enough right now.

(((HUGS))), (((HUGS))), and more (((HUGS))) to me.


Moving with Mitchell said...

The snapdragons are beautiful. And it would be so nice if these were all it took to make everything better. (I'd buy 3-1/2 dozen every week.)

Unknown said...

It's hard when a love affair ends. If you need anything, we're here for you.

JuJu said...

I know you're blue, but you're a healthy blue. You understand the need to shower yourself with attention and love right now. Keep buying those flowers buddy.

Hugs and love.

naturgesetz said...

They're beautiful!

You deserve them.

Hang in there.

*hugs & kisses*

Anonymous said...

Dean: I am really impressed that you bought flowers for yourself. I know you'll be fine, now.

Marty said...


I hope you feel better soon.

Randuwa said...

Dean, I love this. (Snap!) you sexy dragon, you. Loving yourself is always a good thing, my friend. Cheers!

Mind Of Mine said...

The timing of this really sucks.

stanw said...

They are bright and beautiful, just like you, Dean; enjoy them!

K.C. said...

They are very beautiful, Dean. :)

Nicholas said...

No need to give yourself hugs, you can have some of mine! *HUGS!*

Wendy said...

Beautiful flowers! Hope something els cheers you up in the weekend. Big hug

Dean Grey said...


The flowers were a like an emotional band-aid for me at the time.



I appreciate your support, sir!



Money's tight right now so I can't buy myself flowers that often but I would if I could!



I'm hanging in there!



Thank you!



Me too!



LOL at being called "dragon", Randy!


Mind Of Mine!

When the time is right you will find love too, Ian!



It's been five days and the flowers are still looking great!



Yes they are, Kenny!



(((HUGS))) back at you!



Thanks for that!


Everyone's supportive comments are very much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

the colorful flowers remind me of the lyrics: painting the blues beautiful hues, colored with rose and old gold" ..."painting the clouds with sunshine".... you will be fine...keep the sunshine in your heart and it will disperse the shadows... i wish you the very best and happiness. someone who looks in from time to time. take and smiles.

Dean Grey said...


Thank you for looking in from time to time!


Unknown said...

Snap dragons were my favorite blossom as a child. I like to gently pinch the base of the bloom to make them talk.

Dean Grey said...


I've heard other people tell me that--about pinching the blossoms.

I just like to look at them.