Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where we left off.....

When I returned from there I wanted to go back immediately.

It's only been two months but it seems painfully longer.

I miss it there. I miss his cats. I miss him.

Thankfully, I'm using the last of my vacation days before officially being laid off from my city job this month and going to visit him again for five days starting tomorrow.

The hustle and bustle of working this holiday season has made me weary and stressed so the relaxed pace of Lexington sounds perfect right about now.

And even though what we have is still in its nascency, it'll be nice to seem him in person again.

To kiss, to find life in each other's continue where we left off.


naturgesetz said...


I so want you to have happiness.

Anonymous said...

Awwww! I'm so happy for you, Dean! SO happy! I told you, it was just around the corner. :)
Bon Voyage!

JuJu said...

You go Dean!! And, is that some facial hair I see in that photo???

Have a marvelous time, can't wait to hear about it upon your return!

Unknown said...

Have fun, Dean! You deserve it. And isn't that a wonderful feeling?

Mind Of Mine said...

After our chat, you know how excited I am for you and I am hoping that this goes well for both of you.

Have lots of nasty sex!

Randuwa said...

I really like you, but the "in love" is a very special iteration of you that I like even more! You deserve to have the happiness you desire--Merry Christmas!

Writer said...

You won't get this for a few days, but right now you are asleep on my couch covered in a Native American-style blanket. Harry is lying on the cushion by you, and I'm checking your blog in the chair near your feet. You are so cute sleeping there.

Part of me worries that you will sleep this whole trip. Part of me worries that...well, part of me just worries.

Love you and can't wait to spoon tonight when we're in bed together. :)

stanw said...

Nifty beard, love it! Have a great five days down in Lexington, it'll be good for you/'s.

Mike said...

So glad you have found HIM! :)

Robert Guthrie said...

Big smile re your five days!

bK said...

I'm glad you've found someone, even though he might live a distance away from you. He is really lucky to have you, Dean. :)

Ken Riches said...

Outstanding, have a great break.

Unknown said...

Have a great time! Bonne Continuation, as they say!

Anonymous said...


Summersheartjourney said...

Excellent! Hope you are having a wonderful time!!

Dean Grey said...


I do too.

Very much so.



It was around the corner in another state but another corner nonetheless!



Yes, I'm currently sporting a goatee!



It's wonderful!


Mind Of Mine!

LOL Ian!



I appreciate that, Randy!




Love you, Hot Brown.



Thank you, sir!



Me too!






And I'm lucky to have him, Brody!



I did just that!






I sure did!


Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments!


Moving with Mitchell said...

Ah, I love the romance. Also love the facial hair! Great look.

Dean Grey said...


Thanks but I'm about to shave it off in another week or so.

I'm sick of food getting trapped in my facial hair!