Thursday, November 24, 2011

We are OPEN!

The arts-and-crafts store I work for is run by corporate devils.

Driving sales and boosting profits are all they talk about. Their needs and gains are their only concern.

They push product for holidays SEVERAL months in advance just to squeeze out every dime they can.

Tradition, sacredness, and time spent with families aren't things they believe in hence why I have to work there today.


I am NOT pleased.

Do people really need to buy glue guns or glitter (maybe) or beads that badly today of all days? Really?

I want to be home on this day. Away from work, eating good food, and relaxing.

But I'll go in with a smile on my face and do my job like always.

It makes me wonder though, if by continuing to work for such a greedy, cutthroat company aren't I just as bad?

I need the money though.

Funny, I bet "Corporate" says the same thing.


Happy Thanksgiving, least to those that aren't working today!


K.C. said...

Aww, hun, I'm sorry. It's kind of ironic since I wish "I" was at work right now. I wouldn't mind working for that time and a half since Thanksgiving is just another calendar day that passes by for our family.

Randuwa said...

Hope the day isn't too hectic! Happy Thanksgiving!

R. Burnett Baker said...

I agree with every line. BUT. Until the American consumer STOPS standing in line for hours/days at a time to get their grubby little selfish hands on the next iWad, companies will continue to infringe on holidays.

We can't begrudge corporations their desire for profits. After all, people go into business precisely for that reason. That, despite all our desires for companies to "care" about us, is why they're in business. No one goes into business to care about our personal time. Pure and simple.

But we, the consumers, share a huge responsibility in feeding/creating this monster, that I dubbed many years ago, the "Corportocracy."

It's really our fault. The general public really doesn't care any more..... Shame on consumers.


Mike said...

No holiday pay for that suffering?

Hopefully you do have some time to relax today! Happy Thanksgiving, Dean!!!

Rebecca said...

Happy Thanksgiving :-)

Ken Riches said...

Hope you were able to get off in time to get some good eats.

naturgesetz said...

Having to work on Thanksgiving stinks. I mean it's understood that police, firefighters, bus drivers, and others who perform essential services will have to work, but for something so non-essential (no offense intended), requiring people to work is really Scrooge-like.

I'm wondering how business was, compared to a normal day. I would not have expected sales to justify paying to staff the store.

I hope you were able to have a Happy Thanksgiving despite being made to work.

MartininBroda said...

Happy Thanksgiving Dean :)

Joy Logan said...

Sorry you had to work today and just how necessary is that store to be open today?? Yes greed sure rules in todays world.I suppose lots of folks would lose their jobs if they didnt go in.I can relate to your self portraits and depressions I too suffer with it.

Maggie Flatley said...

I hear you! I didn't get to spend the last Christmas with my mother, ( she lived 10 hours away), because the cinema where my son worked told everyone who didn't report for work Christmas Day they would be terminated. People must see movies on Christmas Day! I have never felt the same about the holidays since. It is bogus, greed. Sorry, we just seem to have lost the meaning. Friends and Family.

Unknown said...

That's unbelievable and disgusting. Hopefully you're getting at least overtime!

Anonymous said...

That's crazy, working on Thanksgiving. You should give an account on the day, I'd love to know if anyone was there.

Dean Grey said...


Kenny, I'd rather be resting than working on Thanksgiving!



Not hectic but definitely tiring.



I agree with you 100% but I was NOT one of the ones shopping on Black Friday.

Thankfully I don't fuel that fire.



I got paid time-and-a-half.

Not much but something.



Thanks girl!



I ate soooo much that day!



It didn't make much sense to me either because I was told our store didn't make its sales plan for that day.

That's what they get! HA!






Welcome to The Doughnut Gang!



How terrible to be threatened with losing your job for not showing up on a holiday a person should be off on.

So sad.



But is the additional pay worth it though? I'd rather be home on Thanksgiving than get an extra $15 that day.



Joseph the Butler!

You asked and you shall receive!

There were about 30 people lined up outside the crafts store as we opened for Thanksgiving Day.

We had a steady stream of customers initially but then things died down shortly thereafter.

Our store manager said we did not meet the store's sales goal for that day.

Maybe "Corporate" will learn next year what a mistake it is to be open on an actual holiday.


I appreciate everyone's supportive comments!