Monday, November 7, 2011

Nude on hold.

Fuckity-fuck and super shit!

It was supposed to be a companion piece to "Blood Butterfly".

A nude which I started SEVERAL months back but then with work and all, tucked away and never finished.

Here's the drawing I did for it back in July.....

Pencil on watercolor paper - 5" x 7"

I hate putting off paintings like this because now my original inspiration is long gone and I'm not sure I can get it back.

Oh well. I'll add it to my growing list of art projects that need to get done.



Unknown said...

It sounds weird to say it like this, but maybe you put it up for a reason? A better way to think about it is that you found it at this moment because subconsciously, you knew that now was the time to work on it again.

Renée said...

I can identify - it's really frustrating. It's helped me to tack stuff up all over the place, so it's in my face until I magically MAKE some time. It's also encouraging to see a bunch of my pieces in progress, from which I can choose for 10 min sessions whenever. This one screams "I'm awesome- please work on me!"
Good luck

Moving with Mitchell said...

Even looking at your pieces (finished and not) will keep you connected to your art and your creativity. If you don't have time to complete a big project, just create, even if it means doodling in a sketch book during a break in the day. (You DO still have breaks in the day, don't you?) I love your talent!

Rebecca said...

it looks like it will be amazing when finish

JuJu said...

Maybe the painting wasn't supposed to be painted? Maybe this drawing was what was supposed to happen?

Randuwa said...

So Beautiful! Brought a little tear of joy to my eye.

LightChaser said...

Funny, I don't remember the butterflies when I posed for that drawing.

Michelle said...

This is an awesome start, though! The idea and how you've been able to execute it is wonderful.

Dean Grey said...


You could be right about that, sir.



Hmmm, maybe putting the unfinished artwork on the wall where I can see it all the time might make me finish it sooner.



It seems during my breaks all I want to do is sit and rest!



I hope so!



Perhaps, but it's screaming for some color!






Good one, Dave!





I appreciate all of you chiming in on this!


Randuwa said...

ps~ "Fuckity-fuck and super shit!" is my new favorite exclamation! :-)

Dean Grey said...


Ha! I've used that phrase in some of my older posts.