Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Rush hour! (Michigan Ave. and Randolph)


Unknown said...

It's hypnotically beautiful though. I love big cities or the middle of nowhere.

Anonymous said...

That was WEIRD!! I've been there before!
Deja vu?
Hell yes!

stanw said...

Wet and Wild! Great photo. One of the reasons I wouldn't love commuting, especially thro' busyness like that. You had a great vantage point to take this pic for sure.

Writer said...


JuJu said...

Hustle and Bustle! Or, is it traffic jam and frustration?

bK said...

Haha, "do not enter" indeed!

Rebecca said...

wow glad i'm not there but great photo

Anonymous said...

It looks like a traffic jam, but the uniformity is still nice. I like order. There's something very artistic about that photo, and it's very balanced.

Anonymous said...

is that street really as narrow as the picture makes it appear?

Dean Grey said...


Yes, there's a beauty to this chaos!



You've visited Chicago then?



The L trains ride overhead above street level. I took this pic from one of the boarding platforms.

Pretty neat, eh?



Oh you.




Probably a bit of both!



Think of the accident if a car went the opposite way, Brody!



I'm glad I wasn't driving in it but was glad I got to witness it.



That's why I took the shot, Corey!



Yep, pretty much.

Randolph runs east and west and is narrower than Michigan Avenue which runs north and south.


Thanks to everyone for commenting on this!


Jeff Chandler said...

Great pic mate! I love seeing a city sparkle in the rain.

Dean Grey said...


Everything looks better in rainy weather!