Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Lexington, Kentucky (cameo by Sami)


Phoenix said...

WONDERFUL! I'm so glad you took a vacation and enjoyed yourself!! That cat is ADORABLE!! Hope you're well.

JuJu said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that red building with the white trim.
And, I need to snuggle with Sammie. I can hear him (her?) purring from here!

David Allen Waters said...

amazing shots :)

Writer said...

OMG! That's my baby! :)

I have the biggest grin on my face right now! :))))

Mitch Block said...

Thanks for giving me a glimpse!

Randuwa said...

OMG! I lived in Lexington from 79-93! It's a great city. Lot's a great memories. Is Alfalfa's still there? Did you get to Joe Bologna's pizza in the old synagogue? Now, I'm even happier for you! Did you see "39 Steps" with the Studio Players? One of my dearest friends had a lead in that one.

Dean Grey said...


I'm so glad I took that vacation too!



Sami is a girl and such a sweetheart!


David Allen Waters!

Why thank you, sir!



That's OUR baby, JP! LOL



You are quite welcome!



Wow, so you really know that city, Randy!

I walked around a lot but didn't get to see much in terms of plays or entertainment.

And yes, I saw Joe Bologna's but didn't go inside...yet!


I appreciate all of you taking a look at my pics!


Randuwa said...

Well, then you've got some great adventures still awaiting you!? Is your friend mobile--i.e. does he (?) have a car? I'm sure the cat doesn't drive! Besides Alfalfa's and Joe Bologna's there's Pleasant Hill Shaker community about 20 miles south of Lexington that is a lovely place to visit. If you can make reservations for breakfast there, it's a meal to die for, the baked fruit platter alone... And if you linger until the end of the serving time, the staff used to clear the rooms while singing a cappella 19th century spirituals. Not something advertised, just happens sometimes. Keep us all posted, dear heart--Joy shared is joy multiplied!

Dean Grey said...


He drives but doesn't own a car so seeing each other often will be the biggest challenge as of now.

I'll keep your sightseeing suggestions in mind the next time I'm in Lexington.

"Joy shared is joy multiplied!"

And I'll remember that, Randy!