Saturday, October 29, 2011

Paint on the sidewalk.

They were just smudges really. Forgotten blobs of color that no one would notice. Except me.

With a bit of time to kill before work, I wanted to go see Buckingham Fountain now that it'd been turned off and drained for the coming winter.

Just steps away from the fountain, I found bits of paint on the pavement.

My heart skipped a beat. It had been so long since I painted now that I'm working all the time.

It was much more to me than paint on the sidewalk. It represented freedom, spontaneity, creativity.

Was it leftover remnants of an artist's messy plein air session or a deliberate attempt to paint a pattern on the ground for all to see? A magical sword, a rainbow feather, or something else entirely?

I'll never really know.

But I do know I miss creating art. How I long for it to be an everyday part of my life.

Sometimes I wonder if one's artistic passion eventually dies after not being used or does it just get buried deep enough that it becomes forgotten?

I guess I'll learn the answer to that firsthand.

Maybe one day the artist in me will be gone and the next time I see a sight like this it'll just be paint on the sidewalk.


Unknown said...

When I first saw it, I thought one of those fountains they make with fireworks. I hope you get a chance to paint, or maybe breathing might be nice to ask for first!

david said...

i dunno dean..
i think maybe a clown got stabbed.. where did the droplets of blood err color lead to.. the clown hospital? i mean cook county hospital?
happy halloween...

~ cheers...

JuJu said...

I think it's obvious that the artist in you is alive and kicking. You said so yourself--anyone else might not even notice, but you did and it brought you great joy.

Paint today! Just do it!

Rebecca said...

beautiful post and i hope you never lose the artist within we should all see beauty and art in a little smudge on the sidewalk

Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll find time. No doubt you have inspiration these days. :)

stanw said...

No way, you'll never lose the desire to create/paint, it's in your genes, it's a gift, bro!

GayHermit said...

Artistic passion (or creativity) never really dies or becomes forgotten. It can be ignored or repressed for a while, but it always creeps out.
For those with a creative soul, it will always find a new way to manifest itself, if it finds itself blocked in some way.
Take your photography as an example. Might your photographs just be another way of "painting"? Couldn't your descriptions of what your artistic eye has captured and what you imagine it could be, be a different path for your artistic passion to manifest itself?
Just some thoughts to consider, from one frustrated creative soul to another.

Threads of Conscience Press said...

It NEVER dies' it's inside of you waiting for any moment that you choose to set it free again :-) so many times when life has knocked me down and bowled me over, when I have felt that all of me is lost to everything else outside of me and I thought i'd never paint or draw or create again...well all i know without a doubt is that it waits, patiently until we realize it is right there within our grasp just waiting to give it our attention. It will come and go with the ebb and flow of life, but it need never be lost to us, although it may feel like it...your creativity shines through your self expression, i see it and I feel it all the way from here :-) cheers Melanie

Dean Grey said...


I could totally see fireworks now that you mentioned it!



Silly man.



No time for painting today. I've got to go to work!



Thanks for that, girl!






I hope you're right!



" will always find a new way to manifest itself..."

I agree with this!


Threads of Conscience Press!

Wise words from you, Melanie!


Everyone's encouraging comments are greatly appreciated!


Jeff Chandler said...

I love noticing things like this and it reminds me that creativity and art is everywhere. Beautiful post!

Dean Grey said...


Yes, creativity and art are everywhere!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

As to your comment that perhaps one day the 'artist in me' will be gone.... Never.

Dean Grey said...