Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lake love.

"A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable."
--William Wordsworth

I watched gray skies pelt the lake with rain while choppy waves drew me closer. Chilled winds called to me like a lover, whispering their sweet nothings on billowy clouds.

I'm so blessed to work less than four blocks from the Chicago Lakefront.

Majestic skyscrapers behind me and Lake Michigan literally at my feet. I always feel free when I'm there.

It's been such an EXHAUSTING two weeks now that I'm working three jobs. Lots of anxiety meeting so many new people and trying to learn different tasks.

To calm my nerves, I've been going to the lakefront every morning before starting work. To merge with nature for a bit so that I'm grounded and comforted and rejuvenated.

Watching colors and shapes unfold before my eyes--Mother Nature creating a painting for all of Chicago to least for those who stop and notice.

Thankfully it rained almost every day this week. Storm clouds mixed with a clearing sky make for breathtaking views. At times it moved me to tears. Just so very special.

Here are some of my favorite pics taken throughout the past couple weeks.....

Ahh, A good way to start the workday, wouldn't you say?

Maybe one day I'll be able to share this loveliness with someone special instead of always coming here alone.

In time, Dean. In time.....


Marty said...

It really does sound like a wonderful way to start your days :-)

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful....and to think I was across the lake at the same time, looking at the water...


Kim Rempel said...

Clouds!!! Wow, that second one is beautifully dramatic. So much nicer than a pale, washed out sky. Love!

Kim said...

stunning photos - what a lovely way to spend each morning =)

naturgesetz said...

Very nice pics. My personal favorite is the first — can't decide whether the fourth or the fifth takes second place.

It's great that you notice all the beauty, and good of you to share it with us.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. In time. IN the mean time, this is truly amazing. I wish everyone had something this special to share. Could you post some more pictures that include your daily life? On the way to work? On the way home, et cetera? That would be so cool!

stanw said...

I sure do love those photos, the clouds, the reflections in the water and of course the boats just adding the right touch to create a pleasing scene. I would agree with you, that would be great to view every morning. I only lived near a large body of water for a couple years and loved going down near the shore and just listening to the waves hitting the rocks, so peaceful to me. Continue to enjoy the beauty that is around you.

In time, dear friend, in time....

Cheering for ya'!

Moving with Mitchell said...

What an incredible way to start your day. When I was in high school I worked Saturday mornings at a program for the disabled. It was near the beach, and I used to love to head out early and walk the mile along the beach -- especially in the snow -- on my way to work. Your photos are spectacular!

Randuwa said...

The pics are AWESOME. I've been thinking about you all weekend, and so glad that you're doing well--in fact, I am very proud of you for managing so well all the stress you're currently facing. How lucky I am to be your friend.

JuJu said...

OH yes. These clouds remind me that the world is much bigger than just my little corner of the world.

You've done it for two weeks Dean. Good Job!! I think your exposure to the lake and the beauty of Chicago (and the world) is a great plan for putting some peace in that hectic life!

Mind Of Mine said...

I love the second to last photo, it just goes to show how vast the world is.

Dean Grey said...


It is!


David Allen Waters!




The sky would be soooo uninteresting without clouds in it!



Why thank you!



The first pic was my favorite too though I love something about all of them.



A day in the life kind-of-thing? Maybe.....



Thanks, kind sir!



The lakefront is lovely all year-round, even during the wintertime!



Thanks for thinking of me, Randy!



It's a lot to handle but I'm just trying to take it a day at a time.


Mind Of Mine!

Sometimes it feels as if the lake could go on forever, Ian.


Everyone's comments on these photos are greatly appreciated!


Chantell said...

Absolutely love the first one, and the last one :o) Clouds are amazingly peaceful to look at...Thankyou for sharing such gorgeous pics!

Dean Grey said...


Thank YOU for taking a look!


Jeff Chandler said...

Great pics! You have a good eye (well two...). Really like the blog.
'Don't forget what good can do'will be my mantra for the day. Thanks!

Dean Grey said...


Welcome to The Doughnut Gang!


Unknown said...

Those photos are beautiful. Do you get to see the lake with your current work schedule?

Dean Grey said...


It's been far too cold lately to be hanging out by the lake but from time to time I do walk over there.

I like looking at Lake Michigan during all four seasons.