Sunday, September 18, 2011

Two becomes three.....

I must be crazy but I wanted to try. To see if I can handle it.

Last week I mentioned being offered a job at a university downtown and needing to decide which of my current part-time jobs to ditch.


I decided to keep all three!!

You see, even though the university job pays more, it's just two nights a week, so by requesting those be my two days off from the crafts store and some slight tweaking with my city job's schedule, I'd only be working two jobs per day.

Three jobs are a lot to take on at once but I think it's doable.

I had to give up Thursdays again and will be working EVERY day from now on once I officially start the college job this week.

There will be very little time for my art but that's just the way it'll be....for now. If it proves to be too much I can easily drop the arts-and-crafts store.

While waiting for my train into the city the other day, I saw a piece of cracked glass on the platform. The splinters reflected the light, almost like a violent spider web.

I felt how that piece of glass looked. It was shattered yet still intact--still functioning.

God willing, I can make it through this new workload....without breaking into multiple pieces!


Anonymous said...

A university job! Splendid! I give you the best of my luck and I'll keep you in mind. I hope at the least you'll enjoy it. Maybe this is what you need.

naturgesetz said...

It sounds like a lot, but I don't know what the schedule for each day looks like, so maybe it's not as bad as it sounds.

Anyway, I hope it goes well.

Kristen's Paintings said...

Not a bad idea! You said two of your jobs are close together right?

Mike said...

I admire your optimism! Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

you are strong. you can do it, have faith in yourself my friend :)

JuJu said...

The best part? You made a decision that makes you happy. And you're right, if it does get to be too much, you have options.

You will have time for your art--this photo is the perfect example. You found art in your daily world. Just keep your eyes (and heart!) open, and you'll see all sorts of beauty!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Congratulations on the new (additional) job. It will be nice I'm sure to have some more income. I hope you enjoy it, but hope you'll really guard against burn out. Maybe develop a game plan if the three jobs become too much. Do NOT break into multiple pieces; you will not reflect the light like that glass!

K.C. said...

Congrats on the new job! With cloudy, Autumn days coming along, hopefully we can hang out again soon. :)

bK said...

Working every day can be really hectic and stressful. I know I would go nuts if I had to work every day. I hope you'll have success in managing three(!) jobs; don't over exert yourself! :)

Janie B said...

Are you nuts! Well, you are young. You probably can do it, but you'll miss a day off. Good luck!

Randuwa said...

Bon chance, mon ami!

Sean said...

sounds like you made a smart choice

Ken Riches said...

Well, that should help you get ahead financially.

The Cool Cookie said...

This is great news. I never liked that woman at the craft store based on what you have shared. Hopefully this will lead to better things - colleges pay nicely if you can get on fulltime and the benefits are usually very good!

Unknown said...

Dean, I totally believe in you. I think you can and will handle all three jobs in stellar fashion! I say a prayer for you each day and more than once on the days I catch up on your blog. I believe in you, and what's more, I know God believes in you too, even more than all of us here combined.

Dean Grey said...


It's just what I needed!



Basically, I'll be working two jobs each day, with the exception of Thursday which I'll only be at the crafts store.

Totally doable....for now.


Paintings and Wanderings!

Yep Kristen. The city and college job are literally a block apart. Can't get much more convenient than that!



Thank you, sir!


David Allen Waters!

So sweet of you to say.



I will keep my eyes and heart OPEN!

And yes, it does feel good to have options again!



I'm worried about burnout as well. I'll take it day by day and see how it all goes.



Hooray for fall weather, Kenny!



*fingers crossed*



Well, artists are known to be a bit crazy.




Merci Randy!



Time will tell!



Yeah, I'll definitely be able to put away more money now.


Ask the Cool Cookie!

Here's to better things!


Another Piece Of The Puzzle!

Thank you for the prayers!


I appreciate everyone's encouragement here!


Rocky said...

Wow. Congrats Dean!

Unknown said...

Congrats and good luck! You can totally do it. It'll take some getting used to but it wont be that bad. I remember when I was in college I was studying full time from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, worked as a tutor from 2 to 5 and as an English teacher from 6 to 8 every day! It was tiring but doable! So be strong Mr.!!! :)

stanw said...

This sounds like you will be a 'bit' busy, but then again that is a good thing. You get all that exercise, each job with its unique challenges, more money, wide variety of people to relate with, keep you looking forward to the next thing, etc. I know you'll do great. B-r-e-a-t-h!!

Dean Grey said...




Koral & Nandy!

I shall try to be strong!



I'll remember to breathe!


Thanks to the three of you for chiming in here!