Sunday, September 11, 2011

Don't forget what good can do.

At first glance I thought it had been vandalized. Upon closer inspection I realized it was anything but.....

I had shown this little garden space, an extension of Columbia College, on a Wordless Wednesday post back in May.

It's been transformed into something special.

Loosely tied to tree branches and metal railings, were strips of fabric with messages written on them, blowing in the prayer flags, all to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

A large banner with markers and blank fabric strips encouraged passersby to share their thoughts, fears, and hopes about that day.

Many of the messages talked about wanting peace, safety for our troops, and their overall experiences of the the event.

"I remember not knowing exactly what was happening," one cloth read, "but realizing it was something BAD."

I found this to be a simple yet very profound art installation.

It wasn't some meaningless still life or abstract painting. Here was art in its BEST form--bringing people together to share parts of themselves. To connect with something far bigger than just you or me. That's what I want for my art too.

On this day it's so easy to focus on all the devastation that occurred 10 years ago. The lives lost, the fear, the chaos that ensued. But we must also remember how our nation came together afterwards, the support, and the countless volunteers that emerged.

The positive things people have done since then like this tribute outside the college.

So before heading off to work earlier this morning, I filled out a fabric strip as well and tied it with the others in the trees.

My message read, "Don't forget what GOOD can do."


Anonymous said...

I agree, good can do amazing things, when we let it. But for me today also represents what evil can do...hatred. We can not live with our heads in the sand, we must realize that yes while good is present in this world, so is evil...and just as good, when allowed to can do amazing things, evil, when allowed to grow can do devistating things...this day for myself and so many other Americans holds a mixture of emotion.

Lets all move forward knowing evil exist, but also knowing that Good can over come that evil...

another great, thought provoking post my friend.

stanw said...

Your statement is such a positive one, we should do everything we can to encourage those in our world to spread what's GOOD. I watched a movie last night called "Pay It Forward" and your words will do just that, inspire someone else and they in turn will inspire others. We really don't know how powerful our words can be. Take good care.

Anonymous said...

that's a great message

Anonymous said...

Awww, That's a great message to leave. Sometimes we all forget about the good in our lives.

JuJu said...

Oh, thank you for sharing Dean. This is such a moving tribute. What a wonderful idea.
And, I love your sentiment. It's overwhelming at times, all the bad. I think it's perfect to open ourselves to the possibility of good.

Writer said...

This is amazing! :)

Kim Rempel said...

Well said Dean.

Mind Of Mine said...

There was something like this at the Milk Festival, a gay music festival which took place in Ireland last summer. It was very unique, interesting and a very calming therapeutic experience, reading everyone's wishes and dreams.

Dean Grey said...

David Allen Waters!

I agree with you it's just the news media has a tendency to fixate on all the destruction (over and over again) because it'll catch a larger audience.



Spread what's good!








Thank YOU for reading!



It touched me, JP.





Mind Of Mine!

Ian, that's what it's all about. Coming together and expressing and sharing our creativity so that we may grow and heal.


Everyone's thoughts on this are very much appreciated!


Rocky said...

How lovely!

Unknown said...

Dean, darling. I love you. Will you have my baby??
You made my heart smile today, thank you.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

You are always so poignant! Yes, let's not forget what GOOD can do! Thinking of you!

Dean Grey said...






What would we name our love child though?



So sweet of you!


Thanks to all of you for stopping by!