Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Olive


Rocky said...

what camera do you use?

David Toms said...

Love this, it is so cheery! BTW, my nephews who just got a new beagle puppy named her Olive!

JuJu said...

Okay, so the big question is does this person love Olive, the woman, or do they love olives the food? Or both?

(love the pix!)

The Cool Cookie said...

I LOVE the new profile picture with you smiling!!!!!!

bK said...

Love the street art! Heh, Canadian...

By the way, I like your smiling profile picture :D

Writer said...

That's some really cool graffiti.

Do you live close to the tracks?

stanw said...

"Canadian Pacific Railway" was the first thing I saw, EH! As well, "OLIVE" must be someone real special, and comes in different shapes and colors. Love the pics. Oh yeah, and like your new pictures as well, winning smile. So glad I stopped by, take good care, Mr.!

Anonymous said...


I wonder what it means?

Dean Grey said...


I use an old Canon Powershot camera which I bought on eBay like four years ago!


David Toms!

"Olive" is a great name for a dog!



LOL, your guess is as good as mine!


Ask the Cool Cookie!

Thanks! I was really hesitant using the smiling profile picture just because I'm not sure it matches the (usual) somber tone of this blog.

But I thought the lighting was really good and out of all the pics I took of myself that day, it was the one that came out the best.



Street art RULES, Brody!



Yep, I live right across the street from train tracks.

We get freight trains passing through all day, every day!



Ha ha, a bit of Canada here in Chicago!



Only that artist knows the true meaning behind "Olive"!


Everyone's thoughts on this are greatly appreciated!


BB said...

My guess is Olive is conceited and likes to see her name on the big screen so to speak! haha. BTW, I love your new pictures Dean. Very upbeat!

jason said...

wow...she really gets around, doesn't she? :)

Dean Grey said...

Bouncin' Barb!

Olive has huge aspirations!



She sure does!


Thanks to both of you for chiming in here!