Saturday, August 27, 2011

I wish I was the moon tonight.....

"Chimney falls and lovers blaze
Thought that I was young
Now I've freezing hands and bloodless veins
As numb as I've become

I'm so tired

Last night I dreamt I'd forgotten my name
'Cause I sold my soul but I woke just the same
I'm so lonely
I wish I was the moon tonight."

Markers and ink in Moleskine journal - (NFS)

"How will you know if you found me at last?
'Cause I'll be the one, be the one, be the one
With my heart in my lap

I'm so tired, I'm so tired
And I wish I was the moon tonight."


Anonymous said...

Wow, Dean. This is stunning! You should paint this as well it's so beautiful.

naturgesetz said...

That's certainly a beautiful song, and you've done a great job of illustrating it with your drawing.

The moon gives us light when it is night, and I think it is fair to say that you've given us a good deal of light through you art and your writing. It's as good having you around as it is to have the moon on a warm evening.

LightChaser said...

That's stunning! Beautiful! We need more.

Nadya Avila Chant said...

Wow. This is beautiful, Dean.

JuJu said...

If I were the stars,I would shine on you until you felt my warmth and glowed from head to toe.
I hope you can feel that, even though I'm just a bunch of molecules that all reside together in South Carolina.

Dean Grey said...



I normally don't repeat my artwork so I'm not sure about turning this illustration into a full-blown painting.

Perhaps though!



That's so sweet of you to say!



I'll do my best, Dave!






I can feel it!


Thanks to all of you for the kind words!


Maggie Flatley said...

Make time for your art, you rendering of that poem is so stunning. I love it!

Randuwa said...

I love Neko Case, have you thought about sharing this image with her? It's beautiful, Dean.

Writer said...

Dean! It's lovely. Takk.

Writer said...

How will you know if you found me at last? Cause I'll be the one, be the one, be the one! with my heart in my lap. I'm so tired.

I wish I were the moon tonight.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Beautiful words, beautiful imagery. Your artwork is incredible!

Jackdaw said...


A moon without a dark side... or is it...

Dean Grey said...


I'm trying but working two jobs leaves little time to create anymore.



I hadn't thought about showing Neko Case this image until YOU suggested it, Randy!



Thank you for turning me on to her music!






It's just a full yellow moon!


I appreciate all of your comments!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Make as much time as you CAN for your 'real' work! Cook once or twice a week and make lots of servings (freeze at least one!). This is a beautiful poem, and a beautiful illustration.

Dean Grey said...


I wish I could take credit for the words but they're not mine.

Click on the hyperlink (on the actual blogpost) to hear the original song that inspired this illustration.