Sunday, August 7, 2011

I know I'm being a broken record but.....

.....I bought myself flowers
yet again after work today!

Light purple mums and daisies with mini-carnations in salmon and yellow for pops of color, all nestled in bright green foliage.

I close my eyes, inhale the fragrant blooms, and pretend they're from some AMAZING, talented, brilliant, and handsome man:

Me:. "Why you shouldn't have, honey."


Imaginary guy:. "You're a wonderful man, Dean, and deserve this and SO much more."

Me:. *blushes*

[We passionately kiss]

*drawn-out sigh*

It'll happen one of these days (or years)--I guess.

Hurry up imaginary guy and become real!


David Toms said...

The fact that you can dream and buy yourself flowers is part of the process. I am glad that you think enough of yourself to buy yourself flowers! Expect the unexpected!

Anonymous said...

Dean, you are such a sweet spirit the universe will have no choice but to send love your way...and until it does just keep enjoying those flowers :)

hugs friend

JuJu said...

They are gorgeous! I hope they bring sunshine to your days. I swear, they are smiling at you!

Tell me what the imaginary guy looked like? Tall? Short? Thin? Facial Hair? Shorts? Pants?

stanw said...

You are that AMAZING, talented, brilliant and handsome man, Dean, believe it, duplicate that smile as you live your life and it will attract just the right person. Just as you were attracted to those amazing blooms!

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

That's not healthy Dean. Sorry to say that. Buy it because you want or like it, no pretentions. You are a wonderful, good-looking and intelligent guy, someone good will be coming your way. Just be patient. I myself is confuse about my situation but I just live with everyday. If he cast me out of his life or me saying goodbye to him, I may have lost something but for sure it his lost. He lost my genuine love.

Again u are a wonderful guy. There is someone for you.

Be safe!


K.C. said...

Well, I admire that you by yourself flowers instead of sitting idly and waiting for "that guy".

I'm glad to see you smiling in your pictures. :)

Randuwa said...

Hey! I did the self-same thing today! First time since 2003...(a story for another time, but related to your fantasy...). I think yours are prettier.

Maggie Flatley said...

My 6 yr. Old nephew just told us yesterday, "pretending is awesome."

Marty said...

I like your imaginary guy, when you find the fountain of them can you get one for me too?

Rocky said...

I know how you feel man.

naturgesetz said...

They're beautiful. You definitely deserve them and much more.

Shelly said...

Aww - so romantic!!! It will happen one of these days - I know!

bK said...

Ahhh... that's like my fantasy! I want my own imaginary guy to become real too (and quickly!).

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful. Gerber Daisies are your favorites, huh?

Dean Grey said...

David Toms!

It's part of the process, huh?



David Allen Waters!

I hope you're right about that!



The imaginary guy was 6' tall, black hair/blue eyes, athletic, handsome, sexy, masculine, and just few years older than me.

*deep sigh*



That's so sweet of you to say!


JJ Roa Rodriguez!

Well, technically I bought the flowers because they were pretty and I needed a pick-me up.



Kenny, I still idly sit though!



Good for you!



Ha ha, smart boy!



You got it!



(((HUGS))) to you, sir!



I appreciate that!



*fingers crossed*



Like minds, huh Brody?



Yes, gerber daisies are one of my favorites.


Thanks to all of you for the kind words!


jason said...

Oh, I've been buying myself flowers and thinking the same thing....foreeeeeever...and don't you know just this year I found a wonderful man bringing me some.
Keep envisioning!

Writer said...

Dean, your imaginary guy sounds really sweet. I hope he becomes real for you. :)

Mind Of Mine said...

Is there a guy you like? Someone you know who is worth dating, even if you don't know them well. An old crush perhaps?

Why don't you buy that person flowers?

Dean Grey said...


I'm so happy to hear that!

Hooray for you!



Me too.


Mind Of Mine!

Sorry Ian, there's no one like that here in Chicago.


I always appreciate you three gentlemen stopping by!