Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unable to fly.

With damaged wings, its chance for freedom breaks off into colorful bits.

Desperate to escape and not sure where to turn to.

Ah, I can understand that.

There's an art fundraiser this weekend to raise awareness/money to combat human trafficking in Chicago and abroad. Here's the painting I created and donated for the charity event.

"Unable to fly"
Acrylic paint on gessoboard - 6" x 6" (NFS)

:::: Close-up detail ::::

I've always associated butterflies with a beautiful kind of freedom so it seemed appropriate here. One of the people behind the event said the painting captured what the fundraiser was all about.

Unfortunately there's a flat fee of $30 at the door which guarantees each attendee a work of art to take home with them. I do believe this could've fetched a much higher price but it's their rules not mine. Perhaps those that see the painting will be moved to donate more to this important cause.

And while I've never been a victim of human trafficking, I think I can relate to what they must be feeling.

Isolated, broken, and like this butterfly....unable to fly.


JuJu said...

What a gorgeous butterfly. And, what wonderful meaning you put into it. Well done Dean!

I hope seeing that YOU made a difference helps you today.

Marty said...

You are a very talented artist, the painting is beautiful.

Ken Riches said...

Love the painting, glad you donated to a worthy cause.

naturgesetz said...

What a beautiful painting! And so meaningful!

Of course you could have sold it for well over $30, as you did with "Blood Butterfly." So it was very good of you to donate it to such a good cause.

I don't believe your wings are broken forever.

Michelle said...

Dean, that is a gorgeous painting. How great of you to donate your work and talent to such an important cause. Good for you, and great for the lucky person who gets to take home your piece.

Anonymous said...

"Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see"
Everything's going to turn out fine. It might take a while. But you've just got to keep watching for that light at the end of the tunnel.
I promise.
I know these seem like empty words to you.
And I'm sorry. But you really just have to believe them

What else can you do?

stanw said...

Beautiful gesture and a great painting to contribute, so proud of you. You will fly, my blogging friend, you will fly!

Randy said...

What a beautiful piece. It is so kind of you to donate it for a worthy cause.

rex said...

This butterfly art work looks fantastic but in need of some wing repair to be able to fly free, perhaps you need some repairs so you can fly into your life too. I have always liked your artwork that you have put on your blog. This butterfly is lovely, you are talented. We never know what is around the corner for us in life. But we have to turn those corners to see. So that we can actually live our life. I mean really live our life.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Truly Sean this butterfly well represents their cause.

You are a remarkable painter. Beautifully done...


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful what you've created, and for a great cause too.

Human trafficking happens every minute all over the world, but many people are just not aware of it.

BB said...

It's a beautiful painting Dean. Love the bright colors against the background.

Mind Of Mine said...

I like the broken wing and what it symbolizes.

I don't necessarily agree with your comments in regards to relating to how victims of trafficking feel.

Jackdaw said...

Ah, beauty is frail.

Tammy's Studio said...

I can definitely relate. This painting is beautifully sad.

MartininBroda said...

To make an exception and to change from the reading to the commenting mode, a serious subject of course, but somehow it feels much better here now!

Summersheartjourney said...

OH Dean! This is beautiful! What a wonderful cause to donate such an extraordinary piece of art to.
I too hope it fetches more than $30 for this cause.

Dean Grey said...


I put my heart into it and tried my very best to make this painting special!






I'm glad to have donated it too!



Maybe my wings will mend in time.



I hope whoever gets it likes it!



I'll try to believe!



I will fly!



Just doing my part!



But it seems like there are way too many corners right now!


Jj Rodriguez!

Why thank you!



Yep, that was the whole point of the fundraiser--to make people aware of what's going on.


Bouncin' Barb!

It is a butterfly so I crammed in as many colors as I could!


Mind Of Mine!

But Ian, doesn't all suffering have commonalities?

Why couldn't someone relate to what they're going through?

Aren't hurt, shame, fear, and powerlessness universal regardless of the circumstances?

I think so.



Yes, sometimes it can be, sir.






I'm glad you're commenting!



Yeah, $30 is rather puny so fingers crossed that it pulled in more than that!


Everyone's thoughtful words mean a lot!


Unknown said...

beautiful painting. and a worthy cause. well done.

Shelly said...

I love it - keep coming back to take a second, third, fourth ... look - you are amazing!

Writer said...

Dean, that is an amazing painting. Thank you for sharing! :)

Dean Grey said...

the xanax diary!

*takes a bow*



I'm glad it's making you take more than one glance!



You are quite welcome, sir!


Thanks to the three of you!


Kim said...

This is amazing and for such a great cause. Can't wait to see what you do next!

Dean Grey said...


I was thinking of doing a series of just butterflies but due to work-related time constraints that may never happen.

We shall see though.


AC said...

The symbolism behind the broken wings captures the cause so accurately. Someone close to my heart was the victim of human trafficking, and although it's an everyday struggle, and his wings still bear the creases of the rips, he is now flying again. So there's hope Dean, there is hope for broken wings.

Dean Grey said...


I'm sorry to hear about your friend but glad he's doing better now.

And you're right, there IS hope for broken wings!


Anonymous said...

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