Sunday, June 5, 2011

Take a chance on me.

It nervously backtracked, desperately scaling every inch of glass but finding no way out.

Helpless, confused, trapped, alone.

I could very much relate to that.

While getting ready for work this morning, I saw a flying ant stuck in between the front room windows. It must've gotten in the house, flew to the screens, and wandered deep up the window frame.

I could've easily just let it die and I did not want to miss my train for an ant. An ant of all things!

But as I watched it flounder, not knowing which way to go, I saw myself in its plight.

So I removed my many houseplants from the windowsill, carefully slid off the screen, and proceeded taking out the storm windows one by one, making a big enough gap for the flying ant to escape.

Who knows what will happen to that ant after gaining freedom, flying from the windows toward the backyard, but at least I gave it a chance.

Now if only someone would take a chance on me.....


naturgesetz said...

Oh, Dean!

*hugs tightly*

Anonymous said...

this is just one of the many reasons I find you to be so amazing...your beautiful heart :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Dean!
That's the way to do it.
"Every soul a star"
I'm not so sure ants have souls, but you never know, right?
And God knows you have one. Someone will come along. Good things come to those who wait. You can do it sweetie.

Hollie said...

Dean, I think you need to give yourself more of a chance. If you hold your head down, no-one will want to know.

I mean these words in kindness x

BB said...

They will. Someone is looking for you somewhere. That is a given. Just keep plugging along.

n.lea. said...

Yanno, I find myself thinking that way about setting bugs free.

I think about what it would be like to be stuck with no way out visible.

I truly believe that you are going to be surprised at the person that takes that chance on you! And that person is going to be just as surprised.

neora chana said...

That kind of compassion is wonderful.....Thank you for sharing this precious moment.

Mind Of Mine said...

I think it would be more beneficial to you if saved yourself.

Anonymous said...

I'd totally take a chance on you!

JuJu said...

All I can think of is the ABBA song.

YOU take a chance you YOU. :-)

Damien said...

Someone will..........

Jackdaw said...

Heart of gold!

Meisterdub said...

Your topic struck me as a little humorous - I do this all the time with wayward creatures in my house. I have an extensive houseplant collection and sometimes there are unexpected visitors who show up. My favorite was a honeybee who somehow got indoors and I found by my orchids. The scent must have attracted him but I managed to coax him back outside. Call it being kind, maintaining good karma or whatnot, I'd rather be the kind person than the one who arms himself with a can of RAID and kills a wayward creature. A friend once told me "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up" and that stuck with me to this day.

Ken Riches said...

I hope your chance arrives soon.

Dean Grey said...


I needed that!


David Allen Waters!




I can do it!



Yes, I have a habit of keeping my head down a lot.



Bouncin' Barb!

I shall keep plugging along!



I hope you're right about that last part, Nikki!


neora chana!

You are quite welcome!


Mind Of Mine!

Agreed, Ian, but that's easier said than done.



That's easy to say via the internet. You must not be from Chicago, dear. The gay guys here are totally unapproachable.



I'll try taking a chance on ME!


Damien Oz!

Only time will tell!



Not a heart of gold. I was just feeling compassionate that particular day.



I LOVE that quote your friend told you about!



Me too!


Everyone's supportive words mean A LOT!


Bill said...

Anyone who would give an ant a chance has to be a pretty great guy!

david said...

That's easy to say via the internet. You must not be from Chicago, dear. The gay guys here are totally unapproachable. have you ever really thought about that? perhaps you are the one who seems unapproachable? (shrugs uncomfortably, trying not to be an ass) some of those gay guys are just self conscious... it comes across as attitude a lot of the time... once in a while look up, smile, flirt a little, take a huge risk... life doesnt always just happen to us.. sometimes we have to push it a bit.. you know, to overcome the inertia of trepidation... you are a wonderful person, possessing a heart of gold... unbutton your shirt and let the sun reflect off of it... light up someones day, and look up and smile when it happens... they might smile back.. HUGS!

~ cheers...

Dean Grey said...





I think I'm friendly enough where people would feel comfortable approaching me.

Keep in mind that I don't even get so much as looked at here by gay men. I might as well be invisible.

And yes, I make it a point to make eye contact as often as possible, smiling when it feels right.

I just assume I must be repulsive.

*shrugs shoulders back*


Thanks to both of you gentlemen!


Moving with Mitchell said...

Dean, it's amazing how many people you touch. I hope you can start loving yourself -- alone or with someone. I know from experience you don't start loving yourself just because you have a relationship -- even a wonderful relationship. Be that flowering vine you talked about. You already matter to so many people.

Dean Grey said...


I will try loving myself but that's easier said than done.


sMacThoughts said...

I can relate to this; I was recently tortured by a fly which must some mysterious way found it's way into my place. I didn't want it to die inside, and could not get it to find its way back out....

Dean Grey said...




Anonymous said...

Not an ant, but looks to be a parasitic wasp.

Dean Grey said...



It could've been a termite too but I didn't get a chance to study it that closely.