Monday, June 13, 2011

Buying myself flowers....again!

There's still no special someone in my life to get them for me so it looks like I'll have to do the job myself....again.

I shopped for flowers after work yesterday.

Among the peonies, roses, and lilies, I decided on some bold-colored gerber daisies.


Gorgeous reds, warm oranges, sunny yellows, soft pinks, and delicate creams.

Two dozen full blooms with a peppery fragrance.


Love that deep red!

How could you not like these?

And while walking through the underground terminal to catch my train home, I spotted this heart scrawled in permanent marker.

*heavy sigh*

I needed these flowers in the worst way right now.

(((HUGS))) to me.....


Randy said...

There is nothing wrong with giving yourself flowers. First we must love ourselves and the rest will follow. I send you a big cyber hug! Have a wonderful evening!

Anonymous said...


JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

i love that idea,,, probably to cheer me up... i'll buy myself flowers too...

Writer said...

Internet/virtual hugs to you, Dean. I'm right there with you. I've been single for about 4 years now, and I take myself out for dinner, movie, flowers. At least it's the time of year for flowers.

Keep heart, sweetie. We're both too lovely to be single forever.


Anonymous said...

they are beautiful....

sending hugs :)

Dean Grey said...


Thank you, sir!



I needed that!



Go for it!



At least I'm in good company, right?


David Allen Waters!

Beautiful indeed!

I wish my camera could've captured the flowers better. So much lovelier in person!


I appreciate all of you chiming in here!


Anonymous said...

I always buy myself flowers and it makes me feel so so so much better :) Great Idea- you're right they are spectacular !

-Panicking Girl <3

Marty said...

They really are just beautiful, ENJOY THEM!

JuJu said...

The flowers are simply gorgeous!! Well done for treating yourself. You deserve it!! I hope they made you smile from ear to ear.

That heart is a message to you that you ARE loved.

David Toms said...

Many thanks for the visit to Savoir Faire! I always buy flowers for myself! Either for desk at an also uninspiring job at work, for home or just on a sheer whim! There is something about that heart. Just imagine thousands of people see it everyday, but few actually stop to look at it let alone take a picture!

BB said...

Those flowers would cheer anyone up. They are absolutely beautiful Dean. Nothing wrong with buying something that makes you happy. When you least expect it, someone will just pop into your life. Meanwhile.....HUGS!!!!!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Hugs and hearts to you, Dean. The flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us all!

Mind Of Mine said...

You saw something that caught your eye, you found it beautiful and inspiring. They were flowers and you decided to buy them for yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that

stanw said...

The flowers are so spectacular, colorful, intricate, all smiley faces looking up are our man Dean! Take good care, treat yourself often to things, people, that color your world. You have a good 'heart'.

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Dean--I hope you're well--I love those flowers and that heart!

jason said...

They're beautiful! I like how you've arranged them....clustered tightly like that.

I buy myself flowers all the time. Somebody's got to do it, I figure :)

Dean Grey said...

Panicking Girl!

Hooray for flowers!



I am currently enjoying them!



I kind of thought that heart was a painful reminder that I'm single and without a boyfriend.



David Toms!

Fresh flowers have a remarkable way of transforming a room!


Bouncin' Barb!

I appreciate the hugs!



Thank YOU for looking at them!


Mind Of Mine!

I agree with you on this, Ian!



They made me think of smiley faces too!



I'm hanging in there! So nice seeing you here again!



There were so many that I had no choice but to pack them all in....and that's a good thing!


Thanks to everyone for the supportive words!


Maggie Flatley said...

Dean, you are so talented! I have been following your blog, as you remind me of someone, me. Follow your dream, the decades fly by at an alarming pace. You are to talented to not make time for your art and your writing. I know, I spent too many years letting moments slip away. Take your energy, create something today inspired by those magnificent colors in your Gerber Daisys.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I need to do that...get flowers for myself...instead of jealously looking at other people's flowers from secret admirers. (I've never received flowers from anyone).

Dean Grey said...


"Take your energy, create something today inspired by those magnificent colors in your Gerber Daisys."

I will do just that!



Buy yourself some flowers today!


I appreciate you both stopping by!