Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Alley mural outside "Code Of Conduct - Tattoo & Clothing" (at 11th and State St.)


Anonymous said...

wow, those are amazing pics...I think I need to plan another trip into the city...soon :)

Susan Roden said...

I'm speechless Susan on a Wordless Wednesday - heaven!

naturgesetz said...

I notice that the word "obey" appears in at least some of the small rows. Interesting that it is outside "Code of Conduct." Do you thing there is a connection?

Anyway, it's a striking mural.

Anonymous said...

I've fallen in love with this color combination.

Alyson Burdette said...

Hi there, just wanted to let you know I got the photograph you sent me in the mail yesterday. It's a beautiful picture and opening it was so much fun! Thanks Dean :)

david said...

obey giant... oh public pop art thy name is sell out... [shepard fairey]

~ cheers....

JuJu said...

She is drop dead gorgeous! She also kind of reminds me of, "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo>?"

I wish I was exotic looking. I am so average, I make a "C" look thrilling.

Dean Grey said...

David Allen Waters!

Yes you do!



Glad it made you speechless!



"Obey" is the name of the artist who created this mural.

More can be found about him and his work here:


And here!



Isn't it great?



Thank YOU for the pics you sent me!



Maybe so, maybe not. But his work is rather amazing, no?



LOL at making a "C" look thrilling!


Thanks to all of you for chiming in on this!


Winter said...

OH! this is by shepard fairey right? amazing! sorry havn't been on much, school's mega busy. hope ur doing fine =)

sMacThoughts said...

The artist is Shepard Fairey and "Obey" was part of a sticker campaign he had started out with, which really had no strong meaning other than to perhaps make the audience react in some way. They are all over my city and cities all over the world, a stencil of wrestler Andre the Giant and the word "Obey", "Obey Giant" or just the word "Obey" . He may now be considered a 'sell out', but his work is so beautiful. I saw his last show here in my neighborhood a year ago, and was blown away to see the work up close (other than the graffiti and paste-ups I've seen for ever).

BosGuy said...

I love Shepard Fairey. He created a number of images similar to this through out my neighborhood a couple of years ago. I snapped some pics and posted them at the time. He's really an amazing talent.

Dean Grey said...


Yes, the artwork was done by Shepard Fairey.

So great hearing from you, Kiddo!



Thank you for the informative comment!



So agreeing with you!


I appreciate everyone's feedback here!