Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To thrive.

Thrive intr. v. 1. To make steady progress. 2. To flourish and grow vigorously.

They started out as a single cutting which I took from a stray morning glory vine growing in the lot next door and added to our garden.

Several years later it has COMPLETELY taken over every inch of space along the backyard fence!

Even though they can become a nuisance, I love flowering vines especially for their tenacity and ability to thrive in less than favorable conditions....and still manage to bloom. Good role models for living life.

Their abundant arrowhead leaves and rope-like vines looping every which way will eventually choke out this year's vegetable plants. But before pulling out the excess morning glories, I wanted to sketch some of them on this rainy Memorial Day weekend.

Can you spot the water damage from the raindrops?

This pen-and-ink sketch turned out so shitty I almost didn't want to post it here.

But it's been five long months since I did anything in my sketchbook and I felt very rusty coming back to it again. I try telling myself I just have to keep practicing, stretch my limits....and maybe one day I'll bloom too.


naturgesetz said...

I hadn't noticed the water damage until you pointed ot out, but not it's pretty obvious.

That's a pretty good metaphor. Another one would be not to let yourself be choked by some morning glory that tries to hinder your growth.

Can you also sketch some of the morning glories when the flowers are open and post it for us?

JuJu said...

You know how you're always posting pictures of signs on here, right? Well, how about this serving as a sign for you? THRIVING through it all. Just like you, my glittery friend!!

Anonymous said...

This was a beautiful post on your blog. Right now, you might just be a clipping, but you have potential to grow and thrive in life. I actually found your sketch beautiful. It's very nice.

Anonymous said...

Aahh but... you are already blooming! You're just noticing the ebbs and flows of the creative process... Your next piece might need that waiting period in order to properly incubate and be birthed in another few days... at least that's how I like to see it..!

bigmikesinphilly said...

Never stop stretching your limits. We are so much more than what we do. And I think the drawings great. thanks for sharing it.

Konkbonckles said...

Sure, I see water `damage`.. but a lot of it looks, to me, like intended shading to show damage or bruising or shading to the plant itself.
It's only the spots outside the drawing that look like 'damage'.

Dude, you're a good artist. And like most good-cum-great artists, you're down on yourself & your work - you're better than you think, and people can see your skill - but only if you share it.

Thank you for sharing the sketch.

Randuwa said...

Your drawing like your insight into flowering vines is amazing. Many people can draw. Few allow themselves the freedom to infuse what they draw with a freedom and a passion that sings. Within this image I can see the presence of your unique vision...a little Egon Schiele, a little Vincent van Gogh. Have you ever seen Ellsworth Kelly's drawings of leafs and fruit? You are just as talented as any of these fellow artists. Believe it!

Hollie said...

I really like this piece! Am loving the raindrop water marks, I think it brings more life to the page and any smudge marks just represent further the craft in your hands :)

Dean Grey said...


I like the idea of sketching the morning glories when they bloom and just might do that!






Why thank you!



Wise words from you!



Thank YOU for looking at it!



I will make sure to keep sharing my art!



Maybe one day I'll believe it too!



I kind of like the raindrop marks as well!


Everyone's comments are greatly appreciated!


Tammy's Studio said...

Morning Glory's grow wild as "weeds" where I live. They are beautiful though... Yet they do have a tendency to overtake everything. It's interesting to see something intertwine it's way around a blackberry vine too!

n.lea. said...

I LOVE this sketch! The water spots on it add to the beauty. I think it would look amazing if you added just a hint of color in the shaded areas.

Morning Glories are one of my favorite plants too. I am a fan of Ivy too. I love how they can turn a drab old grey wall or fence into something magical.

Ken Riches said...

I think the sketch looks great.

Dean Grey said...


Yep, they can easily fall into the weed category!



I agree with you, Nikki! Vines make a bare wall look soooo much better!



I'm glad you think so, sir!


Thanks to all of you!


Bill said...

Water spots never hurt anything. They just add another layer of depth. Great sketch if you ask me. :^)

Dean Grey said...