Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gotta. Go. Bad!

Something was amiss.

Rows of them were here, there, and just about everywhere!

They reminded me of a giant blue maze that's been disassembled and scattered about.

I'm talking about these.....

Holy crap! (no pun intended)

While walking around downtown before work, I spotted these porta-potties littered throughout Grant Park. They were for the Shamrock Shuffle which took place this past Sunday.

Lined up in front of trees, on the grass, near the sidewalk, and along Columbus Drive.

I've never seen so many johns in my life! I must've counted close to 250 of them! Those runners really must've had to PEE!

Buckingham Fountain obscured by urinals!

What caught my eye though was that they weren't just any blue. They were a Smurf blue! Oooooh!

And yes, I was the weirdo spending my free-time taking pictures of colored portable toilets.

Do I need a life or what?


naturgesetz said...

"And yes, I was the weirdo spending my free-time taking pictures of colored portable toilets."


Well, I suppose 250 is an awful lot, but it does kinda depend on how many people they were expecting. Every thousand gives 4 potential users per unit.

But they do have that "sticking out like a sore thumb" quality.

Aizat Hamdan said...


stanw said...

Weirdo, I don't think so, just a guy with a neat sense of humor, love it.

Sorry, gotta GO!

Anonymous said...

hahahah, I'm a bit speechless ;)

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh. Not because you're weird, but because you're RIGHT! They're a total smurf blue!
Nice puns, by the way!

Osterreich said...

Can I just say this blog got me through the day today? Every time I read it, I just get more and more excited about what’s next. Refreshing blog and brilliant ideas. I’m glad that I came across this when I did. I love what you’ve got to say and the way you say it.

Enele said...

Great. I wish I could see them, too ...

Writer Yogi said...

Enjoy the little things my man lol :)

BB said...

This event was that big? Like the million man march in DC? That's a lot of johns.

Liz said...

Smurf blue !!!! haha~ Never thought of it that way till you mentioned it ! xD

Ahaha. Nah. Taking pictures of colored portable toilets, well, that's what makes you YOU. Seeing what is normally unseen. The artsy side of you shows :D

I think that's AWESOME !!!! :P

Jaimie SKS said...

I gave you an award! :)



Nikki said...

They sure are beautiful. ;)

JuJu said...

Now, here's the question---were they used? Meaning, had they been used, and not taken away yet? Meaning, did they STINK?


GayHermit said...

In response to your question, no you don't need to get a life.
You have one already.
That life consists of doing things that are really creative, and that provide humor and a different prespective for those who don't look at the world like you do. Embrace your wierdness, as it is a really good quality to have.
(Being wierd and different are two qualities of mine that I am truly thankful for.)
I for one really appreciate your providing me with an occasional bright spot in a world that has, from my perspective, turned to a basic dark grey.
Thank you!
(The port-a-poties are Smurf Blue. ROTF-LMAO!!!)

Anonymous said...

What an interesting way to describe that color! "Smurf blue" I have to agree it is spot on indeed.

Nice pun, by the way..."Holy crap" indeed.

KR said...

I'm from New Zealand and in the earthquake affected city of Christchruch portaloos made crowds cheer. Also for a while people were getting rough and fighting over the amount of toilets that were taken to the richer suburbs and the lack of them in the poorer suburbs.

Toilets can bring joy and tears for more reasons than we could usually imagine! :D

Dean Grey said...


I heard there was some kind of celebration after the race ended so maybe that's the reason for so many porta-potties?



Glad you think so!



Awww, thanks!


David Allen Waters!




Smurfs rule!



What a wonderful compliment!



They were something to behold!



Ha ha


Bouncin' Barb!

I guess there were a lot of spectators expected. Better to have too many porta-potties than too few, right?



Thank you!!



I appreciate the award, Jaimie!



Yes, they are!



I actually took these pics the day BEFORE the race started.

They were actually being installed when I got there so for the most part they were clean, and, *gulp* unused!



You are so welcome!


The Girl In The Mirror!




Where would we be without toilets!


I appreciate everyone chiming in on this post!


Carol Nelson said...

Hi Dean!
Laughed at your "smurf blue porta potties". I think Golden should market a Smurf Blue.

Hey, through some oddity in the great blogosphere, I have been receiving all the comments to your post "Doing it right" .
Pathetic Prophet left this comment:
"Stop paying attention to all the reasons one can't make it. Two, live in the now and experience the exhilarating brilliance of the activity you're engaged in."

I would like to post that quote on my blog, but can't seem to contact with Pathetic Prophet.
I would like to ask permission to quote him. Do you know how to contact him?

Also, I'm so sorry you lost your job. Hopefully, "as one door closes, another opens."


Jaimie SKS said...

At least the brand of the port-o-potties is to the point. The main potties used around here are Honey Bucket. Sounds tasty, but really....ewwww.

Anonymous said...

You have a great talent of writing.Best of luck and keep going.And yes i have bookmarked your site explodingdoughnut.blogspot.com .

Mind Of Mine said...

What is the shamrock shuffle? Is it an Irish thing?

Dean Grey said...


Let me see if I can pass the message along!



LOL at "Honey Bucket"!



I appreciate that!


Mind Of Mine!

Click on the hyperlink to that post, Ian.

The Shamrock Shuffle is an annual race held in the springtime here in Chicago.

What is has to do with shamrocks I'll never know!


Thanks to all of you for stopping by!


Damien said...

What caught my eye though was that they weren't just any blue. They were a Smurf blue! Oooooh!

...Funniest blog comment ever :)

Dean Grey said...


Why thanks!


Unknown said...

This reminds me of a bank I use to work at that had to foreclose on a port-a-potty manufacturer. They aren't the easiest asset to dispose of. I wonder if they had a liquidation sale.

Dean Grey said...


Maybe they can be recycled?