Sunday, April 17, 2011


Yesterday was supposed to be my last day at work but it's not over just yet.

She gave me an interesting offer.

The store manager at the arts-and-crafts store asked if I wanted to be a cashier even though I expressed disinterest working on the floor.

She said I could always try it for a week then quit if I didn't like it.

Everyone I talked to said that sounded like a good idea so I agreed.

When I lost my job at the crafts store I assumed it was a sign to pursue my art but now this happened.

Is it fate keeping me there? Is it meant to be that I stay or go? Now I'm no longer sure.

There are still so many people out of work right now and to turn this down seems wrong. And the desire to live on my own has become too strong and I'll need the additional income if I'm to finally break away from family.

This will definitely eat into my free-time to create but for now my art gets pushed to the side yet again.

As I turned in my work keys for the last time, I felt relieved. Yesterday was the last deposit I'd do. No more putting up HUNDREDS of price activation labels or receiving shipments or balancing the change drawer or any of the many other responsibilities they gave to me.

I'm already getting anxious at the thought of working the registers and dealing DIRECTLY with the customers though.

But I will try.

Once again, while walking in between jobs, I saw this street sign and thought it summed up everything nicely.....


stanw said...

Hi there Dean,

Sounds like a good thing to stay and work the registers, I know it will stretch you to work directly with the customers (I know it would me for sure) but maybe it will work out good. Also that so many are out of work, it is good to take this opportunity. Sure hope it turns out favorably, will look forward to hearing more. Take good care.

sweet pea. said...

being a cashier really isnt that bad. the worst part of is the grouchy, rude customers. the rest of it is fun though.
at least it is at panera =P

Anonymous said...

whats the saying...when god shuts a door he opens a window :)

Kyna said...

I'm a floor manager with a large chain bookstore, that you could probably guess the name of if you tried. Ok, you could probably guess the name of it even if you didn't try.

Working directly with customers has merits. You'll always have great stories to tell over drinks or dinner. Trust me. It's more worth it than you think.

Bror said...

Yeah, give it a shot and see what happens. I like the sign.

Mike said...

Dean, Your post struck a chord with me and what I long for. As I'm embarking on my teaching career I wonder if I am going to be successful. I wonder what I will have to take on, whether or not I will be able to have just 1 job, whether I can really afford to move away from my family at the time. I commend you for realizing that to be able to be on your own you have to take on additional responsibilities- albeit not necessarily things you want to do. Good luck with the cashier position! Hopefully it does work out... or at least gives you some time to continue using your employee discount! hahaha

Liz said...

Well, you do what you think is best, and trust that THAT is what has been pre-planned for you by the Big Guy who knows best. :)

Things will work out. I'm sure :D

Anonymous said...

Dean, whatever you do, we'll all support you.

JuJu said...

Here's the deal---if you are walking down the street and you see a sign that makes any reference to painful injury or torture, HIDE FAST!

I also find it a bit amusing that the word, "wacker" is on this post. :-)

Enjoy the ride Dean!

BB said...

The fact that they offered you another position tells you they don't want to lose you. Does the new position let you keep your current salary and any benefits you might get? Ask them if you try it out and don't like will they still give you a pink slip so you can collect unemployment? And also ask them if a management position does open up, will you be first consideration? Put it in writing. Can you tell I've been in management ?? haha.

naturgesetz said...

Maybe you can fake feeling comfortable at the register, if you need to. But hopefully, you'll find that it's really okay to handle their transactions one at a time. Maybe if you think of them as other people who work at the store — their job is to unstock the shelves.

sMacThoughts said...

I'm happy for you. We all need jobs to be able to afford to do the things we love.... until we become VERY fortunate. Hopefully the day will come when we can all stop struggling, and quit the day jobs. But, back to this, it's a good thing!

Unknown said...

Good luck Dean! I work both in the back and front at my job, so I know both sides of the story. Some days, I love working with the people, others, I just want to chop their heads off.
Take it out on a canvas (of any type)if you need to relieve anger
You can do it :)


Dean Grey said...


I appreciate your support!


sweet pea!

The customers better not be mean to me!


David Allen Waters!




I hope you're right!



I'm giving it a shot!



May success find you and me both!



Time will tell if things work out!



Thanks for that!



"Wacker" is for Wacker Drive, silly!


Bouncin' Barb!

No, I think she gave me the cashier position because that's all she felt I could do.

Thankfully it's only 25-cent reduction in my salary since I was demoted and didn't actually apply off the street.

Oh, and all the new management positions have already been filled as part of the store's "restructuring".



I like the idea of dealing with each customer one person at a time instead of a line of people waiting for me to hurry up!



Hopefully ALL of us will become VERY fortunate, very soon!



Good idea. If I get too stressed out I'll express it in my Crazy Journal.


Everyone's thoughtful comments are greatly appreciated!


Konkbonckles said...

Hey Dean,

The first thing that came to my mind while reading your post was

"This is a test. Do you have the conviction to follow after your dream?"

I don't know the details of where you're at(financially & otherwise), so don't let my thoughts derail you from what you need to do to survive.
Your words just hit me as familiar.. because often enough, when I think I want to do something, some distraction or obstacle shows up to test my determination in doing the thing.

Anonymous said...

You're right. You are very blessed to have the opportunity to continue working cause other people don't even have that. All will come in its time .:)

Anonymous said...

Good luck Dean - I think you are already doing it!!!

Ken Riches said...

Hope it was a good week in the new position.

n.lea. said...

My dear sweet Dean, it is an oprotunity to try something new. I know that you don't do well with lots of people but you could strike up conversations about art with them as you are checking them out. This could be the best way to network and get YOUR art out there. Another great way to think about it is you do have something in common with them, You all are crafty cool people doing crafty cool stuff. ;) Be blessed my wonderful friend.

Dean Grey said...


Ah, but what kind of test is it?

One that sees if I follow my artistic goals OR one that sees what I'm made of and if I can thrive at the arts-and-crafts store?

What if there's still lessons for me to learn there?



I'm blessed to be working!



Yes, I think I am doing it but maybe don't feel it since I'm in the middle of it.



My first week as a cashier was STRESSFUL but I made it through!



That's true, Nikki. I'll be interacting with other artists and crafters!


Thanks to all of you for the encouraging words!