Monday, March 7, 2011


Cutthroat adj. 1. Relentless, merciless, and ruthless in competition.

Shame on them.

They've essentially pitted us against each other.

I wish the arts-and-crafts store handled the transition in a different way.

In my previous blogpost, I mentioned that the well-known crafts store I work at is "restructuring" the entire staff.

Certain key positions will no longer exist while new consolidated ones will take their place.

The way Corporate set it up is that all of us will lose our positions, making us have to apply and vie for the openings we want. We can even go after someone else's old job too. How that fosters a healthy work environment I'll never know.

My position was originally split between two people. That's no longer so and now I must compete against the fellow coworker who shared my job. The same person that would help me on days I'd fall behind.

I apologized in advance for applying for the same position as her. She has kids and needs the job so I feel guilty for potentially taking it from her.

The store manager is going to interview each of us in the coming weeks and decide who goes where. I'll have to prove why I'm the best one for the job. I didn't list any alternatives so if I don't get picked for the new, one-person position I'm assuming I'd be let go.

By mid-April I'll learn my fate!


BB said...

This does suck, though it's not uncommon in some large corporations. Some places each year make the employees apply for their own jobs over and over. That way they don't have to give bigger raises if you haven't met your potential. Stupid if you ask me as mutiny and backstabbing are real poison in the workplace. Good luck.

thormoo said...

I have been through more corporate re-structuring with the Office Furniture Co. I worked for before I retire in 2005. They were brutal and each time we all waited on the appointed day to see who security came to get to escort from the they were criminals and not folks that had given the best working years of their lives to that company.

I have to say that the scenario you describe seems even god how awful to have to go "head to head" with a co-worker who you obviously have a good relationship with.

Perhaps these re-structuring are unavoidable in this new business age, even so there must be a more humane way of doing this.

Best wishes with your situation and many prayers/good vibes!


Shorty Farrell said...

I think that you shouldnt feel guilty about the girls job that you may be potentally taking because if you work for it and work at it then its survival of the fittest

Mind Of Mine said...

It's a very common practice and It prevents people becoming complacent. It helps identify those who are still motivated to do the job.

But I still think you should quit!

naturgesetz said...

I hope it comes out well for both of you.

Meanwhile, if you need the money this job is giving you, it's probably time to polish your resume and start looking for something suitable so you'll be ready if they let you go. Who knows, you might even find something you like better and be able to withdraw your application at the crafts store!

JuJu said...

What a horrible situation for all of you.

I subscribe to the theory that things happen for a reason, but this sure is a poopy thing to happen.

Stick to your beliefs and morals, and the right thing will happen for you.

Cat said...


Cynthia said...

I love reading your blog. I, too, have no idea if I will have a job - I am a teacher - and I, too, will learn my fate in the coming months. But, I encountered an idea lately, that has made me completely change my perspective, and I thought I might share - take it or leave it.
I am learning I HAVE to live in the now. I do not know what will happen in the morrow. I could be killed in a car accident next month. I might not lose my job after all. No amount of worry or lack thereof will not change the outcome. But I can change how I look at things now. I can choose to look at life at present and enjoy the sheer joy of just being able to breathe, to appreciate the fluttering leaves, to create or not, to enjoy today for all its good and bad...or not. Without some pain in this life, we might not ever be urged to change our own ways or direction.
So, my advice to you is this - not that you asked for it - enjoy the moment. Do what you have to for the moment. If you really want that job, apply. If it was meant to be, then you will, again, walk the isles of the store. If not, then perhaps you just might be granted a rare freedom that will allow you to truly explore your creativity and see the stuff you're really made of. Best of luck to you.

Mona Diane Conner said...

Cut-throat indeed Dean, but don't let it get to you. If you don't get the position, hopefully it only means there will be something better elsewhere for you.

Melancholy State said...

Yep, blame it on a world where "reality tv" is the in thing, and people thrive on ugly behavior.

I'm sorry you and your co workers are all having to go through this and hope for the best for all of you.

n.lea. said...

Oh Sweet Dean,
That is horrible. I am so sorry. I know you both have to be worried about the future now. Just know that things always work out the way that they should.
You are in my prayers dear friend

Writer Yogi said...

My goodness. How stressful! That's terrible. I'm practically speechless.

swb said...

Sorry to hear, Dean. I've been laid off in the corporate world several times. It's never any fun. But sometimes the changes thrust upon you help you grow.

Randuwa2 said...

I just found out today that my job is safe for another year...there was a lot reasons why I spent weeks imagining otherwise. I hate the place you are in and wish I could make it otherwise.

stanw said...

Definitely a strange way of restructuring. You were so kind to apologize to her, I sure would have felt the same way in that peculiar situation. Hoping you will get a position which would be even better than the one you presently have. They're merciless for sure.

Stand strong my friend.

Rachel Ott said...

That's terrible. I hope it works out for both of you.

Anonymous said...

Oh look! I get to be the first with a comment! *throws confetti*
Best of luck to you. I'm sure you'll stay. Just keep that mentality, it gives the confidence you need.
Good luck.

R. Burnett Baker said...

After nearly 30 years in retail, I've seen it all. When Circuit City pulled similar BS several years ago I gave them 18 months til Chapter 11. It took 16. For their greedy, immoral treatment of their employees, I never set foot in one of their stores again.

I spent 24 years at Pier 1. From 1996 onwards they initiated purges of tenured, talented, "overpaid" employees about every two or three years. It worked! They replaced loyalty with lower paid teams, and nearly went bankrupt two years ago.

And now to hear about a craft store I just spent nearly $800 on framing, well, I'll be heading to the nearest competitor from now on. The upper management in these corporations are borderline criminals. They're certainly immoral in their approach to employees.

You're talented, Dean. If I were you I'd be actively searching for new opportunities.

I'd better stop now, 'cause I get really really P/O'd about these issues. I wish you the best, but I sincerely hope you seek new horizons. Life's too short to dedicate your time and efforts to these dividend chasing, thieves.


Anonymous said...

Oh...that is harsh. Darn this economic down turn! I'm sorry, I hate when things get like this.
Good luck...

bK said...

That's so mean of management! You make a strong and valid point about how this move doesn't foster a healthy work environment.

Are there other jobs that you could take besides at this arts-and-crafts store? It might be tough trying to get a new job, but it might also provide a chance to find a better workplace. You know more about this situation more than I do, but I'm just wondering.

david said...

welcome to the real world....

Kristen's Paintings said...


A. J. Wisteria said...

If by "restructuring" your employers mean "pitting employees in a gladiatorial-like fight for old positions", they have a rather sick sense of humor. Agreed, they should have handled this better. Good luck... :/

ilduce said...

MAN! Only corporate America would relabel "Your fired or screwed or both" as "New opportunities" Sorry Dean & good luck!

jason said...

competition is overrated, I least with other people.
Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers for you.

Dean Grey said...

Bouncin' Barb!

I guess I didn't realize how common it was until it happened to me!



Yeah, competing against fellow coworkers for the same job is going to be the hard part.


Shorty Farrell!

I understand where you're coming from but I still feel guilty about it.


Mind Of Mine!

I won't quit, Ian. The only way I'll be out of there is if they let me go.



I've been looking for employment elsewhere since the first week I started at the arts-and-crafts store....and that was six months ago!

I only had one interview back in December but wasn't picked for the job.




As my mom said, "If it's meant to be, then it's meant to be."



Thanks for the hug!



But what happens when the "now" I'm currently living in is lonely, sad, and stifling?

Who'd want to stay in that?



I'll try not letting it all get to me but I'm afraid it's too late.


C. Alvarez!

Thanks for thinking about the rest of my coworkers!



"Just know that things always work out the way that they should."

I hope you're right about that, Nikki!



It's definitely stressful!



Time will tell how much growing I do, Sean!



I'm glad your job is secure for another year, Randy!



I will try to stand strong!



Yes, let's hope so!



Sorry dear. You weren't the first person to comment on this post.

I still appreciate you just the same!



R. Burnett Baker!

You know exactly what I'm going through, Rick!


She Who Shall Not Be Named!

Thanks, I'll need all the luck I can get!



Brody, I've been looking for employment elsewhere with little success.

I'm kind of stuck at this job until another one comes along!



It's not very fun, is it?





A. J. Wisteria!

I think Corporate didn't take into consideration how all of us would feel about competing against each other.



Yeah, it'll be "new opportunities"....just not for me!



Competition has its time and place, just not in the least not in this way!


Everyone's supportive words are very much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I laughed really hard when I saw how many people commented before me. Sorry! When I did comment, there were no comments there. I forgot you have to approve them. Oops!

Dean Grey said...


You big ding-a-ling!



charmngbilly said...

in photo, pointing to best spot to kiss a boy. well, one of 'em. ;)

Dean Grey said...


It's been a while since I've been kissed there.



Unknown said...

Ha ha at charmingbilly'a comment.

I think companies are even more screwed up today, unfortunately.

Dean Grey said...


That's true for the companies only focused on sales and money.