Thursday, March 3, 2011


The news left me in a stupor. Unsure. Frustrated. Disappointed.

During a mandatory staff meeting this past weekend, we learned there will be significant "changes" at the arts-and-crafts-store I work at.

We were given the spiel about driving sales and increasing store profits but at our expense. Apparently higher paid positions will be eliminated or consolidated....including mine!

And while the store manager phrased it as "restructuring" and there being "new opportunities", a number of us will end up becoming bottom-paying cashiers or out of a job.

Something seems terribly wrong to me when this well-known chain touts expansion and growth yet doesn't look after the employees working for them.

I guess I'll find out in the weeks ahead if I'm still employed there or not and part of the store's new changes.


Two weeks ago Lake Michigan was unmoving and frozen. Its slick surface splintered and creaked, the water underneath demanding to be free from its icy prison.

The lake this afternoon in Chicago.

I went to the lakefront earlier today to clear my head and the water was alive and frothing.

What was thick sheets of ice now was fluid and churning.

My, in such short amount of time how everything changes.....


Randuwa2 said...

Dare I say it? -- Republican Economics.... Heartless. Where is the national discussion of our collective situation and how to best prioritize difficult options?

Love, r.

Mike said...

Sorry to hear that, Dean! :::Hug::: Hopefully things get better :)

Cat said...

That news makes me angry for you! Wow...and to do that in a staff meeting versus a one-on-one meeting is really heartless. I say fight for your position!!

And hey, the eternal optimist in me wants me to tell you that maybe this will force another (better) opportunity for you to the surface.

Best of luck!!

naturgesetz said...

Yep. Change is the rule of existence on this planet, and in this universe.

Here's hoping you will still have a job when the restructuring has taken place.

Melancholy State said...

I will hold you and your job in my prayers. Maybe this is God's way of telling you it's time to look for something that will bring you more peace.

JuJu said...

Well, crap.
Do you continue there if your position is changed? Do you want to leave?

Maybe the river breaking through the ice serves as a message to you showing you that this is the chance for you to "break out?"

Writer Yogi said...

I hope you keep your job! Where you work is following the trend of America's education plan. If you don't do well, we will take things away, if you do well, we will give you more. Maybe it's just me, but it makes no sense. Hopefully, whatever the outcome, you will come out in top in some way, whether its with this some (or one better! ;) )

Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well with the "changes" whatever they may be.
Your epilogue reminded me of my own life and how, just recently, my life seems to be playing out in two week chunks of massive change. All it takes is two weeks for your life to change in both scary and exciting ways. Here's to hoping that your next two are on the exciting side. - G

Aya_sama said...

It really sucks to hear that. I hope everything turns out to be in your favor.

Anonymous said...

life is change...its scary but true....sometimes all we can do is hold on and try to enjoy the ride.

BB said...

I'm sorry to hear this Dean. I've been through 2 layoffs and had to also be one doing layoffs. It's a bad economy out there and the fact that you're lasted this long is amazing. I pray you're able to hold onto the job. Life certain can change on a dime can't it?

LightChaser said...

You guys need a union so you can be treated like human beings instead of excess inventory.

Dean Grey said...


Heartless? I'm not sure. But I definitely think they could've handled the situation a lot better.



Thanks for the hug. I need one right about now.



The main problem is now everyone in the store can go after anyone else's job. So I literally have to compete against any coworker that wants my position.



I can always count on change, huh?


C. Alvarez!

Thank you for the prayers!



I definitely hate that job and have always wanted to quit but financially could not afford to do so.

Since we all will lose our titles that means I lose my job. If I want that position back, I have to reapply for it. But the manager may give it to someone else who applied for it instead.



Only time will tell!



So much can happen in two weeks!





David Allen Waters!

I'm holding on!


Bouncin' Barb!

I was laid off all last year from my city job. I hope I don't have to go on unemployment yet again.




I couldn't agree more, Dave! I wish we had a union to protect our jobs!


Everyone's supportive words mean a lot!


JuJu said...

I want to believe that this is the universe helping you move away from a situation that makes you unhappy.

I'm going with that, and I'm hoping for the BEST for you.

Ken Riches said...

Hope the tide comes in for you.

Anonymous said...

My, Dean, you sure have a way with words. I, unfortunately do not.
I can only say that I'm terribly sorry, I really am.
Best of luck to you,

Mind Of Mine said...

Dean, in a way I hope you do get fired. That place makes you so miserable and its counter productive to the internal struggle you face everyday just to be happy.

That negative environment is not good for you. Remember what I told you about just doing something spontaneous and saying 'to hell with the consequences'.

If I could go over there and just show you how much potential being responsibility free has for you.

Your tied to all these things, places and people and sometimes you just need to escape. Even just for a day.

Call in sick, take a day, just get a taste, baby steps if you will.

I worry about you so much sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! Best of luck to you! I'll send you good job/economy vibes! My only job is school so I can't really be laid off... I feel lucky.

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Dean--I hope you're able to keep your job--and you're right about change, it does happen pretty steadily!

ian said...

i've been to a few company meetings that sounded like this. a lot of talk about needing to sell more combined with the group threats they make when no one in particular did anything wrong. when bullying is the only motivational technique they know i can't respect them as managers. the day i quit my last job a few years ago was one of the happiest days of my life. but still, every time i'm reminded that the world revolves around money, there's a part of me that just wishes i wasn't human.

at least you have art. i feel like a lot of people leave it up to hollywood to bleed out their pain and manifest their dreams for them. you can do that for yourself. they're chasing money, you're chasing happiness.

Dean Grey said...


Let's hope you're right!



I hope so too!



I appreciate the support!


Mind Of Mine!

A part of me secretly hopes to get fired too, Ian.


She Who Shall Not Be Named!

Thank you!



It's always nice seeing you here!



But do I really have my art if I'm always too busy with with work and there never seems to be enough time?


Thanks to all of you for the kind comments!


Robert Jarvis, MBA said...

The good news is "I really do like that photo". A walk on Lake Shore Park Distric always clears my head too!

Dean Grey said...


The lake must have healing properties, huh?


Anonymous said...

That photo is gorgeous... Makes me want to visit the US! :)

Dean Grey said...


Well what are you waiting for?

The US (and Chicago) would love to have you stop by!