Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Oil slick in the snow


naturgesetz said...

Beautiful! An explosion of colors!

I'm reminded of the name of one of the "sponsors" of the "Lives of the Cowboys" skits on "A Prairie Home Companion" — the Rainbow Motor Oil Company.

R. Burnett Baker said...

It's almost like an aura, or sunset, or sunrise. (or Don King's hair??!!) LOL! I don't think I've ever seen an oil slick on snow. It's interesting and beautiful, yet somehow disconcerting that something as pristine as snow is sullied by something as vital (yet vilified) as oil.

Made me think, Dean!


Stephanie said...

It's so weird how beautiful an oil slick is. This reminds me of the northern lights when you have the snow there too. =]

robertga99 said...


Melancholy State said...

wow, that really is pretty. Who would have thought oil could be pretty?

JuJu said...

This is totally from left field, but when I look at this, I think Hawaii.

I know, I know. I need to lay off the hallucinogenics.

katy said...


Unknown said...

I'm liking these wordless Wednesdays. Am I ruining it by speaking?

This particular one looks a lot like a window, splattered with the blood of a rainbow.

Anonymous said...

Amazing my friend how you capture such beauty in the everyday :)

Dean Grey said...


"An explosion of colors" is very fitting here!



I like the idea of it looking like an aura!



I never thought about the oil slick resembling the northern lights until you mentioned it!



I think so too, Bob!


C. Alvarez!




Ha ha. I could see that with all the tropical colors that are present.



Glad you think so!



No, the comments actually enhance Wordless Wednesdays in my opinion!

"...splattered with the blood of a rainbow."

Ooooh, so dark yet so cool sounding!


David Allen Waters!



All of your comments on this photo are greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

you should have not said what it was.
it was way more interesting before i read the header :)

Randuwa2 said...

Another example of your keen eye!

K.C. said...

Whenever I think of oil on concrete, I always think of just pitch black goop. This was a nice surprise. :)

You really have an eye for beauty.


Kansas City News said...

Great photo - way to get on "Blogs of Note" on Google! Congrats :)

Nadya Avila Chant said...

Love this photo! Would you mind if one of these days I wrote an ekphrastic poem about one of your photos or paintings for my blog? I would, of course, include credits and a link to your blog.

Meowlissa said...

So beautiful!

Dean Grey said...

i'm a superhero i can like fly and shit!

I'd be afraid no one would get the picture without a title!






I appreciate that, Kenny!


Kansas City News!

Thank you!



Go for it!

Just be sure and let me know what you create, okay?





Thanks to everyone for their feedback here!


Unknown said...

This reminds that the sunsets in my hometown were more beautiful because of some of the chemicals burned off at the oil refineries in the next town - a strange phenomenon.

Dean Grey said...


Sounds unhealthy but beautiful!