Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crumbling into joy.

It was proudly displayed on the family Christmas tree this past December.

Fellow blogger, Randy, had made seahorse ornaments for all of his friends during the holidays and was kind enough to mail me one a couple months back.

Here it is!

Look at that button eye!

I LOVE the attention to detail, the carefully stitched fabric, and the craftsmanship. Truly a work of art!

I knew I had to give something equally as special in return.

Randy is the one who bought and owns the painting "Crumbling" which I did over a year ago.

A little-known fact is that I saved the original leaf used as a reference for that painting, never quite knowing what to do with it and not wanting to throw it out.

The original leaf.....

So I decided to paint it and send it to Randy!

I gave the withered leaf a new chance at life. It has been transformed and now I call it "Joy"!

Acrylic paint on a maple leaf - (NFS)

The front was loaded with bright splashes of paint and then I embellished the colorful surface with swirls of metallic pen.

Wanting to keep the backside simple yet just as festive, I covered it completely with green glitter.

Glitter makes everything better!

It became a divine opportunity to turn something which at one time represented pain into something positive.

Thanks again, Randy! May the leaf bring you JOY!


n.lea. said...

Dean, I absolutely love it! I love the green glitter, you are right glitter does make everything better. The color choices on the other side, just perfect! I wish I were as creative as you.


sweet pea. said...

"glitter makes everything better"

naturgesetz said...

You are so thoughtful and kind!

Andytgeezer said...

A lovely transformation Dean!

M said...

Hi My name is Marilee. I found you blogs of note. Congrats. I have been following you for a little while now. I do love some of your work, to say I love your work would be flattery and show that I did not interview it. This seahorse you recieved is GLORIOUS. Thank you for sharing it. I am going to Randy page. I believe it may be as much of an adventure as your's proved to be.

Kev D. said...

"Glitter makes everything better!" is a really nice motto to live by.

Seriously, when does glitter NOT help?

BB said...

I love that you did that with the leaf. Amazing.

Stephanie said...

You're beyond thoughtful! I love the design on the front. And yes, glitter is better. =]

Melancholy State said...

Aww, how sweet! Glitter does make everything better! Hmmm....maybe I should cover ME in glitter!

Ok, maybe not. Love the seahorse too, what a cute idea.

Carolyn Lackey said...

Wow! That is amazing!

Nikki said...

Wow, that is just amazing! It must have been hard to paint something as fragile as a leaf without it ripping or tearing. I wish I could do something like that. You sir, inspire me.

Chris and Nikki said...

If I tried to paint a leaf, it would look like a 5 year old did it - you do amazing work!

JuJu said...

Both are absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful gift you both gave each other.

Dean Grey said...


I'm glad you think so, Nikki!


sweet pea!










I'm glad you found me!


Kev D.!

Glitter rules, Kevin!


Bouncin' Barb!




The swirls are really subtle but they added that certain something to the front of the leaf IMHO.


C. Alvarez!

"Glitter people" would be the most awesome people around!







It was a challenge for me too as the leaf was already dried and quite old.

A good trick is to soak the leaf in water beforehand to rehydrate it, gently pat it dry, then paint a primer coat while it's still a bit moist.

That should work!


Chris and Nikki!

I'm sure yours would look fine. It's the thought that counts, right?



Randy's gift was AMAZING!


I appreciate everyone's kind words here!


Kara Hoag said...

This looks absolutely amazing! thanks for the advice on how to paint the leaf!

visions unto myself

Randuwa said...

Dear All, The beauty of this work of art is stunning. I was so surprised by it when it arrived. Thank YOU, Dean!

Jackdaw said...

It's so nice to see that there are still people in this world who like giving better than they like receiving gifts, and really work to create original gifts.

Nadya Avila Chant said...

Beautiful. Your blog always makes me smile. And yes, glitter DOES make everything better! :)

Dean Grey said...





You are quite welcome!



Awww, that's sweet of you to say!



Your comment made ME smile!


Thanks to all of you for chiming in on this post!


DynamiteJ said...

I totally loved the effects ! I have to try :D nice job !

Dean Grey said...


Definitely give it a try!