Sunday, February 6, 2011

Buying myself flowers.

My eyes welled up while shelving paintbrushes and varnish at the arts-and-crafts store I work at.

It must be that time of year because the playlist on the store's speakers played one fucking love song after another NON-STOP....the really depressing ones!!

I wanted to find a stiff piece of card stock in scrapbooking and slit my wrists! Oh gawd!

While talking with a coworker the other day, I mentioned it won't be much of a Valentine's Day for me this year.

"You should do something for yourself," she urged. "Treat yourself this year."

That advice stuck with me and I decided since I don't have anyone special to give me flowers that I would buy myself some!

Here's my newly-acquired bouquet of white and lime-green Japanese Spider Mums.....


I couldn't take my eyes off the blooms once I got them home today.

You don't see these that often and the color combination goes so well with the intense red vase I bought to put them in, wouldn't you say?

Close-up spider-mum action!!

Maybe one day I'll meet that special someone who will bring me roses and parrot tulips and lilies so I won't have to be the one buying myself flowers.



Liz said...

Ah yes. Being single in February is not very fun. Maybe I'll buy myself some flowers, too.

Meowlissa said...

OK best flowers ever. And you should treat yourself! You get even more points for saying "Parrot Tulips". Just sayin'.

Mind Of Mine said...

Maybe one day I'll meet that special someone who will bring me roses and parrot tulips and lilies so I won't have to be the one buying myself flowers

Maybe one day you will feel more comfortable embracing solitude.

FYI - You deserve those flowers and so much more....

K.C. said...

I'll be buying myself flowers this Valentine's Day as well. I'm glad you were able to cheer yourself up a bit though with those flowers. :)

I'm sure somewhere in the future a special guy will come around. Until then, love yourself by treating yourself to nice things. :)

JuJu said...

These flowers are gorgeous! And, I'm sure you will meet the ONE. And, even when you do, don't ever stop buying flowers for yourself. It's an investment in your happiness.
I think that's a pretty good investment.

naturgesetz said...

Frankly, since you asked, the lime green in those flowers does nothing for me. But of course what matters is that you like them.

We single guys do have to develop the habit of treating ourselves to things when there is nobody else to do it.


Anonymous said...

`sigh` I wish for the same....but until that happens, looks like this yr I'll be taking a page from your book and buying my own flowers and chocolates :) Brilliant idea...


Unknown said...

You did a great job treating someone I adore very much. I apologize for not having extra $ to treat you or I would. You'll have to settle for some cyber hugs and kisses for now.
(((hugs)))) XXXX

Unknown said...

Hooray for special gifts to ourselves! I always feel good after spoiling myself. And those spider-mums are so awesome! I don't think I've ever seen them in green before :)
And who needs a commercialized holiday to say "I love you"... I also hate this time of year because it's pointless.

Kyna said...

We all have dreams of that special someone bringing us flowers for no reason.

It's a shame I love my husband so much. Because that dream will never come true. :P

Awesome flowers!

The Cool Cookie said...

The New Adventure of Spider Mums!

n.lea. said...

those are beautiful! great taste. I have never seen spider mums before. I am a die hard tulip fan. Any kind of tulip. Those and Lilacs are my faves. :)

azviatx said...

When you buy something for yourself, at least you know the gratitude is genuine!

stanw said...

Good choice, the flowers and vase make a simply awesome combination! Sometimes ya' just gotta treat yourself (of course it would be preferable if it was via someone special, agree). Keep your eyes open, you just never know who might walk into your life :)

Marty said...

The flowers really are beautiful :-)

bK said...

Aww *hugs*

Ooo, pretty flowers. What type of camera do you use? The pictures are quite clear.

When I saw the flowers, I first noticed that the window was red rather than the vase. Lots of lovely complementary colours.

Liz said...

It's okay. Valentine's Day is about love, and I always believe that love for oneself is equally important (of course, in healthy doses :P)

So, seriously, treat yourself this year. Love yourself. Don't let it get to you :D

Or show some random person some love ! :)

Dean Grey said...





I LOVE parrot tulips!! (They didn't have them for sale though so I got the spider-mums instead).


Mind Of Mine!

Ian, I've embraced solitude long enough. How many years need to go by?

I'm tired of being alone ALL the time.



Let's hope you're right, Kenny!



"It's an investment in your happiness."

I like that way of looking at it!



The thing I liked most about the lime green color was that it complimented the red vase I bought, and plus, how often do you see green flowers?

So cool!


David Allen Waters!

I forgot the chocolates!



Thanks for the cyber hugs and kisses!



Yeah, I've only seen spider-mums in yellow and white. Never green. That's why I just had to get them!



Tell your husband to read this post!



Ask the Cool Cookie!

Ha ha ha



Nikki, spider-mums aren't too common. I got these at a high-end grocery store and even then they're pretty hard to come by.



Very true, Tina!



My eyes are open!



Yes they are!



Brody, I use an old Canon Powershot camera which I bought used on eBay like four years ago!

And yes, the window frame is painted an old dingy red. Hopefully the red of the vase still shows through in the picture.


Liz ^^!

Wise words from you, girl!


I appreciate everyone's support here!


LightChaser said...

A high-end grocery store! What are you doing there? Do you have a taste for exotic French cheeses? Perhaps you collect boutique Italian olive oils? Or do you hunt there for handmade salamis?

Whatever it is, I hope you also take time to flirt with the customers and staff.

GayHermit said...

Something to consider (maybe).
I have found that I like being alone, but have also found that being lonely is much harder to deal with. (The lonely part is what fluctates on a day-to-day basis for me.)
Maybe think about where the distinction between the two is for you?
{Yeah. Valentine's day always dredges this crap up. Fun times. Not.}
Thanks for all the positive and inspirational images!

nool said...

never knew what a spider mum was, thanks for the enlightenment

Dean Grey said...


Dave, there's a Whole Foods near work so I stopped in there to buy a couple houseplants (of all things) in their floral department.

I saw the flowers and couldn't resist!

And no, it's always way too crowded in there for my tastes. I usually just go in, get what I want, then get out as fast as I can.



Things to ponder!

Sometimes being alone and being lonely feel like one in the same, but I guess they are very different entities.

But with that said, I'm both alone and lonely!



Spider-mums rule!


Thanks to all of you!


Anonymous said...

Valentine's Day is SUCH a Hallmark holiday, and as much as I detest having to feel obligated to do something for the one I love, I do it anyway.

But yes, you MUST always do something for yourself, even if you are not with someone at the moment. People always think they need a holiday or a special occasion to celebrate. Why not just celebrate because it's a Tuesday? Life is too short to rely on a date on the calendar. Go out and get yours!

You are a Valentine to me and your blog pals!

swb said...

the lime green is pretty awesome

Dean Grey said...


Corey, I declare the day after every Monday to be "Terrific Tuesdays!"


I like the idea of celebrating for no real reason other than because I can and should!



Green is my favorite color, Sean!


I appreciate both of you gentlemen stopping by!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Dean... you did the exact right thing. Those are beautiful flowers and you are a beautiful soul. Today is today, but who knows what grace and joy lie in wait for us in the future?

BTW - I gave my notice :) :) :) :) :) :)

Dean Grey said...


Let's hope GREAT things are in store for the both of us!


Unknown said...

I was dating two years ago and bought my guy a red and white boquet with roses, carnations, and mums. He cried because it was the first time any boyfriend gave him flowers. We broke up the following summer. It hurt, but we had such different interests. It's another lonely Valentine's Day this year.

Dean Grey said...


I have yet to have a man buy me flowers. Usually I'm the one that ends up buying them for the other person.


It will be a lonely Valentine's Day for me too, sir.