Sunday, February 27, 2011

Answering my call!

When the days are long and I'm feeling worn out, sad, and friendless, the heartfelt gifts of art make me smile.

On my way from one job to the next it's something to look forward to.

What wonderment will be waiting for me this time?

Last month I asked all of you to mail creative items to my P.O. Box....and you did just that!

Here's a small sampling of what I got.....


So far I've received postcards, Mail Art, a poem, black and white photography, mini paintings, a handmade bookmark, and even a bandana! (Still no x-rated pics though. Drat!)

I'm going to try my hardest to send everyone something in return. Thanks in advance for your patience.

If anyone else is interested in joining in on the fun here's my address:

Dean Grey
P.O. Box 804602
Chicago, IL. 60680-4602

Anything from you will do!

To all of you who have sent me something, YOU RULE, to everyone else....what are you waiting for!


bK said...

Pretty colours! That's so fun!

What am I waiting for? I'm waiting for something bulky to build up, and then I'll send it to you. Just kidding :P.

Anonymous said...

i see andy's east meets west in there!
i'll add you into my 'to send' list
and try to make you something x-rated for

and thanks for introducing me to the
wonderful world of mail art!
it's really brought my creativity to
new levels!

Bear Mark said...

I am one of the lazy ones, but will let you know your request has gotten me thinking on what to make and send. Thanks for that gift! So know you are making a difference in other peoples lives!

It also warms my heart to hear that people did respond with such wonderful gifts and treasures. In this day and age we need to be reminded of how many great, creative, giving, and simply fantastic people there are out there!


Anonymous said...

How awesome, I must have missed this the first go round...I'll see what I can come up with :)

JuJu said...

Look how pretty they all look there together. Lots of individual art makes one big fun piece of art.

And we all get to enjoy!

Dean Grey said...


Brody, your initials "BK" must stand for "Bulk King"!



i'm a superhero i can like fly and shit!

Something x-rated? Hooray!


Bear Mark!

I'm glad this post got you inspired and your creative juices flowing!


David Allen Waters!




I wish I had room to show what everyone sent me!


All of your comments are greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I get mail in my P.O. box just like that I swear! I even have one that has music on it (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds) Amazing! I looked at it and thought, "Oh look! That's my mail! No, wait..."

raveninthewolfden said...

I have just added you to my "inspire me blogs" I seriously have sifted through SO many posts of yours, its unreal. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I remember when I first moved to Chicago and was friendless and had multiple dead-end jobs, writing in my journal was my savior. You're very talented.

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful envelopes.

Dean Grey said...

She Who Shall Not Be Named!

Well if you get mail like mine then you are one lucky girl!


...with ♥, SB!

Thank YOU for reading my posts!


the xanax diary!


Are you still in Chicago now?



Yes they are!


Thanks to everyone for chiming in here!


Writer Yogi said...

I just found your blog a day or so ago. I am really excited to start reading it. I can relate to you a least from the little I have read so far. I am a creative writing major finishing up school. I've been job searching and have the feeling I will end up with a job just to get by. I am actually starting my own blog, and aspire to start a book club too. Online and/or in person which would be great. I saw you sent a gift to a blogger in despair, that's really nice! Anyway, I plan to follow you and I'm excited to see where I can go in blogging as well! xoxo ~ Chelle

Dean Grey said...


Welcome to the blogging community!


martha miller said...

oooooooweeeee - i see my postcard in that pile - now i need to send you one of my mailheads! :^D

Anonymous said...

I am lucky I love mail! Who doesn't though?

Dean Grey said...


Yep, I got Mail Art from you and your two grandsons!


She Who Shall Not Be Named!

Yay for mail and for Mail Art!


I appreciate you both stopping by!