Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - World Gym


naturgesetz said...

This is fascinating. I'm trying to match the extended reflections in the water with what's above. The white clearly corresponds to the white lights near ground level, the blue to the O's, and the red to the other letters (surprisingly, since the letters themselves appear yellow with maybe a red fringe). But the yellow on the water seems to come from blank, dark spaces. There must be interior lights that it reflects.

But even before I start to analyze it, it is a striking picture.

david said...

world gym... ever go inside?

~ cheers...

ps.. great photo btw..

Melancholy State said...

that is so pretty. I take it the o's are globes? The colors on the water are very nice.

BTW posted a fuller version of the "closet" incident. Waiting to see if my sister pops on with more info, because I'm sure her version of it will be a bit different than mine.

JuJu said...

This is as close as I like to get to a gym.

Great shot!

suzanneberry said...

are you sure this isn't a painting? been missing you and hope all is well. mail art, suzanne. mail art.

Unknown said...

Reflections on water are definitely some of my favorite photos. In Alaska I practice with lakes and mountains, but the lights on this body of water are beautiful! Look at all that red!
Completely beautiful, Dean. Keep up the amazing shots.

Dean Grey said...


Analyzing the pic(s) is what makes Wordless Wednesday that much more interesting, so thanks for that!

You are correct. The letters were outlined by a noticeable red, which shows up in the water.

The yellow you're seeing?

There were three yellow spotlights on the building's rooftop which shined down onto the Chicago River. That is what you see.



I never went inside....yet!

I'd rather draw and paint than lift weights and exercise!


C. Alvarez!

The o's are meant to be the shape of the planet earth, hence the name "World Gym"!



Ha ha, I know what you mean!



It's most definitely a photograph! I took it on my late night after work earlier this week.

But yes, the water definitely has a painterly feel to it!



I bet your Alaskan shots look amazing!


Thanks to everyone for their feedback on this photograph!


n.lea. said...

oh how beautiful. I love the starkness of the reds and yellows against the darkness.

Randuwa said...


Unknown said...

I was just checking out your page, and so far I'm loving it. Very real and vulnerable. Can't wait to see more.

jason said...

beautiful! It looks like a watercolor.

Anonymous said...

Just a single word- PRETTY.

Dean Grey said...


Nikki, yep, the black of the water makes these colors 'pop'!



I'm glad you think so, Randy!



I'm glad you found me!



It does, doesn't it?



Thank you!


I appreciate all of your comments!


C. said...

The colours are lovely. The image has this element of making everything come alive as though the darkness is illuminated and transfixed by the beauty presented by the distinct reflections on the water.

VicToria said...

the black of the water makes the colors bright and pretty. i love that. i think its a very cool texture of color. comment on my blog!!!

Dean Grey said...


I think you summed it up perfectly!



It was all the colors in the water that made me stop and take the picture!


Thanks to the both of you!


GayHermit said...

A humorous thought for you.
I felt kind of cheated by this photo. I saw your post title and thought maybe you had some pics of inspirational human forms that you were going to use for life drawing purposes. {Kinda hoped for that. ;-) } Then I get this photo of their sign. Tease! (he,he,he)

The photo is very cool. You have a good eye for finding inspirational images.

Dean Grey said...


Believe me, I'd LOVE to take pics of all those muscular gym-rats inside!


For now the exterior of the gym will have to do!