Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Jones.....


naturgesetz said...

That's a fascinating picture. One wonders what's behind the door. At first it looked as if there was no place to go except through it. But now I see that the final S of Jones is partially hidden. So it must be possible to go right at the bottom of the stairs.

It looks like an undesirable spot, maybe even dangerous. But you've been there and lived to post the pic. I suppose if this were part of a familiar place, such as one's workplace, it would not feel menacing, but routine. Maybe there is some sort of metaphor for life in that thought.

And there's a halo above Jones. So somebody must think Jones is a saint.

bK said...

Ooooo, I like all the graffiti on the walls and door. They appear to have a fair bit of passion, freedom, rawness, and spontaneity. For some reason, I like the lighting as well. Hm...

Does this picture/location have special meanings for you?

Heh, you changed your display picture!

Kristen's Paintings said...

Hi Dean, you mention baking- do you bake bread too?

n.lea. said...

I think graffiti is an amazing art form that gets nowhere near the amount of appreciation that it deserves, I think mostly this is the case because the artists choose to deface the property of others with their work.
The box in the corner at the bottom of the stairs makes me sad. I wonder if someone used it as a covering to keep warm. Makes me want to make a blanket to give the person.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Looks like "Saint Jones" to me...

Randuwa said...

You have an amazing eye for composition.

Dean Grey said...


Your first thoughts were correct. You can only go through that door, not left or right.

I see this doorway when I walk to the train station on my late nights from work and wanted to capture it with my camera.



Brody, it definitely means something to me.

You see, I hate this spot. It's dirty and the gang graffiti makes it look unsafe while the rest of the downtown area is clean and tidy.

Why the city doesn't paint over this mess I'll never know.

When I first saw the door it made me afraid. I wondered what was behind it.

And yesterday I decided I was going to embrace danger and open that door....and I did!....and it led to a parking lot underneath Wacker Drive.

*deflated sigh*

So this photograph represents living a more exciting life....even a bit more dangerously!



No, I mostly bake cookies and cakes!



Nikki, I think graffiti can be beautiful at times too. But gang tagging is so not cool!



That or Jones is no longer with us!



Thanks for that, Randy!


I appreciate everyone's opinion on this!


Anonymous said...

Awesome photo, did you take it yourself?

KR said...

I like this! There's not a huge amount of excitment (if we could call it that? :) where I live in New Zealand.. or then again, perhaps it is me that doesn't attract the excitment?

Either way Dean, I like this.

You have a good eye for spotting beautiful oppertunity.

Oh and new profile picture I see! I like that too :)

swb said...

Candyman lives down there.

Kristen's Paintings said...

Personally, I think graffiti is offensive because of its location.

Rarely does someone paint like this on their own property. Sometimes the art is great, but I don't think people should have to worry that their nice building or monument is going to be defaced.

On the other hand, your eye for a good composition is exceptional. I wondered if the glow around the halo was the tagger's intention, or something you discovered. Either way, it's clever.

JuJu said...

I really like this picture, and I'm impressed that you actually walked through that door.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dean,

Your prose gives my hurt sound, your prose touches what is hidden. do not stay silent Dean, be thankful for your inspiring soul

Jackdaw said...

This picture proves once more that it doesn't take beautiful elements to make a beautiful whole. Maybe that's even the real point of beauty.

I think many people would have passed without noticing. Dean, you have the eye of an artist: you did notice.

R. Burnett Baker said...

So many stories we can read through the graffiti, stories we can only imagine, and those that we'll never know.

I've snapped a couple of graffiti cell phone shots on occasion and written about them. The latest, I think was the one posted on Sept.7th. And then there was one poem I wrote about a graffiti drawing on the men's room wall in a coffee shop here in Rochester. That is called "little red book" posted on March 31st. funny how some of these images can trigger memories, or just mental images....


Dean Grey said...


Yes, I took the photo after I got of work that Wednesday night!



I'm sure New Zealand is plenty exciting!



You just never know, Sean!



I agree with you!

And I think the person who spraypainted the name up there was clever enough to put a halo where the light shines. I can't take credit for that!



I impressed myself by walking through the door too!



That's awfully sweet of you!






I'll have to check those poems out!


Thanks to all of you for adding your two cents!


The Honourable Husband said...

Technically, not Wordless. But awesome, nonetheless.

Dean Grey said...

The Honourable Husband!

Um, technically it is.

There are no words in the body of the post, just a picture, so it still qualifies as a Wordless Wednesday post!