Friday, January 14, 2011

A witness to love.

I found it on the shelves at work today and it made me smile. A little greeting card somebody forgot and left behind.

My heart warmed at the card's interior which read,

"I love you.
and miss you
See you soon-

And then I wondered if someone will ever give me love notes. Sweet little messages letting me know they care.

I'm not sure why but I took the card home. Perhaps that's the closest I'll get to receiving one of my own.

Will I always just experience it vicariously through others? When will I meet someone and be romanced and courted firsthand?

*deep sigh*

Maybe all I'll ever be is a witness to love.

(The original message inside the card).


BB said...

It comes when you aren't looking for it. The trick is not to miss it!

Stephanie said...

You're such a romantic. This letter is cuter than heck.

swb said...

Buy more stock in roses / Millionaires will always woo / Don't be shocked if roses / Make a millionaire of you

Melancholy State said...

hey, I'll send you love letters if you want....I'll even write you poetry LOL

xxxooo....does that help?

We Blog Artists said...

Hello D,
When you are open to be LOVED and will be...
We all know you have SO much to keep telling us...
Don't ever think you are not worth being loved...everyone has their worth...everyone has their story.
I hope you find yours soon.

Randy said...

You will, when you least expect it and you will never be the same again.

Marty said...

Love is one of those funny things, where it's such a simple word to cover so much. And it only seems to find you when you stop looking for it. Take heart, life will work itself out ok. It always does.


mumblingmayhem said...

That is sweet! I use to give my husband, boyfriend at the time, little love notes but I haven't done that in awhile... I think he still carries my last one in his wallet. Maybe I should write him another.

Here's to you in hoping that one day you will get your own love notes!

A. J. Wisteria said...

That's adorable! Also, sometimes being "a witness to love" can give you a look on romance that no one else has. You get a "leg up" when you finally do meet that person, you know what works and what doesn't. And hey, who knows, maybe that special someone is sitting right there in front of you, and you just haven't noticed each other. Sometimes it just falls in your lap. :)

naturgesetz said...


"When will I meet someone and be romanced and courted firsthand?" Your agoraphobia is probably making it more difficult to meet people. Do you think that going back to the therapist could help you get out more?

Unknown said...

awwww bless you. You have to stay postive and focused its the only way to be in life. And when you are in the right place at the right time she will be there waiting for you and you will get your love letters then. But in the mean time smile and enjoy your life. Dee ;-)

Jackdaw said...

I'm very sure that you'll become a victim of love instead and find someone who sends you cards like there and much more.

Anonymous said...

I think there are many who love you and see your blog as love notes to the world.

n.lea. said...

You will find love and be soo romanced when you least expect it. That is just how love works. It crops up on us and smacks us square in the face so hard it stings a sting that we don't even realize is a sting

At least that's how I see it.

K.C. said...

You'll get one someday. :)


blue roses said...

That is sweet! That would make me love sick too. :/ It's okay. Not everyone meets their perfect match right away. But I don't know much about that. Anyways, just to say, you're not alone in feeling glum about not having a special someone. :)

Liz said...

Oh! I love finding stuff like this!
And I feel your sentiment.
Ah, well.

Cathy said...

The card brought back good memories for me. My departed husband always signed his cards Love Me!

Bear Mark said...

You'll get your sweet love notes from the right guy! You are just too sweet for the universe not to bless you this way!!!

Dean Grey said...

Bouncin' Barb!

But if I'm not supposed to look for love, how can I help not missing it?



Yes, I am a romantic at heart!



So I should be dating a millionaire? LOL


C. Alvarez!



We Blog Artists!

Char, I guess I need to be more open.



That sounds wonderful!



I hope you're right!



Definitely write your husband a love note for old time's sake!


A. J. Wisteria!

So what I'm experiencing now is almost like training for when I fall in love?



I'm sure my anxiety with groups of people is making it difficult to meet others.

Therapy would be nice but I just didn't like the way it felt when I first went. Plus it's super expensive and I'm trying to save my money right now, not spend it!



I'm looking for a "he" not a "she".



A victim of love? Hmmm......

Lucky you. You have Erdem while I'm alone.



That's so sweet of you to say!



I can't wait to get stung, Nikki! LOL



I hope so!


blue roses!

"Love sick" is an appropriate term here.



Ah well.....



I'm glad to hear it brought back good memories for you!


Bear Mark!



All of your supportive comments mean a lot!


swb said...

ha. was quoting a Magnetic Fields song

Unknown said...

Lovely note --- and yes your time will come!

Dean Grey said...


Ah, now it makes sense, Sean!



I hope you're right!


Thanks to both of you gentlemen!


Liz said...

I see that card as more of a love note to oneself. Not in the lonely solitary way you seem to be seeing though. Don't worry about finding that special person. To me, this card is saying that you should learn to love yourself first. Love yourself, you strengths, and accept the weaknesses. When you've learned to love yourself, truly and sincerely, then you'll be more open to love someone else. That's what I think :D

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I would be shocked if you DIDn't find a love like this! But, I think, too, that sometimes it comes along when you're not actively looking for it! Wishing you the best!

Dean Grey said...


Now that's an interesting way of looking at it. That the note is for oneself!

I never thought of that until you mentioned it!



I hope one day.....


I appreciate you two ladies sharing your thoughts on this!


Anonymous said...

I know it's late.
But you're an awesome guy. It's hard, sometimes. But you'll find your match someday. I promise. Until then, you have to be yourself!
Who else comments and replies to every single person who comments on your blog? You're very caring and personable. I have no doubt that there's someone somewhere out there and they're waiting for you.
Perhaps just right around the corner.
Be yourself, because someone's bound to fall in love with who you are.

Dean Grey said...


That's awfully nice of you to say!


UnluckyLucky said...

Well may be smone left that card for u.... only for u. n may be SHE is waiting for a reaction from ur side :)

Dean Grey said...


That's highly unlikely but it would've been flattering if that were the case!