Saturday, January 22, 2011


It kind of took on a life of its own.

I watched it slowly grow....evolving into something MORE.

What was originally supposed to be an online gallery for my artwork, turned into a haven to express my thoughts, creativity, and fears along the way.

I'm talking about my blog of course and today it turns two-years-old!

Two doodle!

There were many times where I felt stuck in life and wanted to delete this blog but am glad I never did. For I soon learned it's a powerful tool for becoming unstuck.

With that said, I'm anxious and nervous and excited to see what develops as my blog continues to get older.

Only time will tell!

Happy Birthday, Exploding Doughnut!!


Nordic Monsoon said...

Congratulation, Dean!

BB said...

Hey Dean...Congratulations. That's awesome. I just hit 100 followers this week so I'm excited because it's only been 5 months. Time will tell is right. Here's to the next 2 !!

Melancholy State said...

I'm glad you didn't too.

bK said...

I'm glad you didn't delete the blog. Hooray! Happy birthday, Exploding Doughnut!

Randuwa said...

Only 2 years? Seems like a part of my life that is older than that! Happy birthday!

azviatx said...

Happy Happy, Joy Joy! I've been enjoying your blog for just a short while and I am always amazed by the sincerity from which you express yourself. Congrats to you and the Doughnut, I hope to be reading your posts for a long while to come. Tina

Dean Grey said...




Bouncin' Barb!

Congrats on all of your new followers!


C. Alvarez!

Thank you!



Yippee Brody!



Yep, two years ago today is when I started this blog!



Hooray Tina!


I appreciate everyone's celebratory words!


ricola said...

Cheers you, Dean. And wishes for continued improvement and strength.

naturgesetz said...

It's great having you around in the blogging world. This is truly a Blog of Note, not just in name, but in fact.

Yay, Exploding Doughnut!

Yay, Dean Grey!

Unknown said...

Terrific mileston, congrats! Keep blogging!!!!!!

Mona Diane Conner said...

Happy Blog Birthday Dean! xoxo, Mona

JuJu said...

Happy Birthday "2" you!!!
Here's to many more years, and many more words!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on turning two! Your blog is one (of few) that has retained its authenticity during the way, so Good Work!!!

Phunk Factor said...

Oh wow...congrats on staying here for two years...i'd be amazed if i survive that long...but's not about's about YOU! :D

So Congrats...and sense in deleting it...blogging is a great way to showcase ur talent! :D

Happy Birthday, Exploding Doughnut!!

Anonymous said...

So glad you didn't deleat...Happy Bday:)

Erica@PLRH said...

Happy Blogiversary! Keep it going!

stanw said...

Congratulations! "2", "TWO", "2oooooooooo", sounds good whichever way you say it! 769 followers, you got lots of eyes on your page, amazing. Love the "Two doodle", doodle! Anyway, just saying, glad you stuck with it, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

david said...

two years? i happy for you, but happier that you have chosen not to delete your life... there were a few times while reading this blog-of-note that i wasnt sure if youd be back the next day to write a new post...
hugs to you my friend...

~ cheers....

n.lea. said...

Happy Blog Birthday! I am so glad I came across it. I feel like a better person for reading your blog.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Exploding Doughnut!! Wow, Dean! This is so cool. I hope ED is around for two more years.

tokki287 said...

happy two year! I just recently came across your blog, and may I say I am also glad you didn't delete this blog.

The Cool Cookie said...

It takers a great deal to lay it all out there - thank you for sharing your life with us! SJK

Dean Grey said...


I appreciate that!



Go me! LOL



I will keep blogging!



xoxo back at ya!






I'm honored!


Phunk Factor!

You'll be around for a while too!


David Allen Waters!




I'll keep it going!






(((HUGS))) to you as well!






I'll certainly try!



I'm glad you found my blog!


Ask the Cool Cookie!

Thank YOU for taking the time to read it!


Thanks to all of you for the kind comments!


Unknown said...

I know I'm a little late to the game, just discovered our blog a few months ago and just read this post today, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Now that your blog has hit it's terrible twos I'm looking forward to it's growth into the threes.

I've loved the artwork, the creativity and the honest words that have inspired, encouraged and sometimes helped me on my own journey.

I look forward to every step and turn you take.

swb said...

Happy Two-Day to you

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Yeah, baby! 773 followers!!!! You've got it going on, Dean... please don't ever delete this blog. Congratulations on one of the most successful blogs EVER! :)

Dean Grey said...


Better late than never, right?



Thanks Sean!



*proudly smiles*


I appreciate the three of you stopping by!