Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting organized!

It's that time again where I start getting organized, not wanting things out of place and making sure everything is ready for the new year.

And of course that includes my blog!

Here is EVERY single post for the entire year all neatly packaged in one spot just for you!

Feel free to reread older posts you may have missed and for all you newcomers, you no longer have an excuse not to get caught up!

Here. We. Go!

God, what a hard year. I lost a lot but gained some things too. I'm hoping the new year will be a fruitful and happy one for us all!

See everyone next year!!


Stacia said...

Happy New Year!!

BB said...

Here's hoping we both have a happy 2011. You certainly deserve it and I need it.

Lyla said...

I am sure this year would be great for of luck and a Happy New Year to u.. :)

naturgesetz said...

May 2011 be better in every way.


LightChaser said...

What a list and what a year you've had!

But I really want to know this: What did you do with your wood?

Randuwa said...

Don't doubt it for a second. 2011 is going to be the best year of our lives! Cheers.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Dean!

Sonnia J. Kemmer said...

That's awesome! It's easy to click on everything now. Happy New Year to you!

Caleb said...

Hey Dean - I discovered your blog this year, and have enjoyed your insights and the glimpses of your art.

I hope this new year brings you the comfort and happiness you so clearly deserve.

Unknown said...

All the best for 2011 Dean onwards and upwards!

Melancholy State said...

LOL idk how you did that, but it is really cool. Anyway, here's hoping you have a good upcoming year.

n.lea. said...

Dean that is such an awesome idea! I know I never would have thought to do it.

ahmet bayraktar said...

Happy New Year =)

BosGuy said...

Belated wishes for a happy and healthy 2011.


Dean Grey said...


Happy New Year back at ya!


Bouncin' Barb!

*fingers crossed*






Thank you!



Dave, the wood is still tucked away in a plastic bag waiting to be painted and decorated!



Let's hope you're right!






Yep, I wanted it to be really easy for everyone to find everything in one spot.



How nice of you to say, sir!



Onwards and upwards!


C. Alvarez!

I just took each post and turned it into a hyper-link. Simple!



Nikki, another blogger did this once a year as well, so I kind of stole the idea from him.







Same to you as well!


Everyone's celebratory comments are greatly appreciated!


n.lea. said...

your secret is safe with me. I wont tell anyone. I would do it by my list isn't that interesting. least I don't think and I wouldn't know how to do it to begin with.

Much cooler that you did it tho ;)

Annah said...

I went ahead and deleted a bunch of crappy posts at the end of last year. It made me feel better.

And I cleaned out my inbox. The wonders of virtual organization.

Tammy's Studio said...

I love that you do this each year! I'm getting into organizing this January... it's going to take me at least all month for what I have planned for my art area.... which is teeny!

I'll share picks when it's done.=)

I've been thinking of you and praying for God's PEACE that passes understanding for you.

HUGS and LOVE to you Dear Dean!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hey a little late, but it's better late than never! Hope you had a great New beginning and I wish you the best for this year.

It's time to let go of the past and see towards a brighter future! *HUG*

Dean Grey said...





You deleted old posts on your blog?




You're so sweet!



I appreciate the hug!


Thanks to the four of you!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Happy New Year, Dean, filled with friendship and fun new experiences. And love.

Dean Grey said...


Let's hope it's a great year for the both of us!


Unknown said...

Well, 2010 is gone and done on Exploding Doughnut, and I am only 4+ years behind. It was a rough year for me, as well. My mom - my best friend, the person who anticipated my phone calls each week, the person who understood me the most - died that April. My bad work situation morphed into being despicably horrible. I am glad that year is past.

I copied the posts from the year+ that I blogged before I killed the blog. While it was written in 2012-13 some of the subject matter dealt with mom and 2010. If you are interested I'd be glad to e-mail you those posts. About the only good thing about that year was the peaceful manner in which mom died, knowing she was ready to go and be with dad and my sister in Heaven.

Dean Grey said...


I'm sorry for your loss in 2010. That was the year we lost my Uncle Bill to colon cancer. Still hard to believe.

And don't worry about being behind with my blog. You'll be caught up in no time!