Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dean Facts!

I haven't done one of these in over a year-and-a-half! Yikes!

Since there are so many newcomers to my blog lately I thought it'd be nice to share some little tidbits about myself. Facts about, well, me! (Who else, silly!)

In no particular, here we go:
  • When Martha Stewart comes on the overhead speakers at the arts-and-crafts store I work at, telling shoppers in a prerecorded message about her variety of glitters, I close my eyes and pretend she's talking just to me.....
"It's a good thing."
  • Before getting braces in college, my orthodontist made a plaster cast of my teeth. I still look at it from time-to-time as a reminder of all the gaps I once had.
  • I have an intense craving for chocolate cake! Moist, rich, and sweet with a light chocolate frosting on top. It's just what I need when I'm having a bad day. As I always say, "When you're feelin' down, a piece of cake can turn things aroun'!"
  • As an artist, the true thrill comes while creating a painting NOT after. Drawing, sketching, and/or painting a piece is where the magic is. Once the work of art is finished, the high fades and I move onto the next piece.
  • I don't have a middle name.
  • When my dad died a part of me was relieved and glad he was gone.
  • I always feel a small amount of stress and anxiety before publishing a post on my blog (yes, even this one!).
  • I got 2nd place in my fourth grade spelling bee, losing to my other classmate, Kelly Z.
  • I'm the youngest of two older brothers....which means I'm the favorite!
  • Recently I've been watching late-night reruns of He-Man and She-Ra (I haven't seen those cartoons since childhood!). While walking to work in the morning, I'll hum the theme song and say in my head, "For the honor of Grayskull....I am She-Ra!"

Well, that's about it. If there's anything you'd like to know about me just ask and it might be in the next installment of "Dean Facts!"


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, now I want chocolate cake! but without the chocolate frosting - I'd pick cream cheese or coconut!
I always feel relieved after making a blog post. like it's allowing me let all of my feeling go. I love it.
I won the 3rd grade spelling bee, but lost in the school-wide one. I wish I could remember my word. It started with C.
I'm right in the middle of 5 boys. I'm the only girl.

I might just have to do some facts about me on my blog in the near future if you're interested over at

ricola said...

:) I like that we both mention our teeth in our lists.haha.

Also, congrats on the Blog of Note listing.

Shopgirl said...

I liked your #2 about the dental cast. I had one for a while so I can relate. Sorry to hear about your dad, and I am also the youngest with older brothers. Nice "meeting" you.

elsie said...

I'm the favorite two but I cam by it the old fashioned way... ONLY child!

Direwolf said...

I'm sorry if my question is too personal....but why was a part of you relieved when your dad died ? Where you not close to your dad ?

Nick said...

thanks for sharing these facts about you with us, it's always nice to see the real person behind a blog

Sarahf said...

Martha is my guilty secret, I'm supposed to be a feminist but reading her magazines makes me go all 50s housewife. Oh and cake definitely makes everything better. So glad I found your blog!

BB said...

OMG..I used to watch He-Man and She-Ra with my son when he was younger. He's 29 now. Haven't thought about that show in forever. Thanks for the reminder. This is a nice post. A little bit of jumble about yourself. Glad you were a Blog of Note so I could follow.

^ said...

I have been lurking around your blog for a few days now and thought it was probably time to say hello. So Hello.

Also wanted to say, nice blog think I'll stick around awhile. ;)

splink said...

Ha! I watched a couple of those too. Just enough to bathe in nostalgia. Then I thought they were kind of boring and couldn't bring myself to watch them again. But I was amused at how gay the show seemed. I'm pretty sure He-man is a homosexual. They should have explored that more in the Dolph Lundgren movie.

Melancholy State said...

I have enjoyed reading some of your blog posts. I can identify, especially with the whole "braces" thing, but the orthodontist didn't give me the plaster cast. I am however, thankful that my teeth are now straight.

Love the She rah bit, reminds me of some of the goofy things I do when no one else is around....or I THINK they aren't.

Corinna said...

I'm a newcomer to the I'm not familiar with your Martha Stewart thing...but I plan to scan your archives. I mean Martha Stewart? I'm baffled, but intrigued.

stanw said...

"A piece of cake can turn things arou'!", I know what you mean, chocolate cake, yum! Just last night at our Company Christmas Party I piggied out on chocolate, chocolate fondue where I dipped in strawberries, chocolate brownies, chocolate squares, chocolate, chocolate! Have to do that once in a while :)

No middle name, think it should be "Fantastic".

It okay to have a little stress and anxiety before publishing a post, makes one examine it carefully to see if it explains the point to others.

Great post, a little more light into the world of Dean.

R. Burnett Baker said...

1. When I had braces, my parents wanted me to become an orthodontist. Had I listened to them, I wouldn't be in retail now, and would have retired 25 years ago.

2. Chocolate cake: YES YES YES. With a big glass of milk.

3. I'll buy you a middle name.

4. Kelly's last name begins with the last letter of the alphabet. You win!

5. You're also your readers' favorite!

6. My dad always said he was going turn me into a "he-man". I STILL don't know what the @&*# that means.

7. She-Ra sounds like a lesbian with a pool cue.

8. And most important: Martha is just not right! There's something evil lurking behind that whacky smile!!!!! LOL!!


Unknown said...

Hi, saw your blog on "blogs of note", so I decided to make a visit, "I Love It"...

david said...

oh. my. god. say it isnt so.. brenda starr takes a dirt nap....
tragedy of tragedies... or am i making too much out of this..?

~ cheers...

n.lea. said...

i have been watching She-Rah and HeMan on netflix lately. Man those shows make me miss being a little kid.

I often think that when my mom passes away, ( i don't forsee this being too far off into the future) that I will be either super relieved or very angry at her because my kids don't have the relationship with her that I had with her mother.

Dean Grey said...


"Mercedes Facts" has a nice ring to it!






Nice "meeting" you as well!





Afrin ♪♫!

Check out the hyperlink where I mentioned my dad. That should explain things.

No, we weren't particularly close. He was angry a lot of the time and would always blame others for the way things turned out. Like the rest of my immediate family (except for my mom), he was a bit dysfunctional.

A part of me was glad I didn't have to deal with it anymore.



You're are quite welcome, mister!



But Sarah, Martha Stewart is independent, wealthy, talented, creative, and super successful.

Is that not a good role model for women? Isn't she a feminist in the truest sense of the word?


Bouncin' Barb!

Then your son is close to my age and he must've watched He-Man/She-Ra when they originally came out in the early 80's.



Hello back at ya!



He-Man gay? Doubt that. He was still a young man (I believe he was around 20) during the (80's) series so any lack of female relationships wouldn't seem that unusual.

But I do love muscle-y guys so it would be hot if he was! LOL


C. Alvarez!

I'm thankful my teeth are straight now too!


Fluid Idleness!

Isn't it obvious?

Martha Stewart is multi-talented, rich, an entrepreneur, creative, crafty, and can bake!

What's not to love?

(Check out the "work" label on the sidebar for full details!)






Stop picking on my Martha or I'm taking back that Mail Art heart! LOL



Why thank you!



I guess Brenda couldn't adapt to modern times. Poor girl.

Interesting enough, that article discussed Brenda Starr the exact same way Wonder Woman was often talked about since she debuted during the early 1940's as well.

Independent, working, strong, etc..

Move over Ms. Starr, Wonder Woman's got you beat hands down. She IS the top female role model! Period.



Adults can enjoy He-Man and She-Ra too!

Sorry to hear about your mom. Maybe she can still be a part of your children's lives?


All of your comments are greatly appreciated!


Summersheartjourney said...

Loved reading your list. It is great fun getting to know you better.
I can really relate with the anxiety that comes with posting a blog. With me it is always an inner fear of "Okay who am I going to piss off today with something I said."
Great post!!
I just made brownies...not chocolate cake but close. Too bad we don't live closer to each other. I would share.
Have fun "working with" Martha Stewart.

Zaraya said...

I love this blog. i just signed on to blogspot and peeked at some of the Blogs of Note. This was one of the more interesting ones. I am glad that through this blog and other facets of your life you are able to come to terms with who you are...

The fun facts about yourself are pretty cool. I have never one a spelling bee :( but I did come in 3rd for a CityWide Poetry Slam in high school...I was competing against 75 other high school students. (yay me)

But kudos on the Blogs of Note :)

Unknown said...

Personally, I loved X-Men. I really wanted to grow up and have a boobies Rogue....Sigh...One of life's disappointments...

Thomas said...

My father doesn't have a middle name either.

To make up the name deficit to the rest of the western world, he gave me four of them.

Go figure.

Direwolf said...

Dean, thanks for taking the time to answer my question... :)
I was just curious that's all.....because my dad didn't stick obviously i'm not close with my dad either....

Anyway, moving on, i just wanted to say that i love your blog !!! :)
i came upon it only yesterday....& i've already fallen completely in love with your's light & fresh....& awesome !!! :) <3

Lady Fromage said...

Congrats on the blog of note (how I found you!). Do you ever resent not having a middle name? Do people ever doubt you when you say you don't? Crazy!

-Lady Fromage

Tammy's Studio said...

Love your Dean Facts! I do something similar on my blog, I call it Whispering Wednesday. I think sharing some our innermost thoughts intrigues others and they have a tendency to share more.

Interesting that you don't have a middle name. Do your brothers?

-Megs said...

I am so glad that your blog was a blog of note...otherwise, I would have never found it! And I love it! I get really anxious before posting a blog too, btw

Haven said...

I couldn't agree more with the true thrill for an artist is in the Creation of a work, not after the fact. I love this sentiment. It applies across the board in so many ways.

bubble and squeak said...

Dean, I'm one of the new plebs to the blog.
I love Martha's stuff but I totally agree with one of your comments about Martha not being quite right.

Hope that's okay. To each their own.

Dean Grey said...


Brownies are just as good!



Good for you in regards to the poetry slam!



I LOVED the X-Men cartoon!! It was one of the best animated series of the 90's IMHO.



Your initials must go through the roof! LOL


Afrin ♪♫!

I appreciate the kind words!


Lady Fromage!

Yep, people don't believe me when I tell them I don't have a middle name!



Whispering Wednesday?

Oooh, I've got to steal that! Love the sound of it too!

And no, my brothers don't have middle names either!



Why thank you!



I'm glad you understand where I'm coming from.


bubble and squeak!

It's okay. I know not everyone is a Martha fan.



Thanks to all of you for chiming in here!


shruti said...

Your description of a chocolate cake is so very awesome that I feel like having a piece right away...
So wats ur artistic interests?

n.lea. said...

Not to say that my kids dont' have a relationship with her. It is simply that: 1) we live 18 hours away from her 2) she is a severly depressed alcoholic that swings between acceptance and denial.
3) her health is failing. So I would be angry that she chose to drink rather than get help so she could be around longer.

but I am a firm believer that everything in this life is as it should be for the reasons we may never know.

^ said...


From what I have seen of your blog you are truly Living your purpose. Because of this I have chosen you and your wonderful blog for the "Living Your Purpose" blog award.

Since I am unable to paste it here. You will have to stop by my blog to snag it and also so you know how to pass it on to the bloggers you feel are living their purpose. It's in todays post.


Claire said...

Hi Dean
Really enjoying your blog - from across the Pond. Claire

Dean Grey said...


My artistic interests?

Well I love anything with color that's full of emotion.

If you checked out my comic book blog you'll note I have a passion for comic books. A lot of my paintings have an illustrative feel and I think it's because of that.



I'm sorry to hear all of that.

I guess all you can do is try to make the situation work as best you can.



Oooh, I'm honored!





I appreciate everyone stopping by!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Sitting locked in the house after a snowstorm... this made me SMILE!

EMoore said...

Looking for my first blog to follow I stumbled across yours and immediately loved your voice and wit. Thanks for being my first!!hahaha...
P.S. Martha speaks to me too...and I can't help but see a distinct parallel between her and Shera.

Dean Grey said...


Reading your comment made ME smile!



I'm glad you stumbled upon me and my blog!


Thanks to the pair of you!