Friday, November 5, 2010

Leaf rush!

I've been sticking them in my wallet, my notes for work, and even in between unused pages of my sketchbook.

Transfixed eyes scan the ground everywhere I walk. I'll pick one up only to stop a few feet away, gasp, and pick up another and then another....people giving me strange looks along the way.

It's become an obsession of sorts. That (crazy) inner voice telling me, "Take them, Dean. Take them!"--and I do.

This year alone, I now have hundreds and hundreds of fall leaves pressed and saved.

This morning's stash after walking to my neighborhood bank!

Elm, oak, maple, it doesn't matter. I may choose a leaf for its intense color one day or its shape or size the next. It all depends on which leaves speak to me (crazy, remember?).

They're all part of a super-duper, top-secret art project I'm working on. Okay, two art projects. Maybe three.

As you can see I have an idea but it's not set in stone. I'm letting it evolve as it happens. But one project definitely involves paint....and possibly glitter.


I'm always on the lookout for leaves, Leaves, LEAVES!!


sMacThoughts said...

I love the time of year, here in NYC when the leaves cling to wet sidewalks on dreary-skied days. This is the picture of magical Falls here, and always brings me back to my first days as a Manhattanite back a LONG time ago.

I get your fascination!

robertga99 said...

Take them , Dean!

My favorite drawing from you is one you did of a leaf. It was stunning. I bid on it on Ebay but it got too expensive for me at the time. So take them and keep drawing. :)

Anonymous said...

crazy no....talented yes! glitter did someone say gliier...I love glitter;)

naturgesetz said...

Setting leaves in stone probably wouldn't work anyway. LOL

There certainly is an interesting variety in the coloration of the leaves. No two are alike.

I'm sure whatever you come up will be well worth seeing, so keep us informed.

Ken Riches said...

Looking forward to how you express your leaves lookout.

WOL said...

Oh, yay! You're doing art again! Good for you. See my email for something that might capture your eye.

Bill said...

Nothing wrong with listening to a few leaves. Some of my best conversations have been with my deciduous friends. Woops! I wasn't going to let anyone know about that.

Prabha Narayanan Art said...

Love the fall madness! I am sure all the leaves are trying to glide and fall en-route :)
They are beautiful leaves Dean!

Dean Grey said...


NYC sounds lovely in the fall!



I will keep drawing, Bob!


David Waters!




Bad pun! Ha ha ha.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken)!




I'm doing art again....or at least trying to!



LOL Bill!



I think "fall madness" is an appropriate term here!


Everyone's comments are greatly appreciated!


Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

I think my son has the same voices in his head, we have quite the collection of leaves at our house as well. They are gorgeous, as Steven says there is every color in the rainbow on these leaves.

Randy said...

Nice blog with some wonderful posts. I came across your blog through JM's oeiras daily photo blog. I think it's great that your collecting leaves. If you think people look at you funny you should see the looks I get when I stop for a rock. Maybe it's a desert thing.

Mona Diane Conner said...

Dean, thanks for your comments on my art, and good luck with your latest leaf projects!

Unknown said...

Irresistible autumn colours!

martha miller said...

Hi Dean!

I can't wait to see what you're up to with all those beautiful leaves!! I love them, too! From logs to leaves - have fun, nature boy! :^D

Dean Grey said...


Great minds think alike, huh Carrie?




Maybe I should start painting rocks next!



You're quite welcome!



I'm glad you think so!





Thanks to all of you for stopping by!


LightChaser said...

If I had only known I could have donated a few hundred thousand leaves. Now I'll just have to rake them up.

Tammy's Studio said...

I spend some time yesterday out gathering leaves. I saw an exercise in an art book about painting on them so I picked some pretties and am pressing them. I have a stack already pressed and dried that my Mom got for me.

I'm super curious about your top secret art project ~ So far this week I've made seven creations. No wonder my eyes are bugging out of my head!

How's work treating you?

Dean Grey said...


LOL Dave!



I'll give you a hint. Like you, I plan on painting the leaves as well!


I always appreciate hearing from you two!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I collect stones and leaves, so I totally get your obsession! Can't wait to see what you do!

Dean Grey said...


So I'm not the only crazy one here, huh?



Unknown said...

I saw tons of feathers Sunday at Jordan Lake and wondered what art you could create with them. I think they are considered an artifact so I did not take any. If you think you'd like some I'll call the park to see if I can gather some to mail to you.

Dean Grey said...


Why would feathers be considered an artifact?

I've never heard that before.

And I do have packs of feathers purchased from the arts-and-crafts store I work at. I've just never done anything with them…yet!


Unknown said...

In Boy Scouts we were told to never take anything from a national or state park that occurred there naturally, with the exception of fish if the park allowed fishing. The examples they gave included rocks and feathers. That was in Utah. It could be different in other states, and it could have changed since my scouting days.

Dean Grey said...


Ah, that makes sense then.