Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chicago night orgasm.....

Chilled winds part my lips. A smile spreads across my flushed face. I look up to the night sky and moan to myself.


Wednesdays are my late night at work so when I leave my city job I have two hours to kill in the heart of downtown.

Let me show you what I get to see.....

Gods of steel and glass envelope me with their tall, broad shoulders.

Reliable and strong.

I have the city mostly to myself and certain spots are downright deserted. It makes me nervous and scared but excited too. Almost a thrilling kind of danger.....

What lurks up there?


Taxis and cars speed through empty streets like laser beams.


Everywhere I turn there's an orgy of warm lights making love to the crisp, night air. It stimulates the senses.


The unexpected around EVERY corner.

So many colors dancing in the Chicago River!

It's all so ridiculously romantic. How I long for someone to share it with instead of always being alone.


My kind of town!

Ahhh, Chicago. You're like a secret lover to me. Until next time, my love.....


naturgesetz said...

You've certainly given us a nice taste of Chicago in the evening.

I hope all your readers have checked out your new auction of another beautiful painting of a pear.

LightChaser said...

Those are some great pics, Dean.

How did you take Zooooooom? What is that mysterious flash of light?

I think you've grabbed more color from the City at night than most people can see in daylight. Good job!

Anonymous said...

hey Dean these are brilliant photos! it was almost like walking with you through the streets of your city... you know what they say 'what is for you, won't pass you by' and 'be careful for what you wish for'... putting these two together, for me it means that i should appreciate the good in what i got and any loss was just how it was meant to be and i need to move on and remain positive.

Stephen Chapman said...

Great pictures! Where are all the people?

Anonymous said...

Great photos! That's a beautiful place at night, it's nice you get to see it. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

I'm curious: are these hand-held shots or did you use a tripod?

R. Burnett Baker said...

Such a nice mini-story and photos! You tease us with imaginings of exciting, fun, dazzling, and naughty possibilities in the big city!

What camera do you use, Dean?

sMacThoughts said...

I have never been there... thank you for these photos, it looks amazing!! You've taken wonderful photos of it all!

Kim Rempel said...

AWESOME post. Thanks for sharing. I've always wanted to see Chicago. Love how you wrote this.

Winter said...

wow the city is nothing but beautiful, and yes it's insanely romantic! do wish you got someone to share it all with :/ HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Dean, your photos always thrill me. I was just thinking of you the other day. I was remembering how you used to write about how down you felt looking for a job.

I am now in that same position...looking for a job. After moving from Atlanta to NYC, I am scrambling to find work. And I kept thinking to myself 'what would Dean do?' And I'm persevering because of it.

You hit your low points, but you still kept pushing forward - and the Universe found a way for you.

Anonymous said...

Your pics are wonderful as well as your descriptions. It makes me miss the city, I think I will have to plan a train trip soon.


AutumnBoy said...

Wonderful pics Dean, and what a poetic journey you took us on

i have visited chicago only twice, and i did not get to visit down town area


Unknown said...

Beautiful city and I can see why you love it.

Ken Riches said...

Love the windy city :o)

Bill said...

Stunning photography! I love purple lights. What could be better than a purple lit building? Hey - have you ever considered dyeing your hair purple? That might make a few people give you a wink. :O)

Caleb said...

Nice pictures, Dean.

It's funny, when I was living in the suburbs I found myself drawn to the loop a couple of times a week. It the months since I've moved to Lincoln Park I've rarely made it downtown. Still, it's an amazing feeling to realize I'm so close to those sights again. Thanks for reminding me! ;-}

artbyakiko said...

Hi Dean! I hope all is well with you. These pictures are so beautiful. I hope to visit Chicago one day (when it's not too cold).

Alex Langstone said...

What a grand post. Chicago looks like a magical city. For a few moments I was there, thankyou....

Dean Grey said...


The Taste of Chicago is in the summertime! Hahahaha....lame joke!



Dave, I simply took a standard picture of a car driving by me. My camera couldn't capture it as a moving object so it stretched the headlights as they passed by!

Neat, huh?



Wise words from you!



The tourist season ends around September here in Chicago and most of the business people have since gone home by this time of night.

It's lovely having the city all to myself!



These are all hand-held shots but I did rest the camera against sturdy objects for the ones that didn't contain a lot of light in them to help prevent blurriness.



I use an old Canon Powershot digital camera, which I bought used on eBay about four years ago!



That's because Chicago IS amazing!!



What are you waiting for, girl! Chicago would love to have you!



I can't tell you how many times I wished someone was holding my hand when I walked around the riverwalk on my late nights.

Too many to count.....



(((HUGS))) Corey!

The Universe WILL find a way for you too!

With your outgoing personality people in NYC will fall in love with you real quick. You'll land a job in no time!

I just know it!


David Waters!

You should. There's so much to see in The Windy City!



You'll have to come back and visit the Loop (downtown area)!


WannabeVirginia W.!




Me too!



Bill, some of these shots were taken last month and many of the skyscrapers and buildings here in Chicago turned on purple lights (from a distance they look pink) for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which was in October).

Go back and look for all the buildings with purple lights and you'll see what I mean!



You live in Chicago now? Send me an e-mail some time!

And Lincoln Park is hardly far from the Loop. It's a stone's throw away from the downtown area.

Lucky you!



Chicago is always cold it seems, except in the summer when it can get really hot!

I suggest visiting anytime between March to mid-May or mid-Sept. to mid-November.



I'm glad I got to share it with you!


Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments about my home town!


stanw said...

Each picture is so amazing, great composition and you caught just the right lighting. You used those two hours to delight in the sights you were able to capture, and it was a "ridiculously romantic" time as well! Really love the reflections of the lights in the water. 9:36 the clock on the front of the building says, just tho't I would add that. The streets sure were quiet indeed. Always look forward to your next post.

Tammy's Studio said...

Absolutely stunning photos! What a beautiful way to pass the time while you wait for your train home.

Your tour was breathtaking!

LightChaser said...

>I simply took a standard picture of a car driving by me.

I thought you might have been experimenting with the manual settings. The pic has inspired me to go out and try some odd stuff.

david said...

amazing photos.. what a beautiful city... especially at night.... youre a great photographer...
be safe out there at night mister....

~ cheers.... david

Jo Potter said...

Dean, you live in a beautiful city. What great views and sights after dark of Chicago. It does look romantic just like Paris!
It sounds like life is good right now on the job front.
All the very best to you!

jason said...


Dean Grey said...


Good observation about the time on The Chicago Board of Trade's clock!



It makes waiting for my train sooooo worth it!



Dave, no I simply used the default settings. When I increased the shutter speed, the image was no longer blurred and very boring looking.

It was a happy mistake just using the camera settings as is!



I always try to be safe on my late nights!



Working two part-time jobs is still wearing me down A LOT....the arts-and-crafts one especially so.



Isn't it though!


All of your feedback on my photos means a lot!



All I can say is... wow.

Dean Grey said...


Thank you!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Do you write songs? This could be a love song to Chicago! Beautiful, romantic, and true Dean!

Dean Grey said...


I've never written a song in my life but maybe one day I will!


Nathalie said...

Love your pics, really makes me miss home!

Dean Grey said...


I'm glad you think so!



I'm guessing you used to live in Chicago?


I appreciate you both stopping by!


Trisha said...

I travelled to Chicago a couple of times in the past. LOVED it!

Star said...

Great photos, thanks so much!

Zully Hernandez said...

I really love the photography in this post.

Thanks for sharing :)

Dean Grey said...


Chicago rules!!



You are most welcome!



I appreciate you taking a look!


Thanks to the three of you!


Anonymous said...

I've been to Chicago twice in the past three months and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that city! You are so lucky to be there - your photos remind me of some of my own that I took!

Dean Grey said...

The Karen Chronicles!

I'm lucky to be a Chicagoan!


Writer said...

What a lovely place? You have such a good eye. The only thing that would make Chicago prettier would be you and me there together. :)

Dean Grey said...



Is that right?


simple human said...

awesome pics Dean!! I too love Chicago ...:)

Dean Grey said...

simple human!

I'm happy to hear that!


Unknown said...

I love night photography.

I use to do a ton of solo travel, both work and personal. I don't like it anymore. There's a difference between soul-regenerating solitude and lonliness.

Dean Grey said...


Solitude and loneliness are two very different things…which I'm slowly learning.