Saturday, October 9, 2010

Running red!

They easily caught my attention.

A cluster of reddish thingamajigs neatly lined up along Congress and Columbus Drive!

I spotted these while walking to work in the morning.

They look like mini concession stands/lifeguard chairs, all with the word "spotter" on them.

They're part of the set-up for the Chicago Marathon which runs (no pun intended) tomorrow in the Loop!

Red signage for the event can be seen strewn ALL over Grant Park.

Good luck to all those runners! Better them than me!


sMacThoughts said...

Oh Dean, I am a horrible blog-friend.... I have been away from everyone's blog including my own, so caught up in my technical difficulties which have been looming over me, threatening my livelihood....

I've just finished going back and reading your blog posts.... happy you are working.... this is not your stopping point, no, I predict big things for your career. You are an artist.

I'm having another giveaway.... two items. Just a comment to my blog post enters your name. :)

david said...

red rum... red rum... red... run?

bwahahahahaha!!! ~ david

WOL said...

Anybody who runs 27 freaking miles for no good reason other than bragging rights has got a screw loose somewhere. I don't do running unless there are prepositions involved, like "to" or "from." And there had better something really significant that comes after that preposition, like running "to have someone give me a million bucks" or running "from the biggest hairiest monster ever."

Tammy's Studio said...

I love the intensity of the colors. I hope the weather's on side of the runners.

I'm recovering from a broken ankle this year so the only thing I've been running is the dishwasher. =)

WOL said...

I just linked to this post.

Dean Grey said...


No worries.

I've been so busy myself, falling behind on most of my blog reading too.

I hope your technical difficulties become less technical and less difficult, girl!



You big dork! LOL



I agree with you on this. I can see running as a form of exercise but putting your body through a marathon sounds very taxing and stressful on the body.

I'm all for setting goals and trying to achieve them but running for miles and miles isn't one of them!



It was in the mid-80's with full sun (yuck!) in Chicago today!


I appreciate all of you chiming in here!


Anonymous said...

and what awesome thingamajigs they are. Great eye mate:)

Bill said...

Think of all the fun you could have with a can of spray paint, some glitter and all those red canvases. It probably wouldn't be worth spending a few nights in jail, though. Some people just don't appreciate good graffiti!

jason said...

Wow...looks like something by Christo almost. :)

Unknown said...

Those are cool, if kind of weird.

I ran three marathons about ten years ago, still a runner though not as seriously or competitively now. Is work and painful as hell --- good luck to all of them!

Fun pic, thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

I can't run, but I can roll. :)

Have a good weekend friend! :)

Dean Grey said...

David Waters!




They sure would look cool, Bill, all covered in glitter!



Maybe Christo on a mini-scale!



Thank you for looking!



Roll? LOL


Thanks to everyone for stopping by!