Monday, October 25, 2010

Paints and ink pads and glitter....oh my!

The arts-and-crafts store I work at had an "employee appreciation week" (the final day being yesterday).

The deal was 50% off ALL regular-priced items for store associates.

God knows I can't stand that job and probably won't be there much longer, so I took full advantage of this limited-time offer while I had the chance!

I easily bought $250 worth of merchandise but smiled as the register marked each and every item down so I ended up paying half that amount!

Look at ALL this stuff!!

Acrylics, watercolors, ink pads, metallic paints, markers, postal paper, packaging tape....and yes, a 24-set of Martha Stewart glitter!

And just for fun, I got this glitter pumpkin for Halloween! (Love it!)

I'd be smiling too if I were made out of green glitter!

While I was already fully stocked at the moment, all of these art supplies (not counting the glitter pumpkin) are things I'll need down the road.

So even though it was a large purchase upfront, I'll easily be set for the next several months, if not more, and won't have to buy anything for a long, Long, LONG time!

Hooray for savings!


Phunk Factor said...

Hahahaha...ur like a kid in a candy store!! Cute!!!

Mona Diane Conner said...

Dean I love your green glitter pumpkin!!!! Can't wait to see what you'll do with those supplies.......

Anonymous said...

two of my fav things glitter and martha Stewart...lucky boy;)

and the pumpkin, fabulous;)

hugs friend

naturgesetz said...

Hooray indeed! It's like getting a $125 bonus from the company.

Rakesh said...

As I read your post, I thought, all dark and gloomy clouds are lined with glitter. And you even like dark gloomy cloudy weather, so that's a win-win. :)

Winter said...

wow that's a lot of art supplies! hee i guess it's one of the perks of working at an arts and craft store i guess >.< have fun creating stuff with it!

Kristen's Paintings said...

That's all candy to me. I go into our local gigantic "Arts and Crafts Store" and walk around with zillions of ideas and get lost in the aisles.

Tammy's Studio said...

Awesome! And very much deserved. I see Martha Stewart glitters peaking out from under the pile! Aren't those just the greatest! I'm super happy for you and now you can quit the job when you want and be satisfied that you got a great deal! =

I can't wait to see what you create next!

solamar7 said...

Great Pumpkin!!! And I will say you hit the Mother Lode!!

Anonymous said...

CHA-CHING!! Great score. Now you can set up your own crafting room at home. And yes, who wouldn't love a glittery green pumpkin?! Although it kinda reminds me of a giant frog head.

WOL said...

So now you have all this art stuff, do some art for us! - I, for one, have missed your artfullness.

MartininBroda said...

Just had to smile while reading this.


I fondly remember most of the liquitex basic acrylic paints smelling like the inside of a Twinkie.

They don't taste like a Twinkie though. Bleh!

Mind Of Mine said...

I want that Pumpkin!!


Perks of a lousy job - got to love it!

Bill said...

Jealousy rears its ugly head! Wait a minute. That isn't true. I'm happy something good came out of that job you hate. :^) But I will be jealous of all that beautiful art you create with your wonderful stash.

Prabha Narayanan Art said...

My friend is in ur town for a day more and i told him to pick up a pochade box from a dick blick store next to his office. There are none available here. You are so lucky :)

Have fun Dean!

Dean Grey said...

Phunk Factor!




The glitter pumpkin is AWESOME and a steal for just five bucks!


David Waters!

Martha Stewart (and glitter) rules!









I shall have lots of fun with all this stuff!



That happens to me too. You go in just looking for one or two items then get caught up and buy more than you intended!



Martha Stewart glitter is the BEST! Such good quality, texture, and color choices!






A giant frog head, Corey? I can kind of see that.



I'm working on it!





Meeting Neil is Easy!

Mmmm twinkies.....


Mind Of Mine!

Sorry Ian, that was the last one the store had!



It was the only good thing about that job!



Thanks for that, Bill!


Everyone's enthusiastic comments are greatly appreciated!


Joey said...

I'm happy for you! I love pumpkin!

david said...

sc... sc... sc... score!!!!
its the green pumpkin charlie brown... wait, what?

~ cheers...

Dean Grey said...


Maybe you should try ordering it online?






Oh good grief!



Thanks to the three of you for stopping by!


Randuwa said...

On my mac Exploding Doughnut is on my favorites page which shows images of the websites, and your green pumpkin has been smiling at me from the middle of it every time I a log on. Thanks for that! And happy Halloween.

stanw said...

Love the glitter pumpkin! Great stash you got there, I can sense your excitement :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dean - your "glittery" posts have inspired me to get a set of glitter glues! I was wondering how you work with the loose glitter to make it stick to things... Also, I am so glad to hear that you sound so happy!

Prabha Narayanan Art said...

It was a short trip, ordering online wasnt possible. Bad luck, the box wasnt in the store. Will get a local one modified here to fit to my camera tripod. How good is Liquitex acrylics?

Dean Grey said...


No, thank YOU for that!






It's so great seeing you here again. It's been a while!

To answer your question, I simply paint the surface with glue then sprinkle on the glitter.



I'm sorry to hear the box wasn't available.

Liquitex acrylics work well IMHO. There are several grades of course for students or professional artists.

Since I plan on using them for crafting projects I went with the cheapest ones I could get.


I appreciate you four chiming in on this!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

YAY Dean - Christmas is no more fun than a HUGE bag of art supplies!!!!

Dean Grey said...


I agree with you, girl!


Erika Jean said...

I love it! and I love your blog, you have gained another reader! Congrats on "Blog of Note"!

Dean Grey said...


Thank you and welcome aboard!


Anonymous said...

I have major pumpkin envy now...he's so pretty! I'm not a huge fan of glitter but I LOVE the green! So pretty!

Dean Grey said...

She Who Shall Not Be Named!

I can't wait until next Halloween so I can proudly display him again!


Unknown said...

I hope the pumpkin is also displayed for St. Patrick's Day.

Dean Grey said...


After Halloween, I turn the pumpkin face-backwards and keep it out for another month as a "festive" fall decoration.