Thursday, October 21, 2010

Five minutes to spare.

I'd surely be late for my job but I needed to see it!

As usual, while walking to work EARLY in the Loop yesterday, I chose the scenic route, a.k.a. the lakefront along Lake Shore Drive.

The sun had not yet emerged over the horizon but the most beautiful glow spread across the water. Lake Michigan looked like a jewel and I was determined to stop and get a closer look!

The water was a silver-blue, almost prismatic. Highly reflective, like liquid light. Brighter than the sky even!

There was an Asian couple standing on the shore waiting patiently for the sun to rise. Her arm around his shoulder, the two slightly swayed from side to side in tandem.

In the nearby water were two ducks casually swimming together. When one would be too far ahead it would stop for the other to catch up.

And there I was all by always.


Will I always be alone? When will I stop getting replaced, passed up, and overlooked?

But I couldn't worry about that then. I was already late and had to run to make up the lost time.

Running in full stride, my backpack strapped to my shoulders, I cursed under strained breath that I had to go to that stupid, fucking arts-and-crafts job. Just then, the sun arose in the distance almost as if to see me off.

15 minutes later, my dress clothes and hooded jacket clung to me from all the sweat. Feeling lightheaded and short of breath, I arrived to work with five minutes to spare. *whew*

I cut it sooooo close but it was worth it.....


Phunk Factor said...

I'm fighting the same question these days...HOWEVER i think i'm going to be happy being single and being independent...eventually if somebody comes...i may consider ONLY n ONLY if he agrees to a few of my wants!

Yeah...i can't depend on men I'm placing my goals before love! :p

Is that cold?

Mind Of Mine said...

Quit the fucking arts and crafts store!!!!

Stephen Chapman said...

Everyone loves a sunset pic.

naturgesetz said...

What a great series of photos!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely spectacular photos, thanks!

wozzel said...

beautiful pictures. wow. stunning!!

Kristen's Paintings said...

These photos are the kind I like to paint most. Low on details and high contrast. You have no idea how many sunrise photos I have on my list to paint! But they are all completely different.

Unknown said...

Wow! What a way to start the day though! I used to live on the Chesapeake Bay and work right were the rivers came together to form it. Hated the job, but so inspired and spurred on to greater things just by looking out the window.

Bill said...

Stunning photos! So you took them? Beautiful. As for being alone, it's better to be alone than in a lousy relationship. The voice of experience talking.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful...and your description, amazing. I love the fact that we may have watched the same sun rise from across the lake from one another;)


jason said...

ahhh..but see, you're not there by yourself really.
We're here too now :)
Beautiful pictures!

Dean Grey said...

Phunk Factor!

I'm tired of being single!


Mind Of Mine!

I'd love to but I need the extra money, Ian!



It's actually pics of the sun rising not setting! LOL



Glad you think so!



You're welcome!



Due to the low light (because the sun wasn't up yet), my camera did not adequately show how bright the lake actually was.

It was much more intense and dazzling in person!



I thought these would make nice paintings too! Great minds think alike!



Definitely a great way to start the day!



Yes, I took those pictures, Bill!


David Waters!

Thank you for sharing Lake Michigan with me!





So technically you're all seeing it too through me.

I like that notion!


I appreciate everyone's comments!


WOL said...

Until you can look at yourself with love, grasshoppper, it will be difficult for anyone else to. Become your own best friend. When you have found contentment within yourself, your heart will open within you like a flower, and then the butterflies will come.

Randuwa said...


Ken Riches said...

Great pictures, great way to start the day, even if sweaty.

bK said...

I like the pictures showing the sequence of the sun rising. I feel like I'm right there with you watching the sunrise... *trails off with a glazed look*

Joey said...

Beautiful photographs...

You can be in a relationship and still feel very lonely.


david said...

its really amazing how long 5 minutes is.. how much can happen... what you can see in just five little minutes... its seems like nothing, a 12th of an hour.. its over-time in a hockey game.. its commercials on tv... its the news on the bbc world service.... sometimes its life and death...

~ cheers....

Joe said...

It was worth your time and sweat. These moments make the day easier...

Dave said...

Also, here's my advice for dealing with shitty situations (especially shitty job situations):

You are Jane Goodall among the chimpanzees. Yes, you are in an uncomfortable place and stinking (really stinking) beasts throw shit at each other and sometimes you. Don't get excited; don't overreact; don't take it personally
; they are just somewhat differently evolved primates. You have greater social and artistic skills. Calmly go about your business and observe and record what they do.

We'll all benefit from your observations because you will need these characters the comic book you write.

Dean Grey said...


Loving myself for who I am is one of the hardest things for me to do at the moment.



Thank you!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken)!




Brody, even though my camera didn't show how spectacular the water looked, my main goal with the pictures was to tell a story.



I'd still like to be in one though!



Excellent observation!



Very true!



So all my coworkers at the arts-and-crafts job will be in my future stories one day? LOL


Thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts on this!


Kristen's Paintings said...

That's a great philosophy David. Don't overlook the small moments because those might be the most important ones.

Someone once told me "One good day is better than 100 bad."

Dean Grey said...


Ahh, one good day!


Unknown said...

Dude - amazing pictures of the sunrise. I've been doing some seascapes lately (very contemporary, almost color field) and I would love love love your permission to use a few of these pics for reference material. Shoot me an e-mail at if you can.
Dude. So. Pretty. I can't get over that ice blue.

Dean Grey said...


I'll be e-mailing you!


Unknown said...

These are so beautiful, Dean! Great shots!

Dean Grey said...


Thank you!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

That, I believe, was a blessing sent to you on this morning. Your stupid job is still a job, and (EYUCK!) even though it won't be forever, you're moving forward. And as soon as you learn to love to be alone, *boop*... your *right person* will show up. I'm proud of how you're handling all you've been through, with your job loss and your uncle and your depression. You GO Dean. You have so much to offer!

Dean Grey said...


Thanks for the supportive words!

Go me....and go you too!


Unknown said...

Being a Chicago suburbanite myself, I cherish any photos of the city. These are amazing. These pictures represent the reason why I, and so many others, are attached to Chicago despite the mad weather and stifling traffic...

BearwoodBrown said...

those sunrize photos are very nice great lite coperative ducks worth the effort nice bblog inspiring i love trying to take photos of lites yours are exceelant

Dean Grey said...


Whenever I arrive in the city I feel free and alive!

I hope these pictures captured some of that.



LOL, the ducks were being very cooperative that day!


I appreciate you both stopping by!


Writer said...

Dean, I know what you mean about being alone and dissatisfied with your job(s), but such a moment as this...I would completely lose myself in it, and even if I had someone standing next to me (or not) I'd find myself so wholely contected to all things, the ducks, the couple, the sky, the water, the rising sun, the darkness before, the darkness left behing, the light.

Such wonderful photographs. Thank you for sharing this. :)

Kristen's Paintings said...

Still wonderful. Reminds me of this nature photographer that makes beautiful videos.

Dean Grey said...


I tried taking it all in as best I could.

I'm truly blessed to get to see the lakefront on a daily basis!


Paintings and Wanderings!

The lakefront never loses its beauty.

I appreciate you revisiting this old post, Kristen!


Thanks to the pair of you!


Unknown said...

I've been fortunate to have lots of sunrises carry me through lots of job-fucks.

Dean Grey said...


Sunrises RULE!