Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Glass half full


david said...

im sitting here at 4 am staring at nothing, surfing the web, in pain, cant sleep, feeling sorry for myself...
half full....
hmmmmm... never thought of that...
for me its always been half empty....

- cheers.... david

Anonymous said...

love the pic, and love that it is half full insteaD OF HALF empty ;)


This entry is so dramatic Dean! And taps the emotion everyone is striving for, yet the economical state is pretty devastating.
Thanks for the reminder!

Dean Grey said...


One day it will be half-full for you too!







You're looking into this way more than I was. I just thought the glass looked pretty! LOL


It's always nice having you three stop by!


WOL said...

Everybody's always focusing on the half full/half empty philosophical thing. Nobody ever focuses on the glass! -- It's a very nice glass, actually. Lovely shape. Interesting highlights generated by the sunlight on the liquid and facets of the glass. I like how the facets of the glass make a checkerboard of the wooden table and the bars of shadow that fall across the table top -- makes an interesting juxtaposition with the vertical planes of the glass. The transparency of the glass and the liquid inside it (could be water, could be vodka -- !) and the solidness of the wood -- interesting study in textures.

bK said...

The glass is too big! (You've probably heard of this before lol.)

Bill said...

Hopefully it's half full of vodka.

Anonymous said...

dude, loving the blog ;)

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

Very optimistic. I see it both ways depending on the day. I was surprised one day I was out to dinner and the waitress asked if I wanted a refill and I said that's okay my glass is half full. I was optimistic without even thinking about it.

AndyDrewby said...

I love this picture. I have recently been trying to adjust the shutter speed on my camera to capture the light in a raindrop. This picture gave me hope. A

Dean Grey said...


What you described is exactly why I wanted to take a picture of this glass in the first place!



I've never heard anyone say a glass is too big before, Brody! Maybe it's an American thing. We're so used to everything being supersized these days!



I don't drink alcohol, all! I'm a good boy!


David Waters!

Thanks and welcome to The Doughnut Gang!



LOL Carrie.

Technically the glass was more than half full so I had no choice but to go that route for this post!



Capturing light and water is really hard to do! Good luck and be sure to show me your results!


Everyone's feedback on this is greatly appreciated!


laurentk said...

This picture is nice. It reminds me this kind of "nature morte" drawings that drive people thoughts in very different directions ;) ...

AutumnBoy said...

Hey folks, new here and wanted to chime in. I have been posting to a blog for some months now, 48 posts and no one has found it! Sigh...

Anyway, found Dean's blog here and he seems like a kindred soul and I wanted to say hi and chime in.

For me I often find the class half empty, seldom half full, and for awhile now the glass has always been far TO BIG to ever think it could be half full again!

Hugs to all

RAD said...

I want mines full please! Hope all is well with ya! :-)

Dean Grey said...


Glad you like it!



I'm going to get you a really small glass!




I'm doing better. I hope all is well with you too!


Thanks to the three of you for chiming in here!


Anonymous said...

A chemistry teacher once told me the glass is completely full. One half is filled with water and the other with air.

Dean Grey said...

She Who Shall Not Be Named!

That is quite interesting!