Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - A dozen city trees taken down in Grant Park!! (Shame on you, Chicago!)


Rakesh said...

Oh Gosh! I don't think they had been taken down last Wednesday when I was in Grant Park. :(

Phunk Factor said...

God, I hate it when they cut down trees....they're already a very extinct thing to see in a city nowadays...doesn't anybody realize how important they are?!


Dean Grey said...


It happened this week. A city truck came to haul the logs away just as I finished taking these pictures yesterday.

By Wednesday afternoon, all the debris was cleaned up and you'd never know there were trees there to begin with except for all the stumps!

Oh, and this took place at Michigan Ave. and Roosevelt Rd.. I don't think you visited that part of the park, did you?


Phunk Factor!


Worst of all, the city will most likely plant new saplings in their place (they've done this before in other areas of the park). Why they don't just leave the trees alone I'll never know!


I appreciate you two sharing your thoughts on this matter!


Mind Of Mine said...

I don't understand, why would they cut tree's down to just plant some more.

Unless it was a safety thing. The pictures look like war trenches.

Unknown said...

Oh this is not good!! I love trees and seeing this just makes me sad....why did they cut them down?

Rakesh said...

After our little walk to the fountain on Monday, I went back on Wednesday and walked over from the Buckingham fountain to the Field museum.

TammysStudio said...

Some higher up most likely needed firewood for their wood burner this winter. And my landlord refuses to clean the chimney because he says "I don't want to have to pain when you move out." Oh He'll HAVE to paint alright. I'm thinking of doing a chalk mural on an entire wall!(about the joys of renting from him.) What a cheapskate.

Manon said...

Awe... I hate that too!! I hope they're not building a condo. I wish they'd leave the trees alone!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they plant double that amount!

Bill said...

Did they give any reason for doing it? It's heartbreaking when it's so needless. Money is more important to "them" than the poor animals that lose their homes and whatever environmental effect it has on the area. The movie Avatar did an excellent job of showing what greed results in. That's why the earth is falling apart.

Dean Grey said...

Mind of Mine!

That's what I'd like to know too, Ian!

I seriously doubt it was a safety issue. How could twelve trees clustered together all happen to be unsafe at the same time?

And a row of saplings on that very corner were cut down the day before!



It was a sad sight. That's why I wanted to capture it with my camera before the logs were taken away.



Then it must've happened after you left Chicago!



A chalk mural sounds like sweet revenge! LOL



No, Grant Park can't be built upon so no condos will be built where the trees were removed.



I hope so too!



My best guess is the city (which has a high unemployment rate) decided to cut down a section of trees, then plant new ones in their place to give people some work.

That or someone high up deemed these trees "unsafe" so that they could hire supporters to remove them and give friends city-contracts.


Thanks to all of you for chiming in here!


Kristen's Paintings said...

Doesn't it break you heart? I can only hope there was a good reason like the trees had a disease that would have spread or something.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dean,

I'm just now seeing this. That's horrible! I hope they had a good reason, like maybe they were diseased or something. But time will tell; just wait to see what goes up in their place.

In Atlanta, the forefounders were smart when it came to tree preservation. Even before it was 'hip' to be 'green'. The rule/law is that if an adult cannot put both hands around the trunk and have their fingers on both hands touch, then they need approval from the city to cut the tree down.

There are trees here that date back to before the Civil War. If they could only talk.

I took a hike today and looked up at so many old trees...and I said hello to them.

Hope said...

oh I so agree, Shame shame shame!
call me a tree hugger or what ever.. but this is wrong on so many levels.
IMO anyway. "Smile"

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Oh... I'd want to find out, too... could you call the Mayor's office and ask? Not that they'd be THAT helpful, but they might direct you to someone who actually knows what's going on! Looks like a group of mourners to the left in that top shot.... Brother...

Aaron said...

Why did they cut down the trees? In Australia, no one is allowed to cut down any trees unless in very very special circumstance.

Nordic Monsoon said...

Thanks for sharing this. I hope the Tribune would document atrocity like this every time it occurs.


Unless the trees were dangerous or diseased in some way, how can anyone justify cutting them down? They produce oxygen, provide shade for people and animals, keep the soil firm and lock in water, make roosting places for birds and homes for lots of smaller wildlife. I bet someone cut them down because they just had a nice plan to make it look 'neater' without them.

Trees are more beautiful and productive than any human creation I've ever seen. Just cutting one down for the hell of it is kind of like a sin to me.

Jo Potter said...

Hi Dean,
I thought they only chopped trees down if they are diseased!
This is a crime if they were taken down for no reason. It makes me angry. ;-(
As you know I love trees!
Good photos but sad images.

Prabha Narayanan Art said...

The color green in this age of globalization stands for greed. Its a trend which i see even here on a daily basis much to my anguish.

Makes nature walks more precious of whatever is left.

Caleb said...

Ugh. Too bad they couldn't have knocked out those creepy-ass headless bodies instead.

I used to live right on that corner (at 1212), and that is a gorgeous part of the city. And the trees were a part of that.

Dean Grey said...


It breaks my heart!



I remember you telling me about that law, Corey, when I posted pics of another city tree being cut down back in February of this year.



I agree with you!



I walked past the scene of the crime the following week and there was a sign saying the trees were cut down because they were diseased.

I'm not buying that entirely. Is it possible for twelve-plus trees all to get "sick" at the same time?

Mind you, a cluster of saplings nearby were all chopped down a few days earlier too.

Suspicious I say!

Oh, and the "figures" in the top photo are actually headless sculptures! It's a permanent art installation in Grant Park called "Agora".



Just another reason why you Aussies are so cool!



I was hoping the press would've noticed it too!



Sinful indeed!



See my response to Kelley up above.

They were deemed diseased but I find it hard to imagine all of them being infected all at once.



Nature walks rule!



How lucky were you getting to live so close to the city! I'm jealous!

What part of Chicago are you residing at now?


Everyone's opinions on this matter are greatly appreciated!


Unknown said...

This is heartbreaking!

Dolores said...

I love trees and this saddens me.

Dean Grey said...


It sure is!



Me too!


Thanks to the pair of you for commenting!


DEZMOND said...

I don't know whether they had some reason for cutting those trees or not, but pictures of destroyed trees always fill me with some unbearable sadness and deep despair. The fact that a tree needs decades to grow to such height and then someone just cuts it down in ten minutes is something beyond atrocity and coldblooded murder.
As a psychologist I can't even describe the depth of irresponsibility which hides within people who can cut a tree in a blink of an eye.

Kristen's Paintings said...

Radiolab did a show on mistakes. There was one part of it about a tree that may be interesting to you.

Dean Grey said...


I'm soooo agreeing with you on this.

All of the trees that were cut down in these pictures were replaced with saplings about a week later (as I predicted!).

But those saplings will take years to grow to the height of the trees that were cut down.

And each adult tree grows into its own unique shape and pattern that can NEVER be reproduced!

To cut one down so easily is wrong, no matter what the reason. That's why I felt compelled to photograph them!



I looked at the link but didn't see anything about a tree!


I appreciate you both stopping by!