Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wasteful at work.

It shined and sparkled in its brand-new little jar....almost tempting me.

When I was unpacking this week's shipments, I opened a box containing Martha Stewart glitter!

A part of me wanted to pocket one soooo badly, saying, "Be naughty for once and take it, you fool!"

But the goody-two-shoes in me said, "Don't you dare steal that glitter, Dean! It wouldn't be right, you fool!"

So I stocked it on the shelf like I was supposed to. *sigh*

There are many things I dislike about my arts-and-crafts job:. the managers, the salary, and the work itself which siphons my time to draw and paint.

A big issue I have is how wasteful this national retail company is in general.

Outdated receipts and unimportant paperwork are simply discarded. Yards of packing paper within the MANY boxes of incoming shipments are thrown out. And all the accumulated store coupons for the day are shredded. That's a ton of paper product that could be recycled on a daily basis!

There's not even a recycling bin in the back for the 40+ employees' pop cans and plastic bottles. Sinful!

I had to print out one tiny label on the computer yesterday but unfortunately the printer only accepted an entire 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of labels.

Look at all these labels that were going to waste!

When I asked my manager what to do with the rest of the sheet containing the blank, unused labels, she told me it can't be reused and to just throw the sheet out!

I couldn't do that so I took it home instead. (Is it stealing if it was going in the trash?)

After all....I didn't want to be wasteful at work!


WOL said...

I share your frustration about not having time for your art. I seem to spend every waking moment at my computer working -- when I really want to be at my computer writing!

Mind Of Mine said...

Oh how I wished you had really stolen that glitter!

The way I see it, Mariah Carey owes everyone some decent Glitter. This was the universe way of getting yours!

Aaron said...

Big companies disgust me! I've worked in one. It's crazy how much they waste, but I don't think it is wasteful that you took those home if they were gonna trash it anyway.

jason said...

Yeah, I'd be too afraid Martha and her team of evil fairies would suddenly fly in if I ever stole something of hers. :)

My students make fun of me for recycling paper. It always gives them something to read on the back of the test, I figure.

Unknown said...

You could recommend they start a recycling program that might get you bonus points.


naturgesetz said...

Still catching up from my time away, I've now read this and your previous two posts.

It certainly does seem that there was some Providence at work in the timing of your layoff and recall. I'm really happy for you that you've got some steady income. It seems that these developments can reinforce the hope you spoke of earlier.

Perhaps the new job would be a bit less stressful if you can train yourself not to become too upset about things you can't control. Once you return to the city job, you'll be better able to judge whether you can handle both. One thing I'd suggest is that if you can live on what the city pays you, then what you earn from the art supply company can be saved. Maybe designate some of it for retirement (you could even put it into an IRA) and put the rest into an account for emergencies or for treats (such as travel) or big purchases. And of course as long as the city wages are paying your bills, you can have the feeling that you aren't trapped in the art supply store, which may actually make it easier to take.

One other thought is that having the second job to get you out of the house may be a good thing too.

Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if Uncle Bill had a hand in all this. It's really great that you were free to care for him and that now you're back to work.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad the amount of waste! This place sounds really extreme. I hope you enjoy your labels!

Anonymous said...

wow that is a ton of waste...I dontr think it was stealing ;) and Martha has glitter? who knew :)

ricola said...

Well..Now you can make you're own art inspired stickers and leave them in interesting places. It's not vandalism if done with the intent of uplifting the two or three who notice. :)

Dean Grey said...


"Frustration" is a good choice of words!


Mind Of Mine!

No, it wouldn't be the right thing to do, Ian.

And what does Mariah Carey have to do with this?!



They are very wasteful!





WannabeVirginia W.!

I'll definitely suggest a recycling program but think it'll fall on deaf ears. Maybe I'll e-mail someone higher up in the company about it?



Thanks for catching up on my blog!

Unfortunately, even if I keep both part-time jobs I'll probably just manage to save a little, if not break even.



They're not extreme....just careless with their impact on the environment.



Yes, Martha Stewart now has her own line of premium glitter....and it rules!



I thought about doing just that!


All of your opinions on this matter are greatly appreciated!


Ken Riches said...

I hope you can inspire them to start some type of recycling.

Bill said...

I always felt you were a good, self-disciplined person. Look at how much you helped your Uncle and Aunt. Martha probably made that glitter while she was in prison anyway. (Other people make license plates.) Who would want it?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dean,

I suggest you ask permission before you take anything out of the store. So it can't bite you in the arse later.

You're right. There is so much waste. We are a throw away society. I suppose being wasteful is prevalent. I started admiring you when I read you took care of your terminally ill uncle. Many people left their relatives to die among strangers.

I was urgently called by a client. He was losing money, no profits were coming in. All day: I saw water was running in 6 toilets, most of the faucets were leaking, two printers were constantly spewing voluminous reports nobody looked at, desk tops, calculators, copiers are on even at lunch breaks and after office hours, four huge exterior lights in front of the building were on even during the day. Bond papers, envelopes, post it, paper towels, toilet paper, paper clips, etc. were thrown away when it could still be used. The company check was kept on top of a desk in plain view. I later found out that one employee stole a check and cashed $8,000.00. I eliminated all waste. I had the thief fired. That was the easiest management consulting fee I've earned. Nobody knew I was a management consultant. I was there helping the owner land a government contract.

I don't think it is advisable for you to suggest any change now. Everybody must know there are plenty of wastes in that company. As a newbie, they might take it as a criticism.

As you know, there are some bad meanings attached to the word wicked. I ignore those and just concentrated on the meaning: disposed to mischief. And I attached saint to it to make it holy and called you St. Wicked. If you are not comfortable with it, I would call you Dean, the Wicked. Just kidding.

If you don't mind my saying, don't you think "Escaping Dead-end Jobs on your banner is an ad for self-fulfilling prophecy? How about emblazing "Finally Out of Dead-End Jobs"? Just a thought.

I'm about done reading your blog in its entirety.

Caesar Augustus

Anonymous said...

Hi Again Dean,

Some companies don't recycle because they consider it as an additional expense without any immediate benefit for the company.
They have to pay employees to do the work necessary to recycle. Any change should come from top management that is willing to incur the additional expense for a social cause.

Before I forget, I understand you did not get any tips on the business side of selling your paintings. If you wish I could give you some tips on the business side of your art, particularly guerrilla tactics in selling. It is not bad as it connotes, especialy for a good cause.

Caesar Augustus

stanw said...

We're doing better in the place I work, most of the paper is sent to recycling and we use the packing paper (dunnage our boss calls it) in shipments out. Still a bit of waste but some nevertheless. Have also taken home pages of labels, similar to what you did, lightning didn't strike me so you should be okay!!

Dean Grey said...

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken)!

I hope so too!



LOL Bill!


Caesar Augustus (Anonymous)!

I appreciate you going back and reading my blog in its entirety! Wow!

I think you're right, that my suggestion about a recycling program could be taken as criticism. I'll lay low on the idea for right now but would like to mention it down the line.

And yes, I'd love to hear your business tactics for my artwork! Click onto my blog profile and you'll find the link to my e-mail address there.



So there's hope for the company I work at then, huh?


Thanks to the four of you for your thoughts on this!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dean,

Please confirm that your P.O. Box address written on the package you sent Brody (EMO) is correct. I'll mail it to you. I can't email you. I'll explain that in your next post. I'll also give you the framework of marketing and selling.

Caesar Augustus

suzanneberry said...

hi dean. i've been missing my visits to your blog. i woke up this morning you popped into my head! your male nude is majestic and i'm enjoying your photos and prose. have a good weekend and take good care. many hugs, suz

DEZMOND said...

now, who could resist the call of the glitter :))

Dean Grey said...

Caesar Augustus (Anonymous)!

My P.O. Box is:

Dean Grey
P.O. Box 804602
Chicago, IL. 60680-4602



No worries. I've been so busy and have fallen behind as well!

(((HUGS))) to you too!





Thanks to the three of you!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Seriously. The waste is inexcusable. People need to CARE. NO it's not stealing taking the wasted labels.
I can only guess which of the National chains this is but it doesn't surprise me. Unfortunately.

Dean Grey said...


You're right. People need to CARE!

Not much I can do but voice my opinion to the higher ups.


Unknown said...

Well, as a former auditor, and then a former Operations Manager whose title included Security Officer, and finally the former Manager of the Security Officer, I'm glad you were a goody two-shoe and did not steal the glitter. Oh, and it's fine that you took the remaining sheet of labels.

Dean Grey said...