Monday, September 13, 2010

Growing through the cracks.

Birds chirped and cooed from overhead wires and light-poles, chatting in the chilled air. The rain came down in mists, growing puddles on the cracked ground at a leisurely pace.

And in those cracks were unwanted weeds. Their roots grabbed for whatever they could, trying to grow in less than ideal circumstances. I know what that's like.

It lightly rained this past Saturday morning so I had to step out in the backyard and enjoy it (especially after all the terribly sunny days we've had!). Taking it all in, I wanted to be grateful for everything I've received lately.....

My aunt has told me a couple times now that "Uncle Bill is watching out for you."

I lost my job in July of last year, allowing me to become my uncle's caregiver when he became sick with colon cancer 1 1/2 months later.

He passed away this summer and not only did I find another job around the anniversary of his colon cancer diagnosis but starting next month I'll have my original job back too! Funny how that works. Is my uncle good or what!

The arts-and-crafts job is still a challenge but like the weed, I'm trying to persevere. Thankfully I pick things up quickly, making it a bit less stressful each day. Slowly but surely I'm getting acclimated to my new surroundings.....

A lone cricket or two chirped somewhere in the wet grass as tiny raindrops pricked my skin. The heat of summer is slowly giving way to the mild, gray skies of fall and I couldn't be happier about that!

And before I went back into the house, I whispered to the universe, "Thank you. It was gorgeous."


Unknown said...

Isn't it amazing, how things fall into place... Love it when that happens. And for the weeds that grows through the cracks, it is as if it is saying, out of all this shit, I can get through it. How symbolic :)


Great analogy Dean! Makes me want to sit down, smile and then eat a donut.

It's a crazy world out there and guess we have to be thankful for all.

Ken Riches said...

Good things come to those who wait, glad it has all worked out for you.

wozzel said...

Really beautiful. And yay for getting the job!

Winter said...

great to see you so happy again and that things are turning out good for you :) hope to chat with you soon, BIG HUGS!

Dean Grey said...

WannabeVirginia W.!

Amazing indeed!



Save a donut for me!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken)!

Thank you!






(((HUGS))) back at you!


Everyone's wonderful comments are greatly appreciated!


WOL said...

I too am going through a rough patch. I try always to do a reality check at least once during the day and remind myself that the half-empty glass is also half full. I know it sounds hokey to "count your blessings," but it really does work.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to hear, Dean. Take one step at a time and dont jump ship too soon. But wether you do or not, dont regret it either. Love and hugs you wonderful artist and person.
Brian (Ireland))

Anonymous said...

YES! We must always thank the Universe. Just last night as I put down the book I was reading and ready to switch the lamp off at 2:00am, I realized I had not prayed in quite a while. So, I started it out with "Dear God, Universe...whatever it is that is the politically correct way of addressing you these days...I just want to thank you for everything you've given me, bless my hubby, my family, my pets and keep everyone safe. Thank you for good health and thank you for this warm bed to sleep in that's housed inside this wonderful home.

(14 years ago I was sleeping on the floor of my first apartment in NYC because I couldn't afford a bed. Then I got a futon, which I slept on for the next 7 years.)

I slept very well last night.

I think if we all really dig deep, we can all find something to truly be thankful for.

david said...

wow... i guess ive never really seen a fall day.. i like how you see fall days.. amazing post... "allowing me to be become my uncles caregiver..."
youre a remarkable man.. a sweet man.. a gifted artist and splendid writer...
((hugs)) to my friend dean...

- cheers.. david

Bill said...

I get so depressed when people are happy. I wish we had gray skies and puddles to splash in. Oh well. May a thousand weeds fill up your cracks! Seriously, glad you had a great day!

Dean Grey said...




Brian (Anonymous)!

I'll try not to jump ship but I'm so tempted too!



You have a lot to be thankful for, Corey!



Fall is quickly approaching. You'll soon have many days "to see" what autumn is really like!



LOL Bill!


Thanks to all of you for the kind words!


Anonymous said...

Dear St. Wicked, The Living Saint.

I started reading your blog from its genesis on 1/22/2009. I skipped so I can say this to you now. Let me quote you:

"5/9/209. Dandelions. A good metaphor for life."

"Sept. 13, 2010. And in those cracks were unwanted weeds. Their roots grabbed for whatever they could, trying to grow in less than ideal circustances. I know what it is like. . ."

I think dandelions are not a good metaphor for life. Dandelions are actually a very good role model for life. I can say the same thing for the weeds. They are very much aware that nobody wants them, everybody wants to kill them and they live under extremely harsh conditions. To ensure their survival, they fight, grow, adjust and bear flowers to produce seeds that are light and with winglike features that can be easily scattered by the wind . I've observed the dandelions in my garden so my account is first hand knowledge. Their seeds are super light. The wind can scatter it to very far distances with little force. They know that the wind will get pissed off at them if they produce heavy seeds that will require stronger gusts to scatter. Dandelions on my lawn adjusts their height to avoid the blades of the lawn mower. And yet when they grow on my plant beds, they grow taller than my rose bushes to get some sun. That is not only thinking, that is strategic thinking. Dandelions are now being sold to make salads. God should forbid them to make themselves poisonous to get even with me.

I've learned from the dandelions and the weeds. I've also learned from my most beloved paternal grandmother. She always reminds me when things get tough I have to move on, continue, you want to be around when things get better. And it will.

I am glad things are getting better for you Dean, opps, St. Wicked.

Caesar Augustus

jason said...

oooo...fingers crossed for more good things to come your way. :)

Anonymous said...

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Safi Crafts said...

Hi Dean! Lovely post and great picture. Do you know the work of Tanya Davis? Her song "Gorgeous Morning" is about quiting a job that made her cry. You don't need to take her advice but you might still enjoy the song. She is from the east coast of Canada where I am from.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for re-employment :-D

Dean Grey said...

Caesar Augustus (Anonymous)!

What a great comment!

Yes, dandelions/weeds are rather resourceful, aren't they? I like the idea of them being strategic thinkers.

Makes perfect sense to me!



Thank you, kind sir!



Already read and commented on it, Corey!



I checked out the video clip. Not my type of music but I'm glad Tanya broke free of her dead-end job!

Maybe I'll get there one day too!





I appreciate everyone chiming in here!


DEZMOND said...

that's the spirit of a survivor, Dean ;)

Dean Grey said...


Thanks, I'm trying!

Oh, and welcome to The Doughnut Gang!