Monday, August 9, 2010

Sending a little love in the mail.

This is my MOST ambitious Mail Art project yet!

15 hearts which I mailed to 15 special bloggers. Bloggers who banded together to show me a private act of kindness and support.

I wanted to give something back in return. Return the love they sent me.....

My heart went out to them....literally! Bwah ha ha, get it?

Cut paper on archival backing board - 3 3/4" x 4 1/8" (NFS)

Backing board (used for storing comic books) was cut into the shape of a heart.

Origami paper was used for the stamp side while strips of decorative paper were cut and glued on the back. Then the excess was carefully trimmed away.

Lastly, the rim was adorned with jewel-toned glitter for a bit of magic and pizzazz!

The glittery backside!

Eight words were randomly written on the strips of paper. Words of meaning. "Love. Joy. Open. Faith. Hope. Healing. Kindness. Strength."

While these all have a similar look, each heart has its own unique arrangement. No two are alike!

At the post office, I watched the sparkling hearts slide down the mail chute in clusters of three and four and couldn't help but smile because I was sending a little love in the mail.


melanie said...

I'm so happy you have been so wonderfully creative and inspired, exciting!!! what a beautiful, lovely, and clever idea, not only have you created such beautiful hearts...YOU have such a beautiful heart Dean xox

Winter said...

they are so BEAUTIFUL! wow. the work put into every heart sure needs lots of love. HUGS.

david said...

dean.... what a cool thing to do... youre an amazing artist, and a good guy...

- cheers... david

Kim Rempel said...

LOVE these! How fun are they?! You will have made 15 people very happy. And think of the people along the way who will see them and smile. What a treasure to get in your mailbox!!

Mind Of Mine said...


stanw said...

When mine arrives in the mailbox I just might jump and shout, you know, I think I will! Your heart is so precious, Dean, you are loved. Man H*U*G to you :)

Randuwa said...

Awesome~ Absolutely, awesome!

Brian C said...

Wonderful, Dean, just wonderful. The love you send out from your blog lets the sun shine on your gentle heart. It shone on me, bless you.
Brian (Ireland)

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Hello! This is lovely and all so charming! VERY NICE!!!! LOVE IT!

Saying hello and loving your blog!

Dean Grey said...


I'm happy about it too!



I put a lot of love into these hearts!



That's sweet of you to say!



That's the power of Mail Art!


Mind of Mine!

(((HUGS))) back at you, Ian!



I'm going to jump and shout if it gets lost in the mail!



Glad you think so!



Thank you for that!


The Itsy Bitsy Spill!

Hello to you as well!


Everyone's comments are greatly appreciated!


Doug said...

Wow these are beautiful. The recipients are definitely very lucky! Thanks for coming to my blog to comment. It's been a while since I've had a post.. but I'm glad you did and glad to have found your blog. I'm really liking what I see. :) Keep up the good work and I hope you eventually find a full escape from the 9 to 5.

bK said...

That's too cute! As they say on Facebook, "like"!

Michael Guy said...

Most awesome creative expression! And who doesn't need a bit of humanity (heart) in this evil world? :)

Jo Potter said...

This is such a kind and a beautiful idea.:-)
I hope life is being kinder to you at the moment!

Hearts to you!
Jo May.x

naturgesetz said...

What a wonderful labor of love!

BTW, I don't know how I missed the post last week. What a lot of work! You are so good to do all this.

Safi Crafts said...

Dean! Dean! Dean! Today I looked in my mail box and the most magical thing was in there - a heart from you! It is so beautiful and I feel all loved and connected. I ran over to show my neighbor straight away. Now I don't know which side to display since they are both so glorious. I have put your heart (stripey side showing) propped on top of a painting in my dining room where I can look at it all the time. I love it! Thank you. What a beautiful person you are.

Dean Grey said...


Thanks for coming to MY blog to comment!



Glad you like them, Brody!



The more humanity the better!



Life is being kinder to me at the moment!



It was a lot of work but so worth it!



Yay! You got yours! That feeling you got is what Mail Art is all about!


A big thank you to everyone for the feedback on these hearts!


Stephen said...

I think your work is original &
1st rate... I am glad that I stoppped by.
Warm regards from Portland, Oregon.

Mr. Bluehaunt said...

Thank you. The layering and textures are beautiful...and I love glitter!
Big hug.

Dean Grey said...


I'm glad you stopped by too!


Mr. Bluehaunt!

Hooray! Glitter rules!!


I appreciate hearing from you two gentlemen!


Bill said...

Awesome way to share love. It's obvious a lot of people care about you, too. I think this is the first blog where I've seen the writer respond to everyone's comments. You're a very loving person!

Dean Grey said...


I always think if people are kind enough to take the time to comment, the least I could do is reply to each person.


xxx said...

This is a brilliant and loving idea.
Thanks for sharing this.

best wishes

Dean Grey said...


Thanks for looking!


Fábio Cembranelli said...

..nice idea :-)

Dean Grey said...




Mary Sheehan Winn said...

fabulous! I read this blog and I see how hard you work at taking part in YOUR LIFE!!
Thanks for not succumbing to your darker urges. Is it okay to even say that.....

Dean Grey said...


I'm trying my hardest!

"Darker urges". Yes, I think that's appropriate here.


Dean Grey said...




WiffsWife said...

I just found your website listed in the Blogs of Note section...I am amazed by your art work. I especially love your mail art. I may have to tkae up doing that as well. :) What a wonderful thing to do to brighten someone else's day! I will continue reading your blog, keep up the great work! :)

Dean Grey said...


Definitely give Mail Art a try! It's so addictive and so much fun!

The possibilities are endless!